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Herein Lies The MuffinMan


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Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* The ambulance doors open up, and a crew of EMT's rush to get Hiroshi unloaded. A barely recognizable Hiroshi has a breathing mask strapped to his face, and blood still streaming down from deep wounds on his forehead. His face has been mutilated, and looks undistinguishable as human. A GXW camera crew is poised for the rush into the emergency room. As the stretcher is racing by, Hiroshi grabs the cameraman's arm, stopping the proceedings in their tracks.

Kin looks up at the camera, one eye swollen shut, the other seemingly looking past the camera. He coughs and blood trickles out the corners of his mouth, and down his cheeks.

Somehow, Hiroshi raises himself up, shaking as he does so and looks dead at the camera.

KH: *in a garggled whisper* "It's not finished yet, Miller..."

* The EMT's pull Kin down to the stretcher, and the anti-hero puts up no struggle. Just as the breathing mask goes back on his face a low whisper escapes his body... *

KH: "Ryyyaaaannn..."

* The monitors attached to Hiroshi begin to light up and beep wildly as the crew begins to push Kin down the hallway. His hand releases the cameraman and his arm falls dead at his side.

Kin Hiroshi's life is in jeopordy, and he knows it.

* A man wakes in the early morning hours on a chilly day in December. A tube probes the hardened mask that encases his head, and reaches down his throat. One leg is held in traction, and he can feel a cast around his arm. A noise startles him, but he is still too weak to move...'in time' he tells himself as he slips back to the reality of HIS world.

A perfect world...

The pieces slowly come back to him in his sleep. Some things he can't remember, and never will without watching the tapes. Sometimes in the future he'll beg he had died. Othertimes he'll thank God he's alive.

Vengance will drive him...

But for now, he rests and starts counting the days since his awakening.

* The next time he wakes, the tube is gone, but everything is how he remembered it was before. He stares at the ceiling, afraid to speak, afraid to acknowledge this terror. The noise near him comes again, but all he can do is lay there. Silent, trapped in his own private hell.

Kin Hiroshi should have died, but he didn't. A true testament to his willpower. But now, he IS dying, and there isn't a thing he can do.

* His mother rises out of the chair next to him, she has been trying to sleep the same time Kin sleeps, but his patterns are too sporatic. She's talked with him a few times, but he sleeps most days now. It hurts to see him like this; mangled and trapped in a broken body. The doctors say that time will heal all wounds, but she can feel the fear in his voice.

She still refuses to watch the tapes. The pain inflicted by the massive Dan Ryan and the World Champion John Miller. Her son should be champion, instead...

...instead he has nothing. His body will be lucky to wrestle again.

His mind may never be ready.

Kin flinches in his sleep, and breaks out in cold sweats. Terror has his mind, while hate massages his heart.

* Kin's eyes open. The mask is gone, and his first instinct is to feel his face; inspect for damage. Yet he stops, and he remembers to add a day to his running total. 5. It's been 5 days since he first awoke. In actuality, it's been almost double that.

He rolls on his side, his mom is sleeping next to him.

KH: *whispering* "Mom...mom I'm here..."

* Mrs. Hiroshi stirs, and looks at her son. Still half asleep the thought of him being conscious doesn't register for a moment. Then she's on him in an instant, kissing him and crying at the same time. *

MRS. H: "Kin, thank God. Thank God you're here! Never do that again to me! I can't take that. Do you need anything? Real food?"

* Kin smiles, and realizes, for the first time, there's something he wants more the the GXW World Title... *

KH: "Ryan and Miller."

MRS. H: "No, I won't let you do it."

* Rage builds inside of Hiroshi, and a fury unleashes...but he supresses it. Instead he rolls over to sleep, and sees his face in the mirror. He closes his eyes as the terror envelopes him again. A tear slips down his cheek, and he sleeps again.

Time heals no wounds in this reality; it let's them fester...


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