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I'm a banana


League Member
Jul 1, 2005
Long Island, NY
There's nothing really here.... It's the OOC board.... I'm bored.... I feel like writing something. I have nothing better to do today... and the suspense is killing me... when do the results come out? Who knows! SO SUSPENSFUL! with a couple more... !'S. !!!.... !... !!

Shut up.

I'm looking forward to Halloween... I have so many ideas of what I want to dress up as.

And if you think you are too old to dress up for Halloween, then you are just a big stupid head!

You're never too old to dress up for Halloween... The first costume I remember wearing when I was younger, was Superman... Big change from a couple years ago when I dressed up as a cheerleader.... Last year I was a redneck! Maybe I'll do something scarey....er than the cheerleader.... Like.....

Martha Stewart! I'll get her magazine with her face on it.. cut it out.... poke holes, get some string, and that's how you make a wonderful Martha Stewart mask for Halloween.

No... that would be more like... Halloweak... I'll be Jack the Pumpkin King! Or.... Jack the Ripper! Or... Jack with the Beanstalk!.... or.... Jack in the box! Or.... The Jackel from 13th ghost.... Or.... play the role of several Jackass stars.... Or... just stay home and.......... give candy to younger children that are trick or treating..... But that would be boring.... I'm gonna stick around and masturbate all night though if that's what your thinking.

Seeing that Halloween isn't till the end of next month, I think I have time to do other things.....

Like listen to my Batman Begins soundtrack.... Some good sh*t.... Quite musical... I gotta find more sountracks like it.... I actually downloaded the soundtrack off my itunes... Cheaper than getting it in the stores. Worked out nicely. Then I downloaded "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" the remake version by Ra. Good song. I like it. I've become interested in Nickelback's music too...

I like pizza..... I think I'm gonna have some pizza. Or wings! Spicy wings! Or Taco Bell! Spice up the night! Or.... Watch Emerald and wish I was there eating the food he makes. He's good.... I wanna learn how to cook more stuff... I think I'll go to Johnson & Whales and get a degree as a proffesional chef.

Then I'll make some money at a fancy place... and have time to do the things I want to do.

I want to get an apartment for myself.... Do anything I want there... And have everything that I NEED and WANT, and pay for things that I now I should be paying for.... and not whatever my parents decide to have me pay.

GOOD CALL JORDAN.... Thanks Jordan. Anytime.

Then I can hit gym more often too. Hey, I can become a physical trainer too. A physical training chef. YEahhhhh.....

I got in an accident.... About a month ago and I still have no money to fix my car. But it drives... It looks terrible but I drive it. From hood (not to be confused with the back hood) is dented back pretty far, but managaed to not take out my radiator, and got stuck on some piece of plastic I can't figure out..... So everything is cool... I probably need to chage my oil soon.... I have only gone to get gas once since the prices went up, and recently they went back down, so Awesome for me.

Still listening to the Batman Begins soundtrack. Onto the last song. Lasiurus. Oh yeah, I downloaded The Clay People too. Now I'm listening to them.... Wake up! Time to die!

And stuff.....

I still want pizza.

Maybe I can become an automechanic too.

And physic training auto mechanic that can cook. Not only cook... but bake! And do like... catering.... and.... drive.... limos..... and.... act.... and.... sing... and... dance kinda..... and talk a lot.... I can have a...


Hey... that's a good idea... the Jay Smash talk show here in EUWC... How bout it. I'll add a poll later. Yes, no, don't care poll of whether or not Jay Smash should have a talk show.

I'll come up with ideas... I'll have more Smell of the Days.

I'll cook on my show

And fix cars

And get you in shape.

And.... drive a limo.......

I LIKE IT! Sounds like a great show... I'd watch it.

Is anyone really reading this?

Like..... really reading?


did I getcha? K.... well.... I'm gonna go get that pizza.... and those degrees.... and I'll be back... after these messages....



That is probably the wisest thing I have ever read. No really. And I read Greek tragedias and the Bible just for the hell of it.

Yes. I just said 'Bible' and 'hell' in the same sentence.

And technically, I just did it again.

Quote from 'A Streetcar Named Desire' as written by Jon Davis.


End Quote.

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