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Jesse Jamester [FREE AGENT]

Jesse Jamester

League Member
Jan 19, 2005
The Styx of Pennsylvania
Okay, so... I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have been lingering around these FW forums for quite some time now, and I like what the feds around here offer. A lot of you have established feds that I feel won't be closing, and seeing how I need something like that, I'm looking to get signed around here.

I'm putting up this FREE AGENT post here first, and I'll let it go until the 20th, to see what sort of offers I get. I have two things going on currently that I'd like to finish, but I can work on my debut of the fed that picks me up in the time.

Current Activities: Just Wrestling Tour 2 & TEAM Tournament of Champions

So here's a run down of my character below, a few of everything included. Just reply here or via PM if you'd like to talk more or want to make an offer.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy something by the end of this read.

All Information of Jamester can be found at: This Link (CLICK HERE)

Jesse Jamester

The Nemesis Warrior
The White Panther
The Kid
The Jackal

Real Name:
Jesse Michael Fristik VI

Birth Date:
August 24, 1975

6' 6"

260-270 pounds

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Canadian/American (Citizen in both)


Favorite Quote:
"Expect the unexpected."

All about being heard, Jesse fights tooth and nail and acts like the iron that runs through him. In the life of Jesse Jamester all is chaotic, no stability, yet the mind copes with it, and thus a story unravels. All about a good time and some laughs, he can be your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. Don't double cross a double-edged sword, it will hurt and there is no guarantee to the wound healing.

Theme Music:
"Made of Scars" by Stone Sour

Wrestling Style: All Around(er)

Finishing Moves:
Jwister - (Lifts opponent in suplex then drops them and delivers a 3/4th turn neckbreaker as they fall, causing their face to hit the canvas first, and chest next.)
Hallway to Bliss - (Super kick)


Trademark Moves:

Warrior's Guild - (Release Dragon Suplex to put opponent in the middle of the ring)
Frozen Fear - (A leaping frog splash where Jesse throws his arms and legs up so his chest hits the opponent's chest and drives the air out of them)
Half the Laugh - (Gore into the turnbuckle or from the apron to someone across there neck/upper body.)

Fed Experience:Core Wrestling, $oldout Wrestling,True Xtreme Wrestling, Lights Out Wrestling, Global Wrestling, Break Down Wrestling, PRIME, Evolution Pro Wrestling, TEAM Tournament of Champions (2008 - Current), Just Wrestling Tour 2 (2008 - Current)

Fed Achievements: LOW Extreme Champion (2x), LOW Tag Team Champion w/Scorpion, GW International Champion (2x), GW PrimeStar Champion (Last), BDW Hardcore Champion, EPW World Champion, PTC Global Champion.

Move Set
* - Is to indicate a special or rare move done once in a while, not done on average in a series of moves from a week-to-week basis

Leg Lock
Fuji Arm bar
Choke Hold
Leg Drop
Knee to Face
Camel Clutch
Lion Tamer
Ankle Lock
Surf Board Stretch
Bites Forehead
Standing Crossface Indian Death Lock *
Torture Rack Backbreaker *T-Bone Suplex

Double Leg Take Down
Single Leg Take Down
Back Breaker
Dragon Suplex with Bridge Face Plant Drop (Fame-Asser)
Jumping Cradle Piledriver
Tiger Driver
Impact DDT
Power Bomb Toss
Sleeper Hold Drop

Leg Drop

Missile Dropkick
Body Splash
Elbow Drop
Over the Head Neckbreaker

Double Axe Handle
Twisting Moonsault *

Leap Frog
Russian Leg Sweep
Duck & Roll
Low Blow
Side Sweep
Power Slam
Back Breaker
Tilt the World (backbreaker)
Rushed Spear

Trademark Manuevers (Combinations):
*Quick Note: These are some OLD moves/combinations Jesse use to do with updated names. They are reserved for debut matches, serious feuds, or big PPV atmospheres, title matches, and career ending matches. Please use accordingly.

Jackal's Grapevine: Figure Four Leg Lock
Jacked-UP: Whips opponent into the ropes then catches them with a spine buster holding the legs and locking in the lion tamer (Walls of Jericho)
Hollow Crash: Whips opponent into the turnbuckle at an excess speed having them stumble out a bit drowsy, where he gores them into the corner (gores their back) and holds them there before delivering a razors edge (cross style power bomb).
The Deadly 7: (A Jab to the chest, then a Chop to the throat followed with a Short Kick to the knees, continuing with a Knee to the gut, then going with a punch to the face and a low blow kick to setup for the final kick, a Super Kick to the forehead)
Beyond Reality: A spine buster off the top rope that let's him stay standing there positioning himself for the Shooting Star Press. (* Rare Move, Done only at BIG events *)
Fiery Star: Flipping Leg Drop from top rope.
The Last Hope: Reverse spinning neck breaker with a cutter manuever (Reverse Twist of Fate)
Amenti Plunge: Death Valley Driver into a Reverse DDT
Sweet Poetry: A special German Suplex where the opponent is trying to escape the corner and Jesse grabs them by the waist and locks his hands before lifting them using the turnbuckle and dropping them on their neck, yet still holding the German suplex in as he waits for a pin to be counted.
Panther Pounce: A kick to the gut and then a Pedigree or a double under hook jumping face plant.
Puppeteer: Jesse grabs the opponent turns them around as he climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. Then he lifts them up to the second rope where he sets them up in a Piledriver, but soon flips them up and delivers a front Pedigree off the top rope.


Experience, with guidance of the Infinite Warrior

Sample Segment(s)

Sample Roleplay(s)
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