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Throbbin Wood

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Dec 5, 2009

Goro Yamashi is a Japanese fat-cat. He's rarely seen on television, and won't have any say in the wrestling matters. He's a big fan of the sport though, and is said to have endless amounts of cash to provide The IL. It's all old money handed down to him from previous generations. He's actually quite the pisshead, spending most of his time floating around on yachts full of drugs and hookers. His bukkake parties are legendary amongst rich Japanese businessmen and members of the Yakuza (Japanese mafia). NOTE – if you don't know what “bukkake” is, you don't want to know.


Joey Clerk – The mad genius behind Rising Sun Wrestling, but will always make headlines for his colourful language and violence. He's more of a rebel than he is a leader, which makes his leadership skills more impressive. Once considered the most hated on-screen character in wrestling, he is done trying to be a heel. He's going to do whatever he feels like from here on out because he can.


Nate Narwin (Colour Commentator) – Decorated ex-pro wrestler who became notorious for his foul language and disturbing actions. Found himself banned for the same reason Joey was. He doesn't care about anybody and won't get behind any of the wrestlers because he thinks they all suck. He's always smoking up a storm and drinking at ringside, and basically anywhere he goes. He only has sex and violence on his mind, and could still fight in the ring if he wanted to because he's in his early 30's. 6'0” 250 pounds, hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and wears old mafia business suits from the 70's. WARNING – everything from his mouth is going to offend.

Kyo Miyagi (Play-By-Play) – Defender of all that is good, but will often get shouted down and intimidated by Narwin because he's short and light. In his late 30's and has thick, black, nerdy square glasses. Gets mocked by all the foreign heels who call him “Mr. Miyagi” and make karate noises and gestures at him. Where Narwin doesn't care and is only doing it for the cheque, Kyo cares way too much and will get too passionate and dramatic.


Hideki Koga – Old man and primary presenter of the television shows. Will do interview duties for big occasions.

Akio Sato – Dorky little 18 year old with an overbite. Tall and real lanky, which already makes him stick out in Japan, he asks serious and real good questions. The only problem is that it's hard for people to take him seriously, so they might not always give him the respect he probably deserves.

Cho Takahashi – Former “yacht girl” of Yamashi's. She overheard him talking on a mobile phone about The IL, needed another job to pay for the money she owes, and blew him to land a spot on The IL payroll. Asks terrible questions, but will “give it up” to anybody because that's all she's good for. All you have to do is ask. Her boobs look weird because she first got them big, then figured a 36DD was a bit too much for her tiny Asian frame, got it reduced to take weight off her back, then got them bigger again because she liked the attention. Her idiocy knows no limits. Seriously, she's like... dogsh-t stupid.


T.K. "Tiger" Tanaka - From Kobe, Japan. 6'1", 185 pounds. Four-time RSW National Television Champion. He bows every time he says something.


Shin Sasake – Senior Referee. He's seen it all, and now he finally gets his big break with a major promotion. It's very hard to get away with something, and refuses to get intimidated. He's not that old, but he's old enough to claim veteran experience.

Nori Tanaka – “Second referee” of The IL. He's been around, but not as long as Shin Sasake. He's far more lenient and will often let the competitors get away with something, even if it happens in front of him. A lot of his matches can easily turn into hardcore street fights and he'll either throw the match out or let it keep going. Nobody knows what effects his judgement as to how much longer a match goes once sh-t hits the fan, but it creates a lot of controversy.

Yasu Watanabe – Son to former Rising Sun Wrestling senior referee, Ken Watanabe. He's a little on the chunky side, and he has battled many demons in his personal life. Because of this, there will always be accusations of him fixing matches. When it appears that he's trying to get a certain result, the crowd will chant “YOU FAT F-CK!”

Miki Mochizuka – Female referee. Sort of cute, trying to pave the way for women, but will always have someone trying to bring her down or make light of her officiating. Trained in basic female self-defence should she ever need it.


Traditional Japanese wrestling fans are very quiet and respectful. Rising Sun Wrestling attracted these kind of fans in the beginning, but over time they started to see a unique group of people showing up to the shows. RSW had a gruesome, blood-lusting, wild wild west, “anything goes” feel to it. It attracted the rebellious youth of Japan, used the Japanese flag in it's crest to light up a sense of nationalism, and the fan culture around RSW became unique to any other. The good came with the bad. For as loud and passionate as they were, they often kicked off fights and one time even sparked a riot that killed a promoter.

Japanese culture is more apathetic to violent and pornographic content, and RSW played to it.

RSW had been dead since August 2008. The IL may not attract the same following, but considering it is being started up by the man who created the vision the RSW supporters tried so hard to uphold and fight for, the pieces to the puzzle are there.

You can use any of the interviewers, but everyone else is off-limits for RP's unless given special permission.
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