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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: Irishred

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 235 lbs

Hometown: Yankton, South Dakota

Face/Heel: Actually Neither or both depending on who I wrestle against. I hate to use the term Tweener...but. I would say here because I am coming in specifically to be a thorn in Dan Ryan's side I would be more heelish then anything. I am trying to make Irishred more of a loner character after being saddled with the MidWest Mafia gimmick for most of my e-fed career.

Appearance: 38 years old. Shaved head/blue eyes/red goatee. Built like Perry Saturn/ Taz/Rick Steiner. A large chested man with huge legs. Thick torso and base. In ring wears Blue Denim pants and black Cowboy boots. To the ring he wears a Denver Bronco Jersey with the number 13 and Irishred emblazoned above the number on the back. Wrists and fists are heavily taped. Torso is crisscrossed with scars and bruises from his battles. Always wears his gold wedding band but covers it with tape. Shamrock tattoo on left bicep.

Out of the ring dresses very casually. Usually has his can of Timber Wolf chew with him. Smokes cigars and drinks coffee almost constantly.

Owns bar (Irishred's) in Yankton. Married to his wife Donelle (Goddess) for 10 years. She will appear in his promo's but is not to be used in any angles. Ringside appearances are allowed.

History: Former MBE Hardcore champion, UCW World Champion, A1E Triple Star Champion and Canadian Heavyweight Champion; Irishred is the leader and founder of the Midwest Mafia.The MwM was a revolutionary group that shook the foundations of MBE much like the 4 Horsemen had done in the NWA years before.

He repeatedly competed for and battled against the original MBE. Irishred was involved in many innovative and original matches such as the "back alley mugging match" against James Irish and the "Flaming Fire Escape Match" against Professor T. The MwM was locked in constant battle with the upper tier of MBE (The Spoiler, Doc Awesome, The PtP, Bobby R, James Irish, Duchess, etc).

Although his win loss record may not show it Irishred never truly lost for he has always gained a measure of revenge and pain upon those who would seek to best him or hold him down.

Just at the Midwest Mafia was gaining a huge second wind with its new members Red was incarcerated for 3 years and the MwM was left in the hands of the Red Don.

The MwM like MBE died. Upon his release from prison Irishred sought to remedy both of those situations. As much as he hated the powers that be of MBE Irishred loved the camaraderie and competition of MBE. Irishred competed in the MBE Cup making it to the finals against Dan Ryan and LondonBoy eventually losing 3 falls to 2 to Dan Ryan.

MBE did not go on so Irishred joined A1E. Irishred re-formed the MwM in A1E with his cousin Tha_Eliminat0r and his best friend Freakshow. They have had mixed success.

Since reforming; the mafia has been caught in a blood war with Anarchy. Irishred has recently begun to show a desire to stand more on his own, thus The Mafia will be ending soon with Irishred looking to compete more in singles.

Irishred has had a modicum of success in A1E as a singles wrestler. He won the Triple Star Title from Mr. Amazing and held it for one month before losing it to Hida Yakamo.

Irishred was revealed as the Recruiter behind the MBE invasion of A1E. As always Irishred is not happy with the way things are being run and has taken matters into his own hands.

Still not happy with the upper echelon of A1E Irishred is currently involved with three other men in the TPSC (Trailer Park Social Club) in an effort to rid A1E of the HPSC (Highland Park Social Club).

Irishred also competes in UCW where he recently competed for the World Championship against The First and Dan Ryan. The First came out victorious in this match. Irishred has vowed to take the title he believes is rightfully his from the First. Irishred won the UCW Championship and held it for 8 months before losing it to The First in an elimination chamber match.

Irishred was also invited to compete in the TEAM tournament where he hopes to gain a measure of revenge on Dan Ryan. Irishred also competes for MBE in the Dupree Cup for TEAM.

Irishred also competes for MBE where he is the reigning Quintuple Pro Champion.

Without an exclusive contract Irishred has decided to broaden his horizons and compete in more federations. Irishred has come to EPW with one goal in mind...make life as miserable as possible for owner Dan Ryan.

Titles Held: MBE Hardcore Championship (undefeated-stripped of title by MBE committee)

Canadian Heavyweight Championship. (Stripped of belt for cheating to win belt)

UCW World Title (Defeated the First, lost to First)

A1E Triple Star Championship (Defeated Mr. Amazing, lost to Hida Yakamoo)

MBE/PBPro Quintuple Pro Championship (defeated a fat guy)
Style: A combination of amateur wrestling and submission moves twisted into street fighting. Big fan of using any weapon he can get his hands on. Style reminiscent of Saturn/Taz/Dreamer.

Move Set:"Bad Company"-Fall away Pump Handle slam.

"Whipping Post"-Pile driver from the top rope.

"Cold Shot"-Knee off of the top rope to the opponent's kidney area.

"Double Trouble"-Cold Shot into an ankle lock with knee still driving into the kidney area.

"Black Water"-Full Nelson Slam.

"25 or 6 to 4"-Samoan Drop from the top rope.

"Gear Jammer"-Arm Bar submission.

Various other favored moves-eye gouge, low blow, throat punch, nose bite, head butt and using any weapon he can.

Description of Finisher:"Freebird"-Sharpshooter variation where Irishred bridges back to his neck adding extra pressure on the opponents lower back.

Finisher Name: "Freebird"

Entrance: Bad Company by Bad Company starts to play over the loudspeakers. On the screen the name Irishred in blood red is shown across six four leaf clovers. As Music starts red and green pinpoint spots crisscross the arena and track Irishred as he walks down the ramp. Green cloverleaf spot on center of the ring as Irishred enters, stands with his head back and closed fists touching each other in front of his chest. When he spreads his arms wide the cloverleaf turns to red. The "Red-Heads" of course goes crazy at this point
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