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Greer, Walker & Roundtree vs Mike C & Moundfields


League Member
Sep 18, 2004
(Three days after Superiority we are summoned to the Benjamin Franklin memorial library on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Out in front we see EUWC U.S. champ Samuel Roundtree standing in front of the statue in wonder.)

Samuel: Ladies and gentlemen, today I thought I would bring you to the place that helped make me than man I am today. This library is where I spent my young years studying science, english literature and most importantly history. Now I know you the average, semi-literate, high school dropout typical fan of the EUWC can't spell history, but history is still so important.

(We walk inside the library to a table where a number of books have been piled in front of the check out desk.)

Samuel: See these books are what got me through my childhood. The French Revolution, the Spanish Revolution, the American Revolution, the Franco-Prussian Revolution.

See in the long run, these Revolution teach future generations the pitfalls of banding together against a force they can't possibly defeat. These books are actually being donated to the family of Classy Mike C along with Jaz and Daryl Moundfield ,collectively known as...

a) The executioners

b) The conquistadores

c) The revolution

d) If you're still waiting to guess, you are bigger idiots then myself, Ty and Stephen think you all are.

Chances are most of you morons answered "D", which is yet another reason why I decided to show you what the inside of a library actually looks like. The Moundifelds and Mike C have been signed to a match that no good can come out of. Jaz and Daryl are still recovering from the million dollar ass whipping they received from Team Danger at Superiority, and Mike C failed in his attempt to take the International Title.

Now gentlemen, I never thought at this point in my life I would have to sit in front of a camera and spout the intellectual and physical shortcomings of those that are allegedly my equals. Moments like this are what we in the business call "fringe benefits."

Guys, your revolution may have started with the noblest of intentions, but once you walk into Main Frame, your fate will be sealed like revolutionaries before you. Team Danger and I will take you all, pick you off one by one and then when the time comes your revolution will suffer the same fate as this symbol of higher learning.

(Samuel walks out of the library with the books in a bag. He stops just outside the front door, lights a cigarette then throws the lit flame inside the building setting it ablaze.)

Samuel: Your revolution will be history indeed...

(Samuel laughs as he walks towards his car.)

(Fade to black)

Classy Mike C

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
Manchester, England
The scene opens in a small, dank library. The library is ill lit, and many of the books look tattered and old. The camera pans around showing a woman sat at the desk, sound asleep and slumped over a book, before finally panning around to Classy Mike C, The Monster, Jaz Moundfield and Daryl Moundfield, otherwise known as The Conquista...oh sorry, I mean The Revolution. Behind them is a large bookcase with a sign ready "History". The books on the shelf are few and look damaged.

Classy: Jaz, Daryl, Monster, and all you fans out there in EUWC-land, welcome to Classy Mike C's history of revolutions! I'm your host, teacher and hero Classy Mike C. Now i scoured the internet for a library suitable for holding our little lesson, and the only one I found that supported my two case studies was this place, "Smellsville Library" in the small town of Smellsville, Arkansas. Now let me direct you to the first case study.

Classy lifts a book off the shelf and blows the dust from the cover. Holding it up to the camera, the book says in big bold letters "Russian History: 1914-1990". Classy opens the book and turns to the camera.

Classy: