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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-22-02 AT 01:26 PM (EDT)][font face=Footlight MT Light" size="2]Sean Stevens should be happy.

He has every right to be. On one shoulder - his left - was his CSWA Presidential title belt. A title that - right now - means more to him than any other trophy, award, or accolade on his mantle, in his home, in Orlando. A title that he was awarded after seven years of blood, sweat, and tears - two of them being in the CSWA. The other shoulder? Was thrust in the air alongside his arm, on the inside of the referees grip, as he was declared victor over - one time CSWA World Champion - Tom Adler. He should've been happy. It was a clean victory. It answered all the unanswered questions about who was better. It proved to the entire CSWA lockerroom that Sean wasn't by any stretch of the imagination some 'flavor of the month' or 'transitional champion'. The victory proved his toughness. Mental and physical. It proved that he was definitely for real. And, it also meant...

...Hornet was next.

What a difference a couple of months and one golden opportunity makes. This time last year, Sean was hardly known on the CSWA circuit. Nobody - except the few friends that knew him - recognized his talent, even though he'd boldly declare his superiority over every single superstar on the CSWA roster, including Hornet himself. Now he has the opportunity to prove it.

He had already beaten Wicked Sight, and while he was sure at some point in time, Mike Plett would want his rematch - if not at the title, at the opportunity to prove he could actually win a match against Triple X - winning the number one contender's battle royal moved him on to something bigger, better, and much more beneficial to his career experience wise.

Tom Adler was finally out the picture - hopefully. What else could he ramble about? He had lost... twice. ...clean.

Poison Ivy. He wasn't sure what to make of her. A lot of stuff concerning the two of them were still in the air. One thing he knew for sure... she wasn't his girlfriend. Ivy had the chance to be something in Sean's life - twice. Last year... her reason for stringing him along was loud and clear, and spoke volumes on how much she really felt about Sean, that reason being, Hornet. After the Teri Melton debacle... Ivy decided to call it quits on Hornet, washing herself of everything that had anything to do with him, including the CSWA. Sean believed her. He was still in love with her. And, about a month or two ago, they had sex.

But, there are no happy endings in this story. Sean woke up the next morning... only to see his smile vanish as Ivy wasn't there. He saw her a week later... and, she blew right by him, hardly acknowledging his existence.

That's when Eli Flair told him the news about her mother.

And, while his heart is with Lily McGinnis and the rest of the McGinnis children - Ivy included. One thing still weighted heavily in his mind... that night... Ivy knew nothing about anything concerning her mother... how'd he know? He asked and she had nothing but positive things to say and a glow merely mentioning it.

So what could it possibly be? Sean knows deep down, Ivy wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. Deep down... Sean knew Ivy knew this thing they were on the verge of having was good for the both of them. Who could it be? Who had such a lock on Ivy, that it prevented her from making decisions best for her?

As Sean stood at the top of the ramp, looking down at the ring... he thrust his arms and his belt in the air once more to a thunderous reaction, before turning to step through the curtain to the backstage area... his lips parted...


All of a sudden... he couldn't wait for his match against him.


League Member
Apr 16, 2004
Oh Really?

We find Rudy Seitzer sitting at a desk looking through some paperwork when a messenger comes through the door and tosses a bulky manillar envelope on the desk and leaves.

[i}Seitzer picks up the package and sees "This is what he calls a CLEAN win?" written in black marker on the front. He procedes to open it where he finds several photographs of the On Time match between Triple X and Adler for the Presidential Championship. One, with a quote from the commentary... "... he got one shot in at the right time, catching Adler with the XXXFactor superkick. The match would have continued, had referee Manuel Juarez realized that Adler has his foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall."[/i]

Seitzer puts the photos down and picks up a slip of paper that had falled from the envelop with the words "Tell him to remember who just set the rules of this game" written on them

Fade Out

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