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Interview with the NWL Owner and President


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Jan 3, 2004
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(Camera fades in to a small office, to where two gentlemen are sitting across from one another. To the right, a short Hispanic man, recognized as former WWL ring announcer Emanual Gonzago, dressed in his trademark business suit and short, slicked-back hair. To the left, a tall, light-skinned Hispanic man, wearing a grizzled but trimmed beard and medium length raven hair. He seems vaguely familiar, but as the camera tries to zoom in on him, Gonzago begins to speak.)

Gonzago: "Greetings wrestling fans. This is Emanuel Gonzago back in front of a camera as you all are probably wondering what I am doing as such. Usually, I would be on my wrestling radio show, What's Happening? with Emanuel Gonzago, but today, I am interviewing a man who recently came back from obscurity with many questions he needs to answer. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome former World Wrestling League owner and recently, the owner of a new wrestling organization opening up, the National Wrestling League, Mr. Andrew Medina."

Medina: "Thanks for having me here Emanuel."

Gonzago: "Well, I'm not going to beat around the bush Mr. Medina and get right to it. World Wrestling League. Tell me what happened with that."

Medina: "To be honest, I take full responsibility with that one. I had a great idea that at first, was going to work. But after awhile, things didn't click and well, it fell through."

Gonzago: "Do you regret coming up with such an idea as different territories under the WWL brand?"

Medina: "Not really. What I really regret is raising the hopes of many of the top wrestling talent in our sport, only to crash it down. I don't ask for any apologizes on that one and I'm sure there are several wrestlers who would more than love to show me how they feel."

Gonzago: "It's understandable with the pressure of taking over one of the oldest and famous wrestling organizations."

Medina: "That's still no excuse Emanuel. No person who joined the WWL deserved that. You have to think beyond this sport with each superstar. Each superstar have dreams, have families to take care of, have responsibilities in their lives that I was trying to help fulfill. While I stated earlier not regretting coming up with the idea, I truly regret going through with it. But I can't live in the past and I hope those who worked for me can look beyond this."

Gonzago: "With that being said Mr. Medina, it seems after leaving the sport for over a year, you suddenly reappear and with this new promotion. What are your plans with the National Wrestling League? Any innovative and truly unique ideas with this one?"

Medina: "The only risk I'm taking is basically trying to run another wrestling federation. But this time it's different. We're basically starting from the ground up. It's no longer trying to keep hold of the legacy that one man started. I'm trying to create a new legacy with the NWL. No Emanuel, to answer your question, there are no unique ideas. Just basically wanting to start small, gradually working my way up."

Gonzago: "So, did any of those wrestlers decide to forgive your past mistakes and take one more chance with you?"

Medina: "Surprisingly there were a few. Maelstrom of course, one of the most famous wrestlers in our sport, was actually the first one to sign on as soon as I talked to him one day about starting a new fed. This helped give me hope, as some other famous wrestlers joined on, such as Shawn Hart and Jarod Poe."

Gonzago: "It's also rumored that Nevada Smith's son signed on for the NWL."

Medina: "I was actually looking to contact Nevada myself. But when I heard he retired, I was a bit disappointed. However, Dakota Smith took the oppotunity to sign on with us and he's definitely going to be a great addition."

Gonzago: "Any other wrestlers who are definites for the NWL?"

Medina: "Two others: The Watcher and Theo. The Watcher, as you know, was part of the WWL during the territorial times, but was unfortunately never given the oppotunity to shine in our sport. I'm very enthusiastic to finally give the fans the oppotunity to see what he is all about. Theo, on the other hand, is a new face in the professional ranks, but by no means overlook him. I've see this young talent in the ring and I am overly impressed by his athleticism. I can only hope more fresh, young talent like Theo signs with the NWL."

Gonzago: "Any rumors we should know about?"

Medina: "There are a few other wrestlers who I have contacted and hopefully, if they choose to sign with us, will make definitely great additions to the great roster we have thus far."

Gonzago: "What about this Wrestling League Series you have planned for the NWL?"

Medina: "One thing I love about this sport is the great competition. With the WLS, I want to capture that essence. It was announced that we would be running a 16 man tournament, but that may change depending on how many we have on the roster. Personally, I'd would rather love to do a round robin tournament, as I always felt that was a much more competative tournament than the single-elimination. I may just do that, but the fans would have to stay tuned to find out more."

Gonzago: "Well Mr. Medina, I'd like to take this oppotunity to thank you for your time."

Medina: "No Emanuel, it is I who should be thanking you. For not only giving me this time to let the fans know what they can expect, but for also coming back to work for me as my wrestling announcer and analyst."

Gonzago: "It's always a pleasure to work with you Mr. Medina. That is all the time we have wrestling fans. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest up-to-date information on the National Wrestling League. Be sure to also check our official website, nwl.fwrestling.com, for more news and information. This is Emanuel Gonzago saying good night wrestling fans.

(The camera zooms away as Emanuel Gonzago and Andrew Medina start talking amongst one another. The camera then fades out on them.)

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