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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: Jericoholic Anonymous

Nicknames: The Ayatollah of Michael Cole-ah, The Anglo Luchador, The Guru of Gimmick Infringement®

Height: 6'
Weight: 219 lbs.
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Appearance: His face is covered by one of his world famous lucha masks, so you can't see many of the features. His eyes are brown though. He's cut, not super-cut, but he's definitely got some definition going for him and is no stick figure.

Ring Attire: He wears the lucha mask of varying designs on his head and leg length spandex tights that match. His wrists are taped white, and he wears traditional style wrestling boots that go along with his outfit for the day. He doesn't stick to one pattern, although he's usually quite fond of the navy blue lightning bolt patterned lucha mask with matching white boots and navy blue tights with white lightning bolts coming up either side.

Entrance/Exit Music: "Eat the Rich" Fozzy

Entrance: Cue up "Eat the Rich" and JA stands behind a silhouetting curtain so that you can only see a shadowed outline of him, back facing the door and wingspan outstretched. Then, as soon as the lyrics kick in, a giant bang of pyro blows up and JA hops around through the curtain with Lollipop following behind him. After that, it's the usual face fare; slapping hands, answering cat calls and generally hamming it up for the crowd.

Wrestling Style: All-rounder with an emphasis on head-dropping. Other than head-dropping, he's a jack of all trades but a master of none. Lately, he's been phasing out high-flying and straight up brawling for a more technical approach though. He'll still do what works, but usually what works nowadays for him are suplexes and submissions. On larger foes, more emphasis on submissions and strikes. On smaller ones, well, he's going break out the high-angle nasty stuff.

Favorite Moves: Stiff-ass chest-reddening knife edge chops, spinning heel kick, flying forearm, monkey flip, butterfly suplex, butterfly backbreaker, guillotine leg drop, Dragon suplex (never into a pin attempt, always snap), snap suplex, side Russian leg sweep, lionsault, open-faced bulldog, Mexican surfboard, inverted Indian deathlock, rolling clutch pin, powerbomb, dropkick

Signature Moves/Alternate Finishers:

The Balltap - It is just as it sounds, a light, quick backhanded tap to the opponent's groin. It leaves the opponent temporarily stunned and in most cases, mometarily doubled over. JA uses this move as a surprise tactic to do an even more devastating move. Although it is a shot to the nuts, most refs will allow it since it's not a really hard groin shot. Totally ineffective against women wrestlers like Lindsay Troy, Foxx and Chip Friendly.

Tombstone Piledriver - If you don't know what a tombstone piledriver is, either shoot yourself or watch the Undertaker's Best of DVD. Either way, you're in a good amount of pain. JA tends to do this with little hesitation. Definitely a lot faster than Undertaker, but not nearly as fast as Monsieur Fantastic's Driver Fantastique or Alias' A-Bomb.

Frogsplash - Once again, if you don't know what this move is, shoot yourself. Don't watch the Eddy Guerrero DVD, because that's not pain, that's privilege. JA breaks this one out more than any of his other aerial moves because unlike the guillotine, it doesn't make him have to go see his chiropractor and/or proctologist, and everything else is too ****ing high-maintenence.

Lucky Seven Suplex - Variant on a Joshi rear suplex. JA gets behind the victim and grabs the victim's left arm with his right hand so that the victim's left arm is locked right up under his/her chin. Then JA grabs the right arm with his left hand and holds it across the abdomen through the legs. Some back suplexing action later, and you've got one nasty-ass suplex.

Move Mimic - As long as your finisher's not teh ghey, there's a chance JA might steal it. A nod to his days of infringing gimmicks and a testament to his nearly limitless knowledge of professional wrestling holds, JA has been known to do a signature move of his opponent's from time to time. Moves he won't mimic are gimmicky, small damage moves (think People's Elbow, the Worm or D!'s Rockette's Kick of Doom) or any really elaborate twisty aerial move. Also, don't expect him to be Spoilerbombing Spoiler or anything like that. Let's stay realistic here, folks.

Leonard Nimoy Special - Combination full-nelson/Vulcan neck pinch. JA's newest submission move. He quite fancies it, so he'll be trying to work it into as many matches as possible.


Karelin Driver - Voted the most dangerous move in wrestling in 2001 and again in 2006 by the readers of PWI, it's a variation of an amateur hold by Russian great Aleksander Karelin (duh). JA grabs the victim in a gutwrench, holds him parallel to the ground while spinning him 180 degrees before dropping back and landing the victim on his neck at a sharp angle. Also comes in top rope flavor (and if you take this move from the top rope, you're probably not walking very well, let alone kicking out of the subsequent pinning attempt.)

