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Jay Smash vs Angel of Death


League Member
Jul 1, 2005
Long Island, NY
(It’s hard to imagine such a complicated life such as one who has nothing live for anymore. Parents killed at an early age, child and wife killed while he was in a hospital bed, with no way to help them. And now he stands, viewing himself in a mirror, straight ahead. His head is down, whispering something that nobody can make out. Slowly moving up, he stares at himself in this rusty-edged mirror.)

Jay Smash: It’s funny how things can change in just an instant.... That’s right tell them what you’re thinking.... One second, your on top, and the next turn you make, you’ve been knocked off the hill... Give them more!... I know what that’s like, being on top. I was the best, but them I made a mistake. My guard was left down, and the man known as Holocaust took Jay Smash from the hill. He took Jay Smash off the hill, and off the ground below, and off the land itself, and finally off the face of the Earth.... You’re not trying hard enough!.... But since the beginning is so far gone now, it’s time to make my presence felt one more time. That’s what I love about sequels, when you are given the question, does the villain get away after winning the first battle? So much s.... s... Suspense!!!

(His words only cause him more pain, as he swings his arm into the air, and punches his fist through the mirror, and grinds his knuckles across the cracks, dripping blood down the mirror, and onto the floor.)

Jay Smash: Ahh, I remember that feeling, and I bleed proudly, for everything I’ve missed since I’ve been gone. Jay Smash pays his respect to those who have kept this place alive. Now, it’s time once again. I hope you are all ready... all of you!..... Ready to beat me down. I hope, everyone is ready to make me bleed. Are you ready to break me? Are you!? If you thought it was tough before, just wait until you see me again.... And again... And again.... and again.... More blood to spill, more bodies to break, more.... People like Holocaust to try and defeat me again. I didn’t survive the Holocaust the first time around, and I am very proud of this. I am so proud... I’ve come for more... And more.... and more.... And god damn more!!!!

(He continues to pound his bloody fist into his skull as he speaks, grinding his teeth and whispering in an ungodly manner. He stops the beating, as he breaths heavily, whispering to himself, twitching his head like he has water in his ears.... Or blood.)

Jay Smash: Everytime I look in a mirror, I don't just see me anymore... I don't see my face... My face isn't there.... Where am I? Where is my face? I see... an angel... I see a man. Just a man, and nothing more than a man. Angel of Death wants revenge? For what? Losing to the better man? I gave him the chance... You gave him the chance, you did! I allowed him to enter the ring and beat me... I allowed him to make me bleed until there was nothing left to bleed, but he insisted on getting weaker and weaker, like the man that he is. How weak are you now Angel? How weak have you become since my time gone? It's been a while hasen't it? It's all come to this final step for you. Now we see just how weak you have become. Since I've been here, you have gone down "0" and "2" for Superiority, and now you want to face me one week after you lost a pay per view such as this.

(He whispers to himself, with his head back down, with his hand stretched out across the mirror, sandwiching the blood between his palm and the glass. The whispering stops and his hand slips off the mirror. His other hand now against the wall in which the mirror is connected to, and his bloody hand hanging down at his side.)

Jay Smash: Oh that feels good.... That feels so good. I can feel the pain. Angel, do you feel it? I bet it hurts a little bit more for you. I mean... Yes give him the truth... You, are getting older, and turning into that angel... That dead angel that can no longer go on. Why do you bother? Does it make you feel good to get beaten in that ring constantly? If so, than I respect you and all that pain that you must feel. I mean, it’s just a matter of time before you can no longer step into a ring at all... Congratulations... You are exactly what I am trying to become, but the problem is... I just keep winning... Then again.... There was... Tyrone Walker.... Oh yes.... He gave me the pain that I wanted, and so soon too. It took three matches in one night, my night, returning to the EUWC before someone could do it, but he did it... I’d love to meet him again... For a little bit more pain.... Until then, I guess I’ll settle for Angel of Death....

(His blood drips down the mirror as he walks away, leaving no reflection of his body in view)


League Member
Nov 20, 2003
(The light from the fire in the fireplace creates eerie patterns of light and shadow around the den. Sitting in front of the fire is Angel of Death. His feet are up, and on the table next to him is a decanter full of a clear green liquid, and some sugar cubes. The glass in his hand holds a smoky green drink. He sips absentmindedly from the glass as he gazes into the flickering chaos of the fire.)

AOD: What a difference a year makes. Last spring, I was EUWC World Champion. I had a match against an upstart rookie named Jay Smash. Everyone was hoping I would retain the title, and go up against the rising power of the Dominion. As the only one to resist their recruiting efforts, it made perfect sense. The only problem was that I wasn't focused enough to win the match. Outside influences got in the way of my professional life, and it cost me. Cost me dearly. After that, everyone delighted in telling me that I "dropped the ball." Almost as if noone believed that Smash could stand up to the Dominion. History tells us that everyone was right. The Dominion would go on to tear a hole right through the EUWC. A hole that was never fully repaired. Now, over a year later, the EUWC has mended it's wounds, and returned, stronger than ever. Following a one and one record through Superiority, I now have to go on to face Jay Smash one more time on Main Frame.

(He takes another sip of his drink.)

AOD: Jay, it seems as if the past year has taken quite a toll on you. I certainly do empathize with your losses. I was eighteen when I lost my parents, only to learn that they weren't even my own parents. And while I do still have my wife, although no children yet, I can still imagine what it would be like to lose her. Those are very troublesome, very strong emotions that stem from tragedies like that. Unfortunately, you've let them take control of you. You say that you've got nothing left to live for. That I understand. Until I fell in love with Black Widow, I too had nothing to live for. You say that all you want is to bask in the pain of these contests. Well, that I can certainly understand, as I still enjoy a good bloodletting. But you've made one horrible mistake thus far. You underestimate what changes in me have occurred over the past year. You expect me to be weak, and easy to brush past. However, I think you will find me hungry, and more determined than ever to prove to the world that I am ready to lead the EUWC once again. Last year, we met over a title. Ten pounds of gold and leather. This time, Jay, will be very different. This time, it's not about revenge, not at all. It's about respect. For myself, and for you, my opponent. Respect from the fans, and from the bosses backstage. At Main Frame this Sunday, our match will have everything to do with proving to myself that I can beat you. I know, in my deepest heart of hearts, that I can beat you. This is a different Angel of Death, Jay. One you can't even begin to prepare for. Remember Jay, it's always better to face the Devil you know, than the Angel you don't. See you on Sunday.

(He returns his gaze to the fireplace as we fade to black.)

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