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GWA Employee Profiles


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
GWA Employee Profiles

The Gateway Wrestling Alliance was formed by a group of 10 midwestern investors who had a passion for wrestling and grew tired of what is being presented on TV nowadays. So they pooled their capital and created the GWA. This group of individuals includes 2 females, and are all in their 40s or 50s. They run the daily operations of the company and will not appear on TV or be involved in storylines. It is yet to be determined if an on-screen
figurehead will be appointed.


Rob Stewart- Rob is a young fresh-faced play-by-play man who graduated from the Columbia School of Broadcasting in Chicago and cut his teeth in various midwestern indies before getting his big break in the GWA after a stellar tryout. He believes in fair play, and will almost always favor the babyfaces. He is no pushover, however, and will not back down from his partner or any threatening heels. Think Tony Schiavone, circa 1985.

"The Coach" Roger Powell- "The Coach" is an ex-professional wrestler who made his name in several promotions in the Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma territories back in the late 1970s. He was always a much better talker than a wrestler, and that is he how ended up as the GWA color man. He is slightly curmudgeonly and bitter, and will usually favor the heels. However, if a babyface does something he likes, he will applaud it. He earned his nickname
since he is a well known high school football coach in the Kansas City area. Picture Harley Race with Bobby Heenan's attitude and verbal skills.

Mark Kincaid- Another fresh-faced youngster, Kincaid also got his start in several midwestern indies and met Rob Stewart announcing for a small extreme promotion in Chicago's southern suburbs. When Stewart was hired, he referred Kincaid to the GWA Board of Directors and he was shortly brought in. He is tall and has a commanding presense in the ring with a booming voice.

Alicia Jankowski- Alicia is the daughter of one of the members of the Board of Directors and is a stunning brunette knockout in her mid-20s. However, there are brains that go with this beauty, as she graduated with honors from the University of Illinois with a degree in Communications. More than just eye candy, she is not afraid to ask the hard hitting questions. She will mainly stay in the backstage area out of harm's way.

Jose Ramirez- Jose is well known in Mexico and the Texas territories as an all purpose announcer who will do whatever it takes to get a story. He can be found backstage, in the parking lot, at ringside, and even in the bathroom if that's what it takes to get a scoop. This sometimes gets him into trouble with the roster. He is almost always accompanied by his intrepid cameraman, Alberto Quinones, who has made a career of squeezing into tight spots.

Al Marinaro- Al was the head referee in GLCW and will assume the same duties in the GWA. He is a bulky but solid man and started on the University of Wisconsin football team. He will take absolutely nothing from the talent, and will return it in kind if things get physical.

Carl Jackson- Carl is a well built African-American man in his early 50s. He is a retired St. Louis police officer and has basically seen it all in his life. He has a strong sense of fairness and very little gets by him. He is known to have a quick trigger finger when calling for DQs and countouts.

Roscoe Murdock- Memphis native Murdock is a veteran referee from the Southern territories with a ton of experience. A shade past 60 years old, wrestlers with sometimes try to take advantage of him but Roscoe is still as sharp as a tack, although he will tend to miss more shenanigans than Marinaro and Jackson.

Jimmy McDaniel- Jimmy is the youngest referee in the GWA and his inexperience will sometimes show. Small in stature with flaming red hair, he can be intimidated by the wrestlers and is sometimes easily distracted. He will mainly be used for opening matches and house shows.

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