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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-07-02 AT 11:40 AM (EDT)](As the scene opens up the shot shows 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe making a call on the telephone. Earlier in the day he has tried to contact his long time companion 'The Dark Lotus' Miso, but he has been unsuccessful again and again. Brushing away his blue hair, he tries to make the call again, but gets no answer.)

GP: (slamming the phone down) Damnit where is she!

(Realizing that the camera is on, Poe turns towards the cameraman.)

GP: If that ever makes the air I will seek you out ... do you understand.

CM: Y-y-yes sir Mr. Poe.

GP: Very well ...

(Gaining his composure he turns back towards the camera.)

GP: Sean Stevens I hope you have learned from my last conversation that it does not matter how many people you tell me I should get in contact with the fact remains. Your actions speak louder than any words will. Why should I ask Flair how tough you are when I can see for myself that things have changed from then to now. Why should I ask Harders how bad you are when I can see how pathetic you are right now. Why should I bother Stevens?

If you want to make a statement then prove it to me at Gainesville when we meet in the ring. The only thing you have proven so far is that you worry about others so much that it takes away from your match. You worry too much about what others say about you that it distracts you from the main prize. Simply put Sean Stevens ... you are an unfocused fool and I will use that to my advantage when you are beaten into the earth.

Perhaps then you can honestly say you are Earth's Greatest Champion, but I doubt it.

You may think you are the man now just because you have been in what you consider high-caliber matches and you may think that this will be just a walk in the park for you, but remember this. I have been there before and I can easily go back if I choose to. Before it was just pure pleasure for me punishing others and not caring about wins or losses, but you do care about the wins so if making you suffer means winning the match ... then so be it.

You shall have to know your place once again and I will make sure that happens. Sean Stevens ... Gainesville might just be your awaking cause there is one lesson you need to learn ... never wake up the sleeping giant for if you do then you will pay the ultimate price ...

... and I will be there to collect I assure you ...

(As Poe turns away he takes one last look at the cameraman.)

GP: Remember ... if it is not taken out and I see it ... you will suffer.

CM: (worried look) Yes I understand Mr. Poe

GP: See that you do ...


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