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Illinois Riptide 02


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(FADEIN: Lady V is backstage with breaking news)

LADY VERONICA: "Fans, I am in the backstage area here at Memorial Stadium with breaking news. It seems that Jarod Poe was attacked in the parking lot when he pulled up on his motorcycle and was beaten mercilessly. The parking lot security camera picked the attack up and we are about to find out who did it! Let's take a look."

(Lady V turns to the monitor and Poe can be seen parking his motorcycle. A shadowy figure then attacks him viciously from behind, clubbing him with forearms. The man picks Poe up and slams him on the concrete and then pushes Poe's bike over onto his leg, causing him to cry out in pain. The man turns to look around to see if anyone saw him and the face is clearly seen to belong to MINION. Minion then runs away off-camera as Poe writhes in pain)

LADY V: "Oh my, it looks as if Minion is the perpetrator behind this attack. Could he be Poe's stalker? That remains to be seen. I will try and find out. Back to you, Tony."

CUTTO: Tony, Rick, and Jake at the announce booth)

TONY ROSS: “Can you believe that?? Minion was the attacker all along! What would make him do something like that?
RICK WISEMAN: “Minion has sunk to some pretty low points in the past, but this might take the cake for all of the them!”

JAKE SHADES: “Will you guys just PLEASE shut up? What a move of genius!! Minion has proven he is a man... of true dignity.”

ROSS: “Say what?”

SHADES: “Yeah, that’s right. Remember a couple Riptides back when I didn’t grace you all with my presence until halfway through the show?”

ROSS: “How could we forget? It was the highlight of the year.”

SHADES: “Well, on the night, I was brokering Minion into the Gentlemen of Dignity! And now look, a true sign of dignity!”

WISEMAN: “Are you blind Jake? He blindsides Poe right there!”

SHADES: “I have no idea what you’re talking about. All I know is that Minion has proven he has the high moral character to be included in this great group of men.”

ROSS: “I just can’t take it anymore folks, lets get back up to the ring where we have what should be a technical masterpiece here as Larry Tact takes on Cameron Cruise.”

(CUTTO: Matt Faley standing in the ring)

MATT FALEY: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. (CUEUP: “Battery” by Metallica) Coming to the ring, from Jacksonville, North Carolina, weighing in at 248 lbs. CAMERON CRUISE!!

(The crowd gives Cruise a very good pop as he jobs out towards ringside, he wears blue full length trunks with white lines down the sign, and CRUISE in script across the backside, Cruise hops into the ring, and raises an arm to the crowd, who respond with a very good response, CUEUP: “Karma” by Diffuser)

FALEY: “And coming to the ring,, from Manhattan, weighing in at 252 lbs., LARRY TACT!!

(Tact jaunts to the ring, a smile on his face, as he casually spins in the aisleway, sporting some black full length trunks, he generally ignores the fans, but does smile at their boos, which our plentiful as he nonchalantly enters the ring)

ROSS: “And this could be a good one here. Tact and Cruise lock up in the middle of the ring, and they push away from each other and Tact slaps Cruise right across the face.”

WISEMAN: “Looking to get his attention early.”

ROSS: “And he did, as Cruise comes storming back on Tact. Tie-up again, and this time Cruise controls. Go behind by Tact, standing switch by Cruise, who trips Tact down to the mat. Tact rolls through, but Cruise holds onto the leg. Tact jumps up to his feet, and misses the inziguri, but connects with a back kick, but Cruise manages to hold on into a legsweep!”

WISEMAN: “Nice chain wrestling there, and the crowd is responding with applause for both men.”

SHADES: “BORING! Use a chair or something!”

ROSS: “Back to it again, this time Tact drop toe holds Cruise to the mat, off the rope quickly and he hits a knee to the back of the head, and Tact quickly puts Cruise into a modified cobra clutch submission hold.”

WISEMAN: “He’s trying to wear out the back for the Tactful Surrender, smart move by Tact.”

ROSS: “Tact back to his feet, and more knees to the back of Cameron Cruise. Cruise gets back up to his feet. But Tact tosses him into the rope and hits a knee square to the back.”

SHADES: “Great, maybe if Tact cripples him, he’ll never be able to walk again, much less taint our ring.”

ROSS: “Cruise is an excellent wrestler Jake, and he’s showing it here by fighting back. Rights and lefts to Tact, and now a nice belly to belly suplex takes Tact down, but Cruise already seems to be favoring his back a bit.”

WISEMAN: “Those early moves seem to have taken their toll, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run.”

ROSS: “Cruise is now stalking Tact a bit, but Tact showed what kind of veteran he is by grabbing Cruise by the trunks and taking him to the outside. And Larry Tact is immediately following Cameron Cruise to the outside. Irish whip into the side guardrail, and Cruise’s back took a hit there! And now Tact backs Cruise right into the guardrail.”


