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Illinois Riptide 04


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(Back from commercial, a shaken-up Lady V is standing in the back in front of a door marked "STUPENDOUS")

LADY V: I'm standing back here awaiting word from Stephen Morgan on weather he will participate in tonight’s 4-Way match for the GLCW Heavyweight title.

(The door opens and "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan emerges in a wheel chair flanked on each side by "doctors.")

"STUPENDOUS" Stephen Morgan: Greetings Lady V. I'm just out here to let you know the doctors are continually monitoring my progress and as of RIGHT NOW, I'm at 72 POINT five percent. Of course, that's not enough for me to be released by the doctors, I need to be at 75. So all we can do is HOPE that between now and the match I improve 3.5 percent.

LADY V: TWO point five.

"STUPENDOUS" Stephen Morgan: What?

LADY V: Never mind.

"STUPENDOUS" Stephen Morgan: To tell you the TRUTH, it's not looking good. But I can tell you one thing, and listen real closely all my people, STUPENDOUS Stephen Morgan WILL do everything in his power to be in that ring tonight.

(The “doctors” wheel Morgan back into the locker room)

(CUTTO: Tony, Rick, and Jake back the announce booth)

TONY ROSS: “Now is anybody buying this?”

JAKE SHADES: “Buying what? This man is LEGITIMATELY injured and is heroically trying to get into the ring tonight to entertain these peons and to VALIANTLY defend his title. The man should be praised!!”

RICK WISEMAN: “Are you really that delusional Jake?”

TONY ROSS: “Do you REALLY need to ask that question?”

RICK WISEMAN: “I guess not, but as far as I’m concerned, it appears that Morgan is afraid to get in the ring tonight.”

TONY ROSS: “I’ll have to agree with you there Rick. It’s been a busy night for Lady V, and she has already found “Rage O’ Fire” Jared Wells, after just interviewing Stephen Morgan.”

WISEMAN: “She ain’t the best in the business for nothing, Tony.”

SHADES: “Your wife know you say things like that Ricky?”


ROSS: “Anyways, Wells, is in our next bout, so lets head to the back, where he stands with Lady V, who has had one hell of a night”

(CUTTO: Lady V and Wells backstage)

LADY V: Jared, in a few short minutes you will facing Minion one on one. But before we talk about Minion, did you see what happened to M-W-G? Some woman attacked him, and nobody has a clue on who she was. Do you know?

JARED WELLS: What? Is he hurt? I hope he is ok. But that's kinda sad right? A woman just kicked his ass! 'Ol JW, the Rage 'o Fire has no clue on what happened. But let's get onto bigger things tonight baby.....MINION vs RAGE PART 2. A match that should have happened years ago. Finally, here we are again. Last time RAGE came out on top and this time I will show the entire GLCW that it was no fluke.

LADY V: Jared, is that lipstick smeared on your face? And are you wearing eye liner?

(Jared smiles at Lady V, laughs as eyebrows raise up)


(Jared storms off)

(CUTTO: Matt Faley standing in the ring)

MATT FALEY: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall... (CUEUP: “Silverfuck” by Smashing Pumpkins) Coming to the ring, from New York, New York, weighing in at 230 lbs., MINION!!”

(The crowd EXPLODES in heat for Minion, who gets almost booed out of the building, very large “MINION SUCKS” chants can be heard as he walks toward the ring, Minion seems to be somewhat concerned with the crowd reaction as he looks around nervously, he is dressed in a black trenchcoat, which he removes as he enters the ring, leaving black cut-off jeans, CUEUP: “Here to Stay” by Korn)

FALEY: “And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 250 lbs., ‘RAGE O’ FIRE’ JARED WELLS!!!”

(The crowd explodes the other way as Wells comes to the ring, weighing he Olympic tights with the orange and black swirls, Wells runs right out of the backstage area and sprints to the ring, diving under the bottom rope and going after Minion)

TONY ROSS: “And he we go fans, going toe to toe in the middle of the ring, Wells and Minion, trading right hands, knocking each other around senseless. There definitely is some bad blood here!”

RICK WISEMAN: “No kidding Tony, and Wells didn’t want to have to wait any longer, and now he is tearing into Minion.”

JAKE SHADES: “This is all apart of Minion’s master plan, don’t worry about him at all.”

TONY ROSS: “Wells whips Minion into the ropes, CLOTHESLINE! Back up, backbody drop! Minion gets up yet again, and staggers over to the ropes, clothesline by Wells takes Minion over the top to the outside and the crowd is loving it here as Jared Wells has erupted here at the beginning of this match.”

RICK WISEMAN: “Wells easily in control here in the beginning of this match, he just needs to be careful that he doesn’t let the frenzy of the crowd coerce into making an overzealous mistake.”

JAKE SHADES: “Cut with the big words Wiseman, Wells will make a mistake because Minion is SUPERIOR to him. That’s the only reason why. There ya go!”

