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GWA Mission Statement


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
All members,

Here is a brief summary of how the GWA will be run. As I have stated before, the Gateway Wrestling Alliance will be based on the old-school booking models of the NWA, Mid-South and Memphis, mixed in with the best concepts of the modern day WWE/F, WCW, and ECW. There will be the 2 TV shows, one "Raw/Nitro" style show with all marquee matches and then a studio show which will mainly concentrate on angles and interviews, with jobber squashes and two or three "main event" level matches. Think NWA World Championship Wrestling that was on TBS every Saturday afternoon for over 15 years. The studio show will not start right away. There will also be house cards, and they will important, because back in the day before PPV, house cards was where the majority of the territory's money came from. These will be written in short form. We will most likely start out with two singles titles and one tag team title, and I have not decided on names for them yet. Feuds will be drawn out and bitter, which means RPers will be facing each other several times. This is important to conserve different matchups and not give them all away in the first few months. The best RPers will rise to the top, as it will be a challenge to RP fresh new ideas against the same opponent. I will be in control of the booking and all angles in the GWA. Submitted angles is highly encouraged, but that doesn't mean I have to use all of them. If I feel it doesn't make sense or will advance a storyline properly, I will not use it. But I will work with the RPer to craft a coherent storyline if this is the case. members are always encourage to email or IM me with any problems or questions. Constructive criticism is always welcome, however, excessive complaining is not. Also, if you have a problem with another RPer, take it to email or IMs, as I will not tolerate any flaming on the boards. Having said that, the join application has been posted, and I look forward to getting this league going. Good luck to all!

GWA President Scott Malec
email: TBirdSCIL@aol.com

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