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Hardcore Wrestling Organization


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Dec 22, 2018
The Hardcore Wrestling Organization is a roleplay fed that runs on a bi-weekly cycle. Shows take place every second Thursday and we are officially opening in January of 2019 once we fill out our roster. We have a 3 roleplay max per cycle and a 750 word limit per roleplay.

Just thought I'd drop the guidelines for the Hardcore Wrestling Organization with this post.



NOTE: The hWo is based in a fictitious world, not the real world. There is a line though, between what we will accept, and what we will not. General rule of thumb, if you have seen it on Television(example Game Of Thrones). You will most likely see it here in the hWo; which I better clarify this: no mutants, no immortals and if you die you die. Humans are humans. If you are the type that is easily offended, well oh boy, Hardcore Wrestling Organization is not for you. A couple of other things I should clarify on. In the hWo universe, professional wrestling is a real, authentic sport, it is not fake. There is consequences for every action you make.


We ONLY accept applications from created characters. Meaning we won?t accept applications for real wrestler?s. John Cena's, Triple H's, aren't welcome here.

1.1 We have a strict ONE picture base per character rule. That is also the same for theme music.

1.2 We have a roster cap of 15. Once that cap has been reached, we will stop accepting new applications.

1.3 When you post your biography/profile, we ask that you fill everything out. Failure to do so will result in a delay to your application.

1.4 We give you 350 points to distribute to certain attributes. Each attribute category has a maximum of 100. How you distribute these points will directly affect how you perform in match results. You'll earn more attribute points as you advance through the fed.

1.5 As a reminder, you will only be booked for events once you have produced your profile.

1.6 We post an ?opt out? thread for each show, which stays active for 48 hours. If you CANNOT be booked for the show, you need to let us know in that thread. If you don't let us know that you're unavailable, we will more than likely book you.

1.7Our bi-weekly show is called Desolation and is broadcast every second Thursday. The deadline for this show is Tuesday nights at 11:59pm EST. This gives our staff -- Me -- 48 hours to produce the show.

1.8 The RP limit for Desolation is THREE per character. The MAXIMUM word count is 750 words.

2.0 The RP limit for the super show is THREE per character. The MAXIMUM word count is 1200 words

2.1 RP's must be posted on the forums to count. Not outside linking.

2.2 In order to avoid ?sand-bagging?, ?blitzing? or whatever else you wish to call it; we operate a ?one limit zone? (sometimes referred to as a 24-hour deadline in other places). This means in the final 24 hours before the deadline, you are only permitted to post ONE roleplay, presuming you haven't already reached the limit of three.

2.3 There is a 15 minute window for people to make any edits to their RP. After that time, the board disables that option, thus preventing anyone from cheating.

2.4All RP's are on screen, character development's can be either on screen or off screen.

2.5 Single best RP wins. It's that simple. You have three attempts so make the most of them. We don't reward quantity over quality, so don't assume that doing 3 will beat your opponent's 1.

2.6 If you feel aggrieved that you've lost, please approach management privately to discuss the matter. We will then give you detailed feedback as to why the decision didn't go in your favor. Anyone who makes their gripe public knowledge won't be in the fed for very long.

2.7 The top ten ranking list in hWo, is put in place to help the staff of hWo, decide who gets pushed and who does not. It?s designed to reward people for activity and effort put into hWo. After every two week cycle, a tally of all a handlers points will be added together, and then placed in the rankings. At the end of the arc, the handlers with the most points will be put into main angles, and championship feuds. After every PPV, the pot resets to zero. A clean slate moving forward.

Here?s the breakdown:

Win = 5pts.
Lose = 2pts.
Maxed Out Desolation (3 RP?s) = 5pts.
Competitive RP = 1pt.
Around Town CD = 1pt

2.8 If you'd like to propose your own storyline between yourself, and another member. Hit me up and let me know.

2.9If you ever need time off, just shoot me a DM. If you don't want to be apart of the hWo anymore; shoot me a DM. Trust me, I won't take this hobby to heart. It's just nice to know, you know.

3.0 Have FUN! This is why we do this hobby, to have fun. It's an online hobby, which means it effects nothing in real life, remember that. You will lose, and you will win. You can't win all the time. Don't let a loss get to you. Losing doesn't make or break a character, remember that. So again, write, communicate, and have fun people.


3.1 ? Role-plays for our events are judged on a single highest score basis. This means that, regardless on how many you write, only your best score will count. In the event that both characters have the same highest score, it will fall to who has the second best highest score. If second best highest scores are also tied, it will fall to third best highest score. If that is also tied, the fight will end in a draw.

3.2 ? We score competitive role-plays on the following factors:

I. Match/Feud Relevance (20 Points) | Easy enough. How well does your roleplay revolve around your match, your opponent, and your current storyline? Hype your upcoming match, let us know why you will win, and further your storyline.


MATCH RELEVANCE (5 PTS): Is your match a contenders match? Did you mention it? Is your match have a special stipulation? Did you mention it? Is there more than one opponent? Did you mention all opponents? If your match is a hardcore match? Did you mention it?

STORY RELEVANCE (5 PTS): Did you talk about your feud; current storyline, or was the entire roleplay just focused on your match? Yeah, I understand the whole point of the RP is to win your match. However, there is always a bigger picture than just the match.

SELL (5 PTS): Sell your match. Tell me why I should pay attention to your match, why your match is going to be the match of the night. When I read your competitive roleplay, does it make me want to tune in and watch your match? Do I see it as, a can?t miss?

ARGUMENT (5 PTS): Is a logical argument, supported by facts, for why you will win the match. Gather information on your opponent, using: profiles, lockers, Ask.ME questions, previous RP?s, and results. Try to steer clear of all the generic trash talk like, ?you suck,? and ?you?re nobody.?


II. Roleplay Structure (10 Points) | I'm not a grammar Nazi as most of you know, haha. But I do appreciate writing that is well put together. As long as I can read it and it flows, you'll score high. But obvious mistakes with spelling and sentence structure will get points taken away.

III. Creativity/Story Telling (10 Points) | I?m huge on creativity. This hobby to me is a creative writing hobby. Write an essay and chances are you will score low in this category. Be creative, think outside the box, and tell me a story with your RP.


CREATIVITY (5 PTS): Easy enough. How creative were you with your piece. Is there a theme to your RP? Did you bring something different to the table? If you do a flashback; that ties into the present day, does the now and then all tie together? The more creative you are with your piece, the higher you will score here.

STORYTELLING (5 PTS): Pretty self-explanatory. Did your roleplay form a story? We are looking for more than just the generic dialogue promo, or your character standing in front of a camera. We want to read a story. An engaging story. With interaction between your characters and their supporting cast.


IV. Entertainment (10 Points) | Keep me entertained.

V. Character (10 Points) | This is simple enough. Stick to your character, maintain his/her voice. So many times I see people drop their character during a roleplay, in order to get a point across. If he?s a prick, play the asshole from start to finish. If he?s a good guy, stick to the good guy routine.



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