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Heathcliff Mars


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: Stephen Thomas
Your Email Address: sthomas4@triad.rr.com
Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: theheights1500

Wrestler's Name: Heathcliff Mars

Wrestler's Age: 20 November 29, 1983

Height: 6’2

Weight: 174

Physical Description: On his eighteenth birthday Heathcliff was five-foot eight with shoes on. His body from childhood intimidated by the prospect of size, and good vision.

Grade school recess saw him miscast by teachers and parents of other children disbelieving Mars was in the right age group. Heatchcliff was an easy target for his peers. Constant sinus problems, horn-rimmed glasses that never seemed to want to stick on the bridge of his nose, and the hope of growth alluding him until he found the backbone to stick up for himself.

He coasted through adolescence, under-sized and with the invisibility cloak of imagination loosely veiled over his shoulders. Heathcliff has a slight hunch from a shyness of confrontation. In the past two years he’s grown several inches. Been training in wrestling school for the last twenty-four months. He’s aloof, but quick and light on his feet with a vertical approaching forty inches.

Mars’ high metabolism’s kept any noticeable weight off his frame for most of his life, and his muscles have been slow to adapt to their training. Mars’ mother remarks over the difference in her son, but Heathcliff fails to see it himself.

In-ring he’ll wear ankle length Red Tights, Red boots, and he prefers to tape his wrists for support. Ditches his Buddy Holly glasses for contacts.

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Entrance Music: “Girl Afraid” by The Smiths

Alignment (Face/Heel): Face

Wrestling Style (Technical, Brawler, High Flyer, etc): High Flyer


10 Basic Moves:

Flying Leg Scissors
Springboard Moonsault
Flying Dropkick
Powerbomb into a bridge pin attempt
Mexican Surfboard

3 Setup Moves:

TR Elbow Drop
TR Moonsault
Slingshot suplex

Finisher Name and Description: “Red Five” – Shooting Star Press

Short Character Bio: Heathcliff was raised by his mother in a low middle-class suburb of L.A. never knowing his father. Slow developing, and eccentric Heathcliff’s school years were hell. Quiet, and a dreamer, Mars saw more rewards in living inside his head than interacting with his peer group. His friends were limited, but he was in heaven, when he had the peace of being alone.

Consistently bullied Heathcliff never told his mother more than she could put together on her own. The day-to-day struggles of her own life enough burden to bear.

Practically raised by television after school, he fell in love with movies; aspiring to be filmmaker at age seven. Given a video camera from an Uncle one Christmas, Heathcliff and fellow neighborhood dreamer Jenny LaRoche spent their summer vacations writing and shooting home movies. Many of which didn’t survive the Great Apartment Move of ’96.

An avid fan of role-playing games, Star Wars, ‘80s industrial music, and wrestling.

A life-long CSWA fan Heathcliff’s mother surprised him with front row tickets to CSWA’s ANNIVERSARY PPV in 2001, and he watched breathlessly as Eli Flair and Troy Windham changed the sport. He walked out of Merritt Auditorium obsessed with Eli Flair, a man born (he thought) his complete opposite.

Enamored with Eli, Heathcliff devoured websites and back issues of dirt sheets for as much information available on “The King Of Extreme”; methodically building a video catalog of Eli’s career.

In June of ’02, schooled on Flair’s burgeoning romance with the frontwoman of a local Art Metal band, Valerian’s Garden, he and Jenny purchased tickets to a Friday night show at The Roxy where the Garden opened for My Ruin. As an admissions project into a prestigious film school, Heathcliff decided to make a documentary of he and Jenny’s life the day of the show.

A third of the way through the set drunken concertgoers charged the stage, inciting a horrific melee lasting ten minutes. When it was done thirty people were severely injured (including Heathcliff who was nearly trampled to death), and one young fan died.

Jenny LaRoche, Heathcliff’s co-filmmaker, and girlfriend.

The months recovering from his physical and emotional wounds saw him sink into a deep depression, often not able to leave the house.

He gave up film school to search for the meaning of the recent turn of events. It was a visit from Eli, and Angel (Valerian’s Garden lead singer) that set him on his current path.

Determined to find the strength he found in Flair, Heathcliff joined the CSWA Training Plant where for the past two years he’s been taught by some of the league’s former greats. Including: Bill Parsons, “Dynamite” Darren Jordan, and MG.

Two years after his lover’s death Heathcliff’s release papers have been signed; he’s free to come out of hiding.

Parsons thinks he’s ready for the world of professional wrestling.

Mars wonders if he’s ready to survive on his own.

One day he’ll make it to the CSWA and become a legend in his own right. One day he’ll be strong enough to put the past behind and become a man.

The GWA will be his first paying job.
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