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iTunes or GTFO! #6: Organised Chaos Card Announcement

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Aug 26, 2008
(FADE-IN: on MORTON MURPHY standing before that now familiar INTERGALACTIC CHAMPIONSHIP backdrop with the Intergalactic Championship draped over his shoulder. The gold plate shaped like a space invader without any wording across it. The image speaks for itself. On the side straps are golden planets with emeralds and rubies encrusted into them on a black leather strap. The lights sparkle against the Intergalactic Championship making it a prize to behold in awe.)

“Welcome, wrestling fans, to the release of the Organised Chaos card and it is SURELY a card to behold in ALL of its fantasmagorical glory.

“At Fly Me to the Moon we say Phil Atken defeat Max Hopper after INFINITE wrestling defeated ACW in the first pinfall. We also saw SABRE overcome Dragon Jones to become the second contestant. Not to mention, Hornet defeated IWF’s Vizier ta Seti to cash in an Intergalactic Championship shot SOME TIME in the future.

“Everything is happening and Organised Chaos proves to ADD to the illustrious nature of this Intergalactic Championship space monster which is eating your wrestling fan brains FROM THE INSIDE OUT!”

(CUT-TO: a text shot announcing the first of two matches on the Organised Chaos card.)

Scheduled for ONE fall

IWF Showcase!
Eddie Whisky v. Axion Jackson v. Leyenda de Ocho

“IWF continues to be prevalent within the Intergalactic Championship ranks while it takes a short hiatus and three of its up-and-coming superstars will ALL collide to qualify for that THIRD spot against Phil and Sabre at the ULTRATITLE finale.”

(CUT-TO: Morton standing before that backdrop.)

“Eddie Whisky and Leyenda de Ocho coming out of strong campaigns in the ULTRATITLE where both men, unfortunately, were knocked out in round two of the tournament. I’m sure they’ll channelling their inner angry to come out on top over Axion Jackson and take that third spot.

“This is going to be some match which will compete under TRIANGLE match rules, meaning only two men can actively participate in the ring at any given time. The third on the outside can only participate by tag or the ring exit, be it intentional or forced, of one of the active competitors.

“The IGCC prides itself on making sure ALL of its matches are entertaining and provide the fans with the best experience possible. I’m sure you’ll agree we’re able to entertain after watching Fly Me to the Moon and this IWF Showcase Triangle match is SURE to be no different.

“This makes me happy in my pants!”

(CUT-TO: another inset text shot of the second match of the show.)

Scheduled for ONE fall

No DQ's! No Count-outs! No Holds Barred!
Christopher Ryan Eagles v. "the Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews v. Lane Cash

“Our second match sees three more dedicated young lads striving to contest for our FOURTH spot in our ULTRATITLE finale for this puppy right here.” (pats the belt on his shoulder) “The Intergalactic Championship Commission cannot wait to see how this contest goes.

“Who will win? Only time will tell and Organised Chaos will give EVERYONE that opportunity to see. Of course, the IGCC Touring Roster will take part in the early proceedings of the card and ALL shall go off with a BIG bang. Of course, it’s been publicised that the Touring Roster are upset with their current position however we are working towards a resolution to sort things out.

“REGARDLESS they will be there with a FULL undercard making your wrestling dollar go FURTHER at out IGCC Events.

“I’ll see YOU at Organised Chaos!”

(FADE to...

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