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How will the Intergalactic Team Champions of the Universe be crowned?


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Aug 26, 2008
So, given the new stipulations of having to win two matches in a row to qualify for the Intergalactic Championship effects the Team Championships as well, here's how this will work...

The first of however many teams that have won two matches in a row to qualify for the titles will face off in a contest for the championships.

Easy right?


Not it cannot be guaranteed that two teams will win two consecutive matches in a row. THEREFORE, if only one team has won two consecutive matches in a row if they successfully win a THIRD match in a row they will be awarded the Intergalactic Team Champions of the Universe trophy.

Yes. Trophy. Since there may be teams with more than two members (as we've already seen Los Planetarios sign up with five) there will be a trophy instead of belts to compensate for this. So, your team would get to carry around this trophy and defend it in their matches.

Any questions? Concerns? Suggestions?

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