The Walls of Jericoholic - JA's favorite submission finisher. It's the liontamer, only done much more tightly than how Chris Jericho was doing it in his WWE run.

Destroyers: To be used only on SPECIAL OCCASIONS!

Karelin Driver '01 - This is a special occasion finisher only, like in a World Championship match where an opponent miraculously kicks out of the regular KD and won't go quietly into the corner to take a Super KD. JA grabs the victim in a gutwrench like going for a gutwrench suplex. Only instead of following through, JA holds the victim upside down at the peak and then drops him/her on his head. Call it a gutwrench piledriver. Once again, you're probably not walking very well, let alone kicking out of the subsequent pinfall.

Lionsplash - Absolute last resort finisher, or logical finisher in a ladder match. Frogsplash off a 20 foot ladder.

Three Strengths:

Sudden - Yes, his catchphrase is true. He's among the quickest wrestlers in the game, both speedwise and agility.

Silver-tongued - He's got a tendency to get under folks' skin with his words.

Encyclopaedic wrestling knowledge - He's a walking dictionary of moves and counters. He may not be able to pull off all of the moves or do all the counters in every situation, but he's still got the know-how.

Three Weaknesses:

Prior injuries - He's prone to concussions and has a bad back.

Size - He's pretty small, so if you hit him with a pretty big move, the effects will last.

Superman complex - Sometimes tries to do higher impact moves on larger foes, thinking he's stronger than he really is. This especially comes into play against people he really hates, like Beast.

Alignment: Slightly heelish face, in the way that he has a strong moral compass and passion for the business, but he's not above things like hitting below the belt (like the Balltap) or resorting to childish name-calling

Title History: EPW Intercontinental Champion, A1E World Heavyweight Champion, 2x A1E Cyber Champion, 2x A1E Tag Team Champion (2x w/Euclid), 2006 A1E Pier Six Champion, 2005 Best of A1E* Tournament Champion, CSWA Greensboro Champion (current), WCW Television Champion#
(*- Wasn't called Best of A1E Tournament at this time, #- Not officially recognized by WCW... in fact, we're risking a lawsuit from Titan Towers just by mentioning it in this profile)

Quotes: "I'm not just quick... I'm sudden."

History: JA is the oldest of five sons of Flairaholic and Joelle Anonymous, the proud fighting Anonymous clan of Philadelphia, PA. JA grew up around the business, and from day one, wanted to be a professional wrestler.

After high school, he went on a road trip across country and across borders just to train in the Hart Family Dungeon. He trained there, meeting his idol and namesake Chris Jericho, as well as other luminaries before moving onto Stampede, where he met a young lad named Liquid Snake. They tore up the tag ranks until a masked man named Diablo caused tension between them. JA left shortly thereafter to tour the world, wrestling in PbPro in Japan, EMLL and HLL Uno in Mexico and in Portland and Smoky Mountain Stateside.

Feeling burned out, JA went on a hiatus from jetsetting to return back home, where competed locally for several indie promotions, including Liberty Bell Wrestling. After recharging his batteries, JA signed a contract with the fledgling national promotion A1E. Before stepping into his first A1E ring, he and his brother Benoitholic won the prestigious Canadian Tag Team Tournament.

JA's first run in A1E was tumultous to say the least, so much so that he went into a hiatus in 2003. You couldn't keep a man with wrestling in his veins down too long, and in the summer of 2004, he returned to wrestling, signing with Empire Pro Wrestling. He made a huge splash initially, placing second in a Battle Royale in his first match and winning the EPW Intercontinental Championship in his third. His first major feud was with Sebastian Dodd, a wrestler JA dubbed as "Promo Bot" for the inhuman frequency and utter generic nature of his mic spots. He also had some classic matches with Adam Benjamin, Boogie Smallz and Cross.

The match with Cross, which was the back-end of a three man, two match mini-gauntlet for Number One Contendership to the EPW World Championship, spawned a feud with Shawn Hart, then known as Steve Savoy. The feud started out as a basic wrestling feud at first, but quickly escalated when Hart kidnapped Lollipop. JA retaliated by hurling tons and tons of feces at Hart's home, and after that, he mysteriously disappeared. Thinking the feud was over, JA went back to work on other things, one of which was guest-reffing the Troy/Cross Title Match at Black Dawn 2005. However, Hart returned with a vengeance, assaulting JA after a match with Troy Windham. They finally finished their feud, a steel cage submissions match that JA won.

Since then, JA's kinda been in limbo, but with King of the Cage looming, and a shot at the EPW World Championship as the prize, you know he's getting up for that.

Accompanied to the ring by: Lollipop - JA's girlfriend and valet, a buxom blond with pigtails who usually wears a spaghetti strap dress and heels.
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