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Marcus Wood

All day people have been running in and out of the lobby, aimlessly moving as fast as they can to get to there destinations. For many of them it’s the same thing day after day, a routine that they carry out to make a living. Always on time to where they need to be but never feeling like they belong there.

They’ll keep carrying on like this every day until they’re to old and decrepit to do it anymore. Never feeling complete, never feeling like they’re really doing what they should be doing. But just like it has been through out the world for thousands of years, they’ll do it anyway. People have to make their money some how.


The elevator doors slid opened as Marcus Wood slowly stepped out of it and into the giant lobby. He stood there for a second, to soak in his surroundings. It had been a long time since Marcus had been in a place like this, and it felt great to him. He stalked through the lobby not paying attention to the people throwing him looks our of the corners of their eyes. He’s above them, he’s above everyone.

Marcus reached the lobby doors and flung them open, reaching for a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. He pulled one out and sparked it as he leaned up against the wall of the building to sit and watch the crowds of people pull the same routine as the ones in the lobby. More running around.

Marcus pulled some smoke into his lungs and slowly exhaled as he smiled and started walking away from the building. As he pushed past the people on the sidewalk he couldn’t help but feel sorry for them, none of them were where they wanted to be in life. None of them felt like they were where they belonged, except for Marcus himself. He was right where he wanted to be.

“Well,” Marcus said as he glanced over his shoulder at the GXW office building. “Here we go”

Marcus Wood had arrived.

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