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IMPORTANT IC Announcement!


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
OOC: The following is an in-character announcement.

The Big Announcement

After a long hiatus, MCW Owner Jalen Latham brings Major Championship Wrestling back to the world stage. Introducing the MCW Tag Team Invitational Tournament. In cooperation with financial partners TEAM and the Inadvertent Nerd, MCW hopes to bring to the fans the very best in tag team wrestling.

This tournament is the epitomy of tag team wrestling achievement!

Cream of the Crop

Knowing that tag team wrestling has taken a back seat for too long, Mr. Latham and his partners wanted to give those tag teams that have kept the division alive across the world the first crack at being in this tournament. So, the group searched far and wide for tag teams that would be formally invited to attend this tournament.

These are the tag teams that have been extended automatic bids (upon acceptance of their invitations) to the MCW Tag Team Invitational:

From A1E
Big Dog & Dan Ryan
Irishred & James Irish

From EPW
Richard Farnswirth & Chip Friendly
Saviors of Wrestling

From MBE
Sheffield Wednesday Lot

Celtic Assassins
New & Improved D-X
Sexy Adorable Drunks

From UCW

Others Welcome

An MCW spokesman was quick to point out that even though they are extending automatic bids, they are offering an open invitation to any tag team.

"Any tag team, whether established or not, that wants to take a shot at winning the tournament and the guaranteed big payday that results from winning is welcome to apply," said the spokesman.

The Payday

Statements leaking out of the closed door meetings suggest that prizes have already been set for the winners of the tournament, but that more benefits are being revealed at an unusual rate. Some are mentioning the fact that the winners will split a payout of upwards of $500,000! Also being tossed around are rumors of endorsement deals and a trophy.


An official statement is expected in shortly on the matter. The statement is expected to clear all doubts about the MCW Tag Team Invitational Tournament! Stay tuned!

OOC: If there are any questions or if anybody is interested before I get the chance to post the OOC announcement, feel free to PM me.

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