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Hot Springs: Monsters of the Pacific v. Los Planetarios

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Aug 26, 2008
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RP Deadline: March 12th, 2013 - Midnight Los Angeles Time
RP Limit: 2 RPs
RP Word Limit: 1,500 words


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Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
(OPEN TO: the solar system, from galaxies far far away.

QUICK ZOOM past Pluto, Neptune. One fifth of the screen is replaced by pink static, filled with a silhouette of a masked man. QUICK ZOOM past Uranus, Saturn. One more fifth of the screen is replaced, this time with royal blue static and a second, slightly bigger masked man.

Jupiter, Mars. Another fifth comprised of brown and gray static, another masked man. Earth, Venus. Bright red, fiery static with a female silhouette. Mercury, the Sun. A stone back drop with images of axes engraved in it. A tall, somehow more menacing figure.

The silhouettes slowly fade into the figures of Los Planetarios.)

"Leyenda de Ocho!" (Ocho in a pink Captain Falcon mask.)
"Normalidad!" (Normal John Johnson in a blue recolor of his usual gear.)
"HARMATTAN!" (A mysterious voice behind a tornado-like mask.)
"La Luciernaga!" (April Monday with the mask of a butterfly wreathed in flames.)
"El Hacha." (Steve 'Axion' Jackson, eyes fierce and powerful. Unmasked.

A pixelated Los Planetarios logo emerges in the center of the screen before zooming in on the fiery aura of La Luciernaga.)

LL: "I am the fire of this little band of war. I am the furious ball of raging energy that radiates like a beacon and destroys EVERYTHING in its path! I am La Luciernaga - the Firefly.

And I'm here to make sure you all understand that we are not jokers, we Planetarios.

Back when we hit the road together in that failed WREX venture, the group of us hit on an idea - that together, we can make sure that the power we once stood for, the fire we started when we stood up against injustice, would be preserved by the best talent we had. We said NO to those who tried to take advantage of us, to those who tried to jerk us around with fake promises and half-truths.

And together, we stand as the most technically sound, the most high flying, and the most powerful team in the IGC.

It's not bragging. It's the truth. I provide some of the greatest in-ring ability, man or woman, that you will ever come across in this industry. Ocho is every ounce of heart in the world, and the future face of wrestling. Normalidad is a technical wizard, impossible to rattle - the Zen river that balances us and serves as the glue. HARMATTAN...pure chaos. And El Hacha?

...you'll get to find out REAL quick why he's with us. Why he is perhaps the biggest danger you will ever come across in IGC. His VIOLENCE."

(La Luciernaga grins.)

LL: "I can't speak for the guys, but I like you, Monsters of the Pacific. I like what you're trying to stand for. You've got all the potential in the world to stand up for justice and honor one day.

The problem is, you aren't there yet. You're raw. Brute power without focus. Tons of pure horsepower with bad steering.

And as long as you're not there yet...it's time for the REAL heroes to take care of business.

You see, it's bad enough that Magnus Destructo is the Intergalactic Champion; he can bring about an age of darkness that could wipe out everything great about the IGC. But if Triangle of Tyranny wins the team championships? Or Funicide?

THAT'S a problem.

We can't risk - we WON'T risk - a team with good intentions but an inability to stop evil to get in the way of the real professionals from doing their jobs.

I hope you'll get there one day, Monsters. We could use warriors with your power on our side.

Get better first. Don't worry - we'll show you how."

(Fade to black.)
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