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Sep 18, 2004
(The pacific coast highway running down the California coastline is where we find a silver Mercedes SL gliding down the freeway. Inside we find Samuel Roundtree clipping a wireless headset on and pushing a button on his cell.)

Samuel: I help get these guys through Blood Bath and they don't return my calls since Main Frame.




Voice: Kelly Evans here.

Samuel: Kelly, it's Sam. You guys have been hard to track down since Main Frame. What's the story?

Kelly: Sam, don't worry. By the way, congrats on the U.S. title. We know have control of two of the biggest titles in the industry. Ty and Stephen have the tag straps and you with the U.S. After Superiority, no one will be able to control us.

Samuel: Thanks Kelly. Just needed to check in with you guys to make sure we are taking this thing seriously. If anyone knows what it's like to be screwed around by Pickstock and the suits in this company it's me. I know that between us we have at least 5 matches at Superiority and this will be the company's way of putting our group into a situation that we may not survive.

Kelly: Sam, you got to stress less. We dominated Blood Bath like no one has before. At Superiority, nothing will change. We are going to walk out of that show with Team Danger as World Tag Team Champs, you will beat the piss out of that has been TL to keep the U.S., Ty will win the International and Stephen will shut that windbag Taylor's mouth up for good.

Samuel: Thanks Kel, I just need the re-assurance that everything was on schedule. See ya Thursday at Main Frame...

Kelly: Later Sam.

Samuel: Peace.

(With that Samuel tears off his headset, slips on his shades and hits the accelrator.)

(Fade to black.)

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