ROSS: “No Jake, but Tact is tempting fate here, but he slides into the ring and back out to break the count. A kick to the back now takes his squarely down, and as Tact rolls Cruise back into the ring, and he is squarely in control. Here’s a cover, 1-2-KICK OUT!”


WISEMAN: “Larry Tact seemed surprised there Tony, but he’s not going to be able to put a competitor like Cameron Cruise away just like that.”

ROSS: “Tact continues the onslaught. Cruise again musters some lefts and rights, but Tact’s technical ability is just to much to overcome. Knee to the face of Cruise, and now Tact is taunting to the crowd. ROLL-UP BY CRUISE! 1-2-3!!

WISEMAN: “NO! Cruise almost stole one right there. That is not something we would normally see from Larry Tact, and it almost cost him.”

ROSS: “It seemed to really wake Tact up, and now he has gone back to beating on Cruise. German suplex connects, cover, 1-2-NO! Another German! 1-2-NO! One more, 1-2-2 and half is all!”

WISEMAN: “Impressive both for Tact to pull it off and Cruise to kick out of all those suplexes.”

ROSS: “Tact seems like he’s getting ready to put away Cameron Cruise. Here’s The Humbling, and a beautiful Sambo suplex! And now Tact is climbing to the rope, here comes the Dive to Blue!”

SHADES: “Please finish it!”

WISEMAN: “This would definitely do it.”

ROSS: “And Tact MISSES The Dive to Blue. And the crowd erupts as Cruise gets back to his feet. Shots to the head of Larry Tact. A clothesline to Larry Tact, and he bounces up only to get hit by a vicious Cameron Cruise bulldog!”

WISEMAN: “And just like that, the momentum has definitely shifted.”

ROSS: “And Cruise is back on the attack. Brianbuster suplex! Cover! 1-2-and Tact just kicks out.”

WISEMAN: “Close one.”

ROSS: “Still on the attack is Cameron Cruise, swinging neckbreaker takes Tact down. Powerslam now takes Tact again to the mat. Cruise now climbs to the second rope and hits an elbow drop! Here’s another cover, 1-2-and Tact again barely just kicks out.”

SHADES: “Come on Tact, don’t let this punk do this to you.”

WISEMAN: “Tact is stunned right now.”

ROSS: “And now Cruise is smelling blood, he is motioning to the fans, this could be the beginning of the end!”

WISEMAN: “Cruise needs to spend less time pandering to the fans and more time with Larry Tact. You can’t give this guy an inch.”

ROSS: “Cruise has Tact, SHIPWRECK! NO! Tact reverses into an inverted DDT! NO! Cruises reverses that by swinging his body around and hitting a modified lariat to Tact. This crowd is going nuts!”

WISEMAN: “A clinic on reversals right there.”

SHADES: “A shot with a chair between the eyes could have done the job a lot faster!”

ROSS: “Here’s a small package by Cruise! 1-2-NO! Another! 1-2-NO! Now a roll thru by Tact! 1-2-NO! Kick up by Cruise! 1-2-NO! Flip over by Tact! 1-2-NO!”

WISEMAN: “I can’t keep up with all of this.”

ROSS: “Cruise charges, Tact with a drop toe hold, wait, no, TACTFUL SURRENDER!!”


WISEMAN: “Remember all the work Tact did on the back of Cruise earlier in the match. It’s going to come around to pay off right now!”

ROSS: “Tact got the Tactful Surrender out of nowhere following a drop toe hold, and the crowd is cheering for Cameron Cruise to hold on!”

SHADES: “He can’t do it!”

WISEMAN: “No place to go!”

ROSS: “Cruise taps out!! Nothing to be ashamed of there. He just got caught and Tact had done enough damage early in the match!”

MATT FALEY: “Here is your winner, LARRY TACT!”

(CUEUP: “Karma” by Diffuser, the crowd responds with a healthy cheer for both men, especially for Cameron Cruise as he gets to his feet, and is helped from the ring by the referee, Larry Tact confidently walks from the ring and raises a confident arm on the ramp.)

WISEMAN: “Big win for Tact, but Cruise will be back.”

ROSS: “WAIT!!! Jared Justice just attacked Larry Tact on the ramp, and Tact is scurrying back towards the ring!!!! Larry Tact has climbed back in the ring, and Jared Justice is stalking him!! Justice is running in the ring, and he has a blowtorch!!!’

SHADES: “Control that man!!”

WISEMAN: “Justice is completely out of control.”

ROSS: “And now security is restraining Jared Justice as Larry Tact is running out through the crowd! Fans, this match is going to EXPLODE at Wrestlebowl!”


ROSS: “We’ll be right back.!”

(CUTTO: Jarod Poe getting his ankle taped by a doctor in the back. However, he gets so frustrated that he pushes the doctor away, and walks away, limping slightly and with tape dangling from his ankle)

(FADEOUT to commercial)

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