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Jack Harris


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Feb 4, 2005

Wrestler Name: Jack Harris
Nicknames: The Unit, The Chancellor of Excellence, The Man In Demand
Billed From: London, England
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 292 lbs.
Alignment: Rowdy heel

Theme Music: "Everybody Down" by Nonpoint
Ring Entrance: -The arena fades to black as several red spotlights shine all across the crowd.
-“Everybody Down" by Nonpoint blares over the speakers.
-Jack Harris simply comes out, mean-mugging the fans. The camera fades into a close-up of his ugly mug, his hot breath fogging up the lens.
-He stalks his way to the ring, then climbs over the ropes. He presses down on the ropes and eyes all sides of the arena, looking as menacing as ever before getting ready to punch somebody's lights out.

Finisher & Description:
Execution I - Pumphandle Sitout Side Powerslam
Execution II - Vertical Suplex into Sitout Side Powerslam
Execution III - Wristclutch set-up into Sitout Side Powerslam

Special Moves:
Whirlwind Backbreaker (Abyss' Black Hole slam set up ending with a backbreaker across the knee)
Flying Cross Body (one of his few aerial moves, but it's dangerous coming from a near-300 pounder. Mainly uses a running set-up but can also use this from the top rope if feeling froggy)
Pikey Stampede (just a renamed Oklahoma Stampede, but it still hurts)

Every Match Spots:
-Talking **** when the opponent is down
-Talking **** when the opponent is in the corner
-Talking **** whenever he feels like it
-Yelling "wankstain" a whole lot
-Using the ring as a weapon to hurt people for added effect (ex, suplexes on ring apron, ramming into turnbuckle, using ropes to strangle them, etc.)

10-15 Moves:

  1. General savage brawling
  2. Double Sledge
  3. Back Elbow
  4. Short-Arm Knee Strikes (repeated)
  5. Front Suplex (throwing opponent on the top rope)
  6. Gutbuster
  7. Back Elbows to cornered opponent (a la Matt Morgan)
  8. Corner Slingshot Splash
  9. Running Knee Lift
  10. Double Underhook Suplex (stalling)
  11. Double Underhook hold (followed by repeated knee strikes)
  12. Abdominal Stretch
  13. Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex
  14. Shoulder Block
  15. Catapault to opponent underneath bottom rope

Just judging by his looks, one could tell that Jack Harris is one of the more fearsome competitors to set foot in All-Star Championship Wrestling's ring. Now entering what will be his third year in ACW history, Jack Harris is a fearsome brute of a man that was once a part of the Cabal, perhaps ACW's most numerous and deadly group. Now out on his own for the first time in his ACW tenure, Jack Harris has become what he feels he truly is... a greedy, no-good son of a ***** and is proud of it. This former United States and Tag Team Champion has chosen to follow the path of the almighty dollar, happy to loan his services to anybody willing to fork over enough cash.

After a very impressive showing in ACW's Emperor of Japan tournament that saw him make it to the final eight, big Jack is actually looking at something a little more important than simply monetary value and has entered the race for the first-ever Intergalactic Championship. And why?

Well, because with big belts, it means more money and more money means women are a little more willing to go down on a guy like him.
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