ROSS: “And Shades is right, as Wells went after Minion after he hopped back into the ring, Minion was able to land a rake of the eyes, sending the bigger man sprawling, Minion is now following up after Wells.”


ROSS: “For once Jake was right. And now Minion is pursuing Wells, and a nice swinging neckbreaker takes Wells down, here’s a cover, 1-NO!, and Wells easily powers out!”

WISEMAN: “Too soon for that!”


ROSS: “Regardless, Minion is now stomping away with kicks to Wells. He back him over to the ropes, and sticks a boot right to the throat of Jared Wells. The referee is trying to pull him away but Minion is unrelenting. And now, Minion backs off, but he goes right back to it, as the referee again admonishes him for it.”

SHADES: “And the influence of Manson is again wearing off! Great move!”

ROSS: “Minion again relents, but this time dropkicks the stomach of Wells, sending him flying across the ring.”

SHADES: “Field goal, three points.”

WISEMAN: “Now we need to see if Minion can stay focused, or is he’ll have some of the same difficulties that Wells had.”

ROSS: “And now Minion hits a beautiful T-Bone Suplex! Minion could be ready to finish this one off fast!”


ROSS: “And the crowd is lambasting into Minion, and Minion is pulling off and is trying to jaw with the crowd.”

SHADES: “NO! NO! Don’t do that!”

WISEMAN: “This is a mistake!”

ROSS: “And now Wells gets to his feet, and nails Minion in the back when Minion was turned to him, and now Wells is all over Minion. Into the ropes, Lou Thesz Press! And now Wells is laying into the rights and lefts, and Minion is doing whatever he can to cover up. He knows picks Minion up by the hair, and signals to the crowd, beautiful snap suplex! Wells rolls right back up, up goes Minion into a sidewalk slam. And now he has a full nelson, which leads to a Full Nelson Suplex! Cover-1-2-NO! And Minion just got out of that one.”

WISEMAN: “What a flurry by Wells!”

SHADES: “Come on Minion, kick his punk ass back to the trailer park!”

WISEMAN: “Trailer park?”

SHADES: “Yeah, you heard me!”

ROSS: “And the crowd is again behind Wells, but Minion gets in a low blow to even the score!”


ROSS: “And again the crowd is getting on Minion, and Minion is distracted once again. And that gives Wells enough time to hit a brutal slam! Cover, 1-2-NO!”

WISEMAN: “Minion really needs to get over this crowd.”

ROSS: “And now both men are back to their feet, and Minion gains control with a side headlock! Into the ropes, leapfrog and a dropkick by Minion! Cover, 1-2-NO! Minion stays on the attack. Back into the ropes, Minion ducks his head, too early, kick to the head by Wells, and now Wells hits a low blow of his own to Minion!”

WISEMAN: “Turnabout is fair play!”

SHADES: “That’s illegal! Ref...disqualify him!”

ROSS: “I notice you said nothing the last time Jake.”

SHADES: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

ROSS: “And Wells hits a spinning heel kick, and here comes the Rage Bomb!”


ROSS: “Minion flips out of it though, belly to back suplex! Right near the turnbuckle! This is a perfect setup for The Fall From Grace! And now Minion is climbing the top rope!”


(CUEUP: “”Shadow Man” by W.A.S.P.)

SHADES: “What is he doing here??”

ROSS: “That’s Jarod Poe’s music!! Here comes Jarod Poe!”

WISEMAN: “Are you.... sure?”

ROSS: “Well, his music played, but there is no Jarod Poe. Where is he? Minion has jumped down from the top rope, and now he is looking for Poe! Minion was about to hit the fall from grace!!”

WISEMAN: “Can’t find him!”

ROSS: “WAIT! Jared Wells is up. He grabs Minion! RAGE BOMB! 1-2-3!!!”


ROSS: “It was a trap! Poe never came out, but he gave Wells enough time to get up and hit The Rage Bomb for the win!”

MATT FALEY: “Here is your winner, ‘RAGE O’ FIRE’ JARED WELLS!!”

(CUEUP: “Here to Stay” by Korn, the crowd goes nuts as Wells walks to the back, and Minion looks around dazed and confused in the ring)

ROSS: “And a big win here for Jared Wells! You know how much that has to mean to him!”

SHADES: “As far as I’m concerned... Poe cheated!!”

(CUTTO: As Wells it about to hit the backstage area, Madonna Wayne Grossard, dressed as a dominatrix attacks Wells!)

ROSS: “And what is Grossard doing! And how is he dressed?!

SHADES: “I think he stole that from your closet Tony.”

WISEMAN: “But Grossard is whipping Wells, dressed as a dominatrix!”

ROSS: “But now Wells reverses, and he is now choking Grossard with that whip! And here comes security to break it up. This one is going to be volatile folks, but for now, we have to head to a break.”

(CUTTO: Security breaking Wells off of Grossard)

(Fade to commercial)

OORP: That my friends.... is it, maybe Jeff can finish it up to add some closure to this.

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