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iTunes or GTFO! #3: Fly Me to the Moon: Hornet's Opponent

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Aug 26, 2008

[SMASH CUT-TO: MORTON MURPHY standing in studio with a now familiar Intergalactic Championship backdrop standing with a MORE familiar face next to him.]

“Fly Me to the Moon is scheduled to be the FIRST Intergalactic Championship Commission sanctioned event and you already know we’ve announced some of the booked matches to take place at that show.

“We also recently announced that the Intergalactic Championship Commission has invited former multi-time UNIFIED Champion Hornet to compete in an open challenge."

[Turning to the man in the studio with him, HORNET, Murphy can’t help but grin like the proverbial Cheshire Cat standing beside such a living legend.]

[Morty is, afterall, one of the biggest wrestling fans on the planet.]

“Hornet, you’ve held over FIFTY... World Championships AAANNNND created the UNIFIED Title while you were in the CSWA. Why NOW and why the Intergalactic Championship?”

“Honestly, Mort? Because I’m a wrestler and every true wrestler at heart needs a challenge. A true challenge that pushes you to the limit and makes you find out something new about yourself. I’m not twenty years old anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how to get up every day and seek out that challenge.”

“The Commission has announced that the winner of your match will get to bank a shot at the Intergalactic Title to be used at a time of their choosing. That said, who will you be facing at “Fly Me To The Moon.”

“I’ve accepted the challenge of current IWF Champion Vizier ta Seti."

[SMASH CUT-TO: A graphic displaying the main event scheduled for Fly Me to the Moon.]

Intergalactic Championship Open Challenge Match
Set for one fall
Winner receives Intergalactic Championship banked shot!
(CSWA) Hornet vs. Vizier ta Seti (IWF)

HORNET: (voice over)
“I don’t know much about the man just yet, except that he’s been able to take on all comers in the IWF."

[CUT-TO: Hornet and Murphy against the backdrop, the graphic for the main event disappearing from view.]

“And I hear he’s in his thirties, so maybe I won’t have to constantly hear about how old I am.” (laughs)

“So it’s Hornet vs. Vizier ta Seti, the current IWF Emerald City Championship with the winner getting to call their own shot for the Intergalactic Championship.

(turning to the camera)
“I’ll see YOU... at Fly Me to the Moon.”

[Fade to...


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