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Jared Wells


Jan 1, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland
Handler: Barry Clark
AIM: BadAssBary
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/barryclarkjr

WRESTLER: Jared Wells
WEIGHT: 254lbs
HEIGHT: 6'1"
AGE: 34
HOMETOWN: Baltimore, Maryland
ALIAS: Bastard Son (Past), Rage 'o Fire (Past)
FINISHER: Rage Bomb (Reverse Power Bomb)
MUSIC: It was a good day by Ice Cube
HEEL/FACE: Wells plays a heel but the fans always seem to root for him for being old school and entertaining antics.
FACIAL/HAIR: Jared now these days is clean cut. With a fade haircut on the side and styled/spiked on the top. Jared usually has a thin chin strap that he grows on his face but sometimes changes it up.

TYPE: Jared started out in his career as a high flyer but eventually became a brawler and hardcore style wrestler. Knowing his age and body has taken its toll over the years he has become one of the best brawler/technical stars.


Jared Wells is eye candy to the world of wrestling. Trained by the legendary Paul Pierce. Starting his rookie year in 1995, became a young WWL World Champion not once, but three times in his career in the WWL. Being a face wrestler for many years as fans started to turn on him. Being Mr WWL for most of the mid 90's he sided with Sean Edmunds to form d-XXX. Money, drugs, sex corrupted his mind. His last WWL title run he laid down for partner Sean Edmunds, giving the world title to him. d-XXX disbanded shortly after. Quitting was his answer when he didn't get his way eventually leaving the WWL during its turmoil.

Jared tried different companies like the FWF and flat out quit when he didn't get his way. Promoters wanted nothing to do with Jared. Totally lost because in his mind he was the best but really was he? Jared left the spotlight as the kid for good.

GLCW 2003
Time off for 4 years and AA was his best route. Jared joined the GLCW. Rejoiced, clean and came back as his former 'Rage 'o Fire' moniker. He defeated the likes of Larry Tact, Minion twice and in his first ever match with Anarky, Jared lost by DQ. Sooner or later GLCW closed down and Jared never got his moment to reprise himself.

Summer of 2003, Jared shows up in NYC UNPLUGGED as a masked man and attacks Edmunds and Copycat. In October of 2003 he left due to an injury and many predicted that his career was over due to his ego. Rumors were going around in January 2004 that Jared Wells and Anarky were talking. March of 2004 at WFW VOX PART DEUX Jared Wells/Anarky/Psycho/????? defeated Copycat/Rich Gidieon/El Arco Iris/Felix Red. Felix switched sides as the ???? and L.O.V.E was formed. April of 2004 at The Superbowl Of Wrestling Jared Wells defeated Pulsar, Rat Fink, and Felix Red to become the new B.A.D World Champion. Jared would defend his title as L.O.V.E continued to dominate the WFW. Jared's crowning moment was on November 2004 at WFW Guerra Interminable against Maelstrom. Maelstrom defeated Wells with his mortal sin move. The ref called for the bell as Wells did not give up. Jared Wells was praised for his performance as the odds were against him. Maelstrom then soon disappeared out of wrestling as many wanted a rematch.

Last days of WFW
Going into 2006 and Superbowl Of Wrestling its no secret that Jared wanted Maelstrom. Even challenged CSWA talent to the Superbowl of Wrestling but they declined. Champion for two years straight, never receiving a WFW World Title shot becomes obvious in the near future. On April 17th 2007, Jared Wells finally lost the B.A.D title to Steve Johnson which ended his 3 year run. Not only losing his title, but this would be the last time Jared Wells would wrestle for the WFW.

2008 EPW
Jared Wells has arrived. Very close to retirement he believes he has plenty more people to insult and piss off. Crafty veteran has been around long enough to know his limits. Frankly, Wells does not believe in limits nor boundaries nor give a damn. Controversy is what he brings to the table and his in ring talents make him one of the best. EPW will get a different taste of entertainment especially from Jared Wells. Unleashed 2008 Jared Wells made his debut out of nowhere to side with Cameron Cruise, Shawn Hart, and Kin Hiroshi as The Anthology. He refers to himself as daddy.

*Sean Edmunds (d-XXX/WWL 1997)
*Anarky, Felix Red, Psycho (L.O.V.E/WFW 2004-2007)

*3 Time WWL World Champion
*2 Time WWL Television Champion
*1 Time WWL Tri American Champion (Def Copycat)
*B.A.D World Heavyweight Champion (2004-2007)

*Larry Tact
*Sean Edmunds
*Inner Circle
*Scotty Michaels
*New WWL President Andrew Medina

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