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iTunes or GTFO! #4: Fly Me to the Moon: HYPE! Hornet vs. Vizier ta Seti

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Aug 26, 2008

[FADE-IN: black screen with a white Intergalactic Championship logo dissolving into frame slowly. Awash of light and shadow rolls over the image before it slowly dissolves again leaving us yet again with a black screen. An image of a rocket begins to dissolve into the picture. Smoke begins to form around the base of the cartoon rocket, intensifying as the rocket begins to shake. Fire bursts from the bottom of the rocket as it moves from the bottom left of your screen up toward the top right with a stream of fire in it’s wake. Five words appear beneath it. Fly Me to the Moon. The graphic slowly dissipates to that black screen once more.]

[FADE-IN: on a CLOSE-UP of VIZIER ta SETI before a black back drop. He’s to the right of the screen, staring just across the screen like there were an interviewer awaiting his answer. His eyes are illuminated against the backdrop thanks to his painted face, which is only visible thanks to the expert lighting provided on set.]

“What does being a professional wrestler mean to me?”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Vizier ta Seti emerging from the backstage area at an IWF show with the IWF Emerald City Championship draped over his shoulder.]


[SMASH CUT-TO: The referee handing the Emerald City Championship over to Vizier.]

“ Triumph.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Scott Douglas charging into the corner and nailing ta Seti with a big splash.]

“Pain. “

[SMASH CUT-TO: Vizier against the black back drop.]



“The means to push yourself to the absolute peak of your physical limits and beyond, all for the sake of entertainment.

“But to me, it's more than mere entertainment: this is a cleansing process; this is an art form and the ultimate expression of athletic achievement. In its greatest moments it transcends the arenas and ropes and promoters and transports us back thousands of years, to the days when fighting was a matter of survival, not a matter of money.”

[FADE-OUT: on Vizier ta Seti as another image FADES-IN. One of HORNET on the opposite side of the screen staring across at the other side seemingly in the midst of the same interview.]

“It’s very simple.

“It’s what I do. It’s just about everything I do.

“It’s funny how things play out in our lives, isn’t it? I was always a wrestler – in middle school, in high school, in college. I was always a pro wrestling fan. But when I finished college and went to law school, I thought wrestling was just something I had done in the past.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: high school photo pictures of a young Hornet with his wrestling team. Then an image of him wrestling at college in the midst of a belly-to-back hold.]

“And then my friend Mark showed up one night and asked me if I wanted to go to a wrestling show. Of course. But no, he wasn’t asking if I wanted to “go,” he was asking if I wanted to go.

[SMASH CUT-TO: Hornet as a young pup standing inside the CSWA ring for the very first time looking across at an invisible opponent. His face is youthful and eyes dancing with the prospect of being a professional wrestler.]

“He had an in, mostly because of his last name, and got us signed up as actual wrestlers on the first CSWA card. We both lost and thought it was the greatest thing we had ever done in our lives.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Hornet standing in the centre of the ring at various stages of his career. Flipping through images of him holding up title belt after title belt. Reeling through the professional wrestling annals at varying sized crowd with varying styled Championship belts raised above his head.]

“They often talk about pro wrestling as a drug – and I guess that’s exactly what it was for me. The highs are high, and the lows, well even they have their own adrenaline rush. I guess a painkiller addict should be careful of calling his profession a “drug,” but it’s the truth.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: a freeze frame on the final title belt he holds up above his head being the CSWA UNIFIED Championship belt which slowly FADES OUT as the image of Hornet begins to FADE IN.]


“A wrestler is what I am. I’m not a husband or a father, I’m a wrestler. I’m not an entertainer, I’m a professional wrestler. It’s what I do and what I am.”

[Hornet adjusts his seating, his gesticulations reflect his words as they look to offer some sort of explanation on their own.]

“Look, we all know the story. I was “fired” from the CSWA on the night it ceased to be what it was. I’ve been told I’m too old, that I should just remember the glory days and hang it up. I’ve been told that I don’t matter anymore, that the world has moved on.”

[Hornet smiles at the camera confidently, not cockily, like a man that understands.]

“And yet, every time I show up, I prove that somehow I can get it done.

“Ask Adrian Willard.

“Ask Joey Melton.

“Ask the PWC or Legion or NFW officials.

“It’s important for me to beat Vizier ta Seti because it’s important for me to win every time I’m in this ring. It’s not the end-all be-all, but it’s important. I’m not here simply to add to the bank account or just for an ego stroke, but I am here to get the job done.”

[FADE-OUT from the legend and FADE-IN on the challenger on the opposite side of the screen.]

“I come to bring greater glory to the IWF and help Chairman Cho put the company on the map.

“We are the future, and Hornet and the CSWA are the past, a lesson, like the Roman Empire, of the dangers of excess.”

[He draws a deep breath through his nose as if the whole idea of CSWA and Hornet offends his palette.]

“The Intergalactic Championship is secondary to the Emerald City Championship.

“I do not care about the Intergalactic Championship.

“I do not care about meaningless titles and trinkets that only serve to mark one supposed leader over another. They have nothing to do with one's prowess as a warrior and only exist for ego.”

[FADE-OUT on Vizier who sits back to let his comments sink in to the interviewer. FADE-IN on Hornet who looks lively from what he’s asked.]

“I’ve held a lot of championships. From the CSWA World Championship to titles representing over 40 organizations.

“But whatever the title or the organization, there’s something about going against a field that can call itself the best in the world like the one I’ve seen signed up for the Intergalactic Championship.

“Vizier has already shown himself to be the best in the IWF, so I’m excited to face him.”

[Hornet adjusts his sitting position, like he’s sitting on the edge of it to deliver a message.]

“Vizier talks a lot about respect.

“He’s a man that has been disrespected in his career, just because of what he looks like and what people think he could represent. It’s a shame he’s had to endure that – but let’s be honest, wrestling isn’t known for being the most progressive of industries.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Hornet in a wrestling ring, launching himself into a corner delivering a Hornet Splash to Mike Randalls, with the crowd rising to their feet in the background.]


“I heard your message during your self-indulgent acceptance of my challenge. Rest assured, age is not a factor in this fight: whether you're twenty one, thirty one, forty five, or seventy... the will and the drive and the desire in all great men never truly dissipates.

[SMASH CUT-TO: Vizier ta Seti kicking Scott Douglas in the gut then driving him into the canvas with the See No Evil.]

“However, I take exception with the generally held belief that Hornet is the greatest wrestler that has ever lived, and with the single qualifying reason, that you created the Unified Title twenty years ago. Given the push and the opportunity, who among us couldn't do the same?”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Hornet flipping through the air landing a reverse moonsault on Mark Windham and making a cover.]

“But for all he talks about respect, Vizier has decided that somehow I’m not “worthy” because I apparently sold out to big wrestling organizations like the CSWA or NFW. The truth is that the CSWA was operating out of a warehouse when I stepped into it for the first time. LEGION operated out of a dilapidated church in the Bronx when I was there. The JWA was in an old ballroom hall.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Hornet standing on a stage looking out over the fans at a CSWA broadcast, title belt strapped around his waist.]

[SMASH CUT-TO: Vizier ta Seti holding his Emerald City Championship close by his face at the Experience holding a microphone in his other hand.]

“To your credit, Hornet, you appear to be somewhat reluctant to accept all this attention and, at times, embarrassed by the continued mantle that is hung around your neck. If I read your spirit accurately, you would prefer to wrestle without the burden, so to speak, of being Hornet.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: footage of Vizier ta Seti hitting the Aerial Scarab on Rocko Daymon and kneeling down for the cover.]

“Unfortunately, the world does not work like that, and you are trapped with the legend of who you are and who you used to be following you everywhere.

“Why did I ask for this match, Hornet? Because I had none of the advantages that you did. Because I was marginalized, held back and shut down during my greatest potential years, in much the same way that you were held up and protected as the cash cow of Greensboro.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Vizier ta Seti leaning in a ring corner catching his breath, his painted face near washed away by sweat and shots to the head.]

[SMASH CUT-TO: Hornet kneeling, catching his breath inside the ring, huffing and puffing like he might blow the house down.]

“Because three seconds will be all that it takes to validate the past ten years and make all of it worthwhile, while simultaneously bringing instant notoriety to the IWF.”

[SMASH CUT-TO: Vizier staring across the ring at an opponent, however the good image manipulators at the IGCC Production team have managed to integrate the image with Hornet staring back at him from a time gone by in CSWA.]

[FADE-IN: on Vizier ta Seti in the studio, staring at the camera. Hornet fades in on the other side of the screen so they’re both on screen at once, addressing their opponent.]

“Regardless, men who want respect should be the first to give it. I don’t stereotype Vizier because of his background or what he’s been through. He should be careful about doing exactly what he accuses others of.”

“I want your skill, Hornet, not your reputation... and I want you at your very best.

“Only then, will this match be satisfying for us both.”

[Vizier eyeballs the camera almost as if he were awaiting Hornet’s response.]

“So a message? Just that I hope he learns respect so we don’t have a problem after his shoulders are counted for three on the mat.”

[FADE-OUT both men from our screen to...]

Not open for further replies.

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