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Hiroshi-Berry Muffins, Inc.


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* Kin Hiroshi is relaxing in his hotel room after being released from Pittsburgh Memorial Hospital following a savage beating at the hands of Hellfighter. A white neck brace is wrapped around the Muffin Man's neck. His eyes open for a moment, and take quick notice of the CSWA camera crew standing in his hotel room. Kin painfully stands, exaggerating every detail of a "possible" injury. With the press of a button, Hiroshi turns on the television, and presses the play button. He signals for the camera crew to watch the screen... *

KIN HIROSHI: This is footage of an interview with Pete Hardy before OnTime from Kansas City...pre-Fish Fund.

* The video begins, joining a radio reporter and Pete Hardy in mid-interview. *

REP: After the match against Kevin Powers, who will be next on the ‘Hardy Hit-list’? Kin Hiroshi?

PH: I don’t know. It will be my girlfriend if she hasn’t got my curry on when I get back home! No. Seriously, Kin Hiroshi has been very impressive. I like him. I have tremendous respect for his wrestling ability. I would consider a match against Kin Hiroshi, no doubt about it. I think that would be a good match but again, I must concentrate on beating Kevin Powers. The match against Kevin Powers is much more important than sitting back and thinking about a match which hasn’t even been accepted, let alone, be offered.

REP: Could ‘Pitbull’ Pete Hardy versus Kin Hiroshi be a possible match at Fish Fund?

PH: Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. Like I said before, I would like to fight him. It would be a battle of the wrestling styles. The Pete Hardy strong powerful style against the Kin Hiroshi technical style. It has got the flavourings of being a cool match but I don’t know what will happen. Maybe Kin may have other ideas by then, maybe I may want to have a harder challenge. I don’t know. I just really want to start thinking of Fish Fund when it gets nearer. At the moment, I just want to concentrate on beating Kevin Powers.

* Kin fastfowards through the rest of the segment, and stops it when the scene fades out.

KIN HIROSHI: The following footage is brought to you courtesy of CSWA. This is Pete Hardy vs. Kevin Powers at OnTime in Kansas City.

* Once again Hiroshi presses the play button, and after a few moments of commentary Hardy and Powers square off... *

Pete Hardy was looking to continue his winning streak against the former US Champ, but the "Pitbull" is used to using power on his opponents. That's fine, except for the fact that he was giving up five inches and thirty-five pounds to "Good God." Hardy had some success early, catching the CSWA veteran with a quick elbow and body slam. But Powers quickly took over, with a boot to the face followed by a scoop slam of his own. Powers had some trouble with the big man though, as Hardy was able to use his size to block a chokeslam, but that simply led to Powers thumbing him in the eye and sending him into the corner.

After a spear into the corner, Powers set Hardy up for the ride of his life, hitting the Kiss The Canvas slingshot powerbomb for the 1...2...3.

* The tape rolls on, but Kin presses the mute button, silencing the noise. Hiroshi faces the camera.

KIN HIROSHI: First thing first, "Peanut" Pete Hardy, you've wanted a match with me, the best rookie in CSWA, for a few weeks now. Word travels quick in small crowds, and word has it that you've been saying how Kin Hiroshi is going to be a pushover come PrimeTime in Orlando. Ask "Fearless" Jones what kind of a pushover I am. Ask Nathan Storm. Ask Suicide. Ask Henderson Bramble. Ask Carl Brigsby. Hell, ask Evan Aho what kind of a pushover I am! There's only been one man to beat me in CSWA in a one-on-one match up, and that's GUNS. Truth be told when I signed that match, I had no clue what I was in for, just like you have no clue what Kin Hiroshi is going to do to you in Kansas City.

* Hiroshi rubs the neck brace, and sits back down in his chair. *

KIN HIROSHI: I had GUNS right where I wanted him when I climbed up top for the Hiroshi-Ma bomb, but that guy was just too big to stay down that long. I could have beat him if I wanted to. Eddy Love knew that when he pulled me in with the Super Sports Network in EWI. Ask Eddy Love what kind of a pushover Kin Hiroshi is.

Hardy, you may have thought Hiroshi vs. Hardy at Fish Fund would have given the fans a chance to see two of the top rookies in action, and let them see the future of CSWA. Fact of the matter is, Hiroshi vs. anyone at Fish Fund would have put people in the seats. I have the talent, I have the looks, and I have the muffins to draw people in week after week. You on the other hand, can't put down a man like Kevin Powers with your, and I quote, "strong powerful style". What the hell does style have to do with anything? Powers knew he was going to win as soon as you signed that contract, rookie. Banana hands, or no banana hands, Powers was going to manhandle you. Much like I have been getting manhandled in GXW.

* Hiroshi rubs the brace again. *

KIN HIROSHI: Hellfighter put one over on me, but the fact remains, I'm still the GXW Television Champion. Not was, not will be, I am. No one in the company deserves this title besides me. Just like I deserve to break this stigma that's haunting me in CSWA. I am not a rookie. I'm new to CSWA, but I am not a rookie. I've wrestled in Japan, I've wrestled for EWI, I wrestle for GXW and CSWA. There have been times when gold has been around my waist, and time when I'm lying broken on the mat while a figgin' giant chokes the life out of me. Broken bones, concussions, ligament damage, you name it, I've been there. You think that this neck brace I have is bad? How about I give you a dose of three months in traction thanks to a Hiroshi-Ma bomb? Or maybe you prefer months of rehabilitation after I contort your body with the Jiro-Kin Sleeper?

Kevin Powers worked your body. I'll work your mind, and when I get deep in there, Hardy, I'll beat you, give you a muffin, and send you on your way like the millions of drooling fools locked up in institutions. Bring your non-stop "style" Hardy, bring the Pitbull out into the open, but when you realize it's Kin Hiroshi in the ring with you, tuck your tail and run like the weiner dog we know you are. There is no escaping destiny, Hardy...

And I'm the end of that road for you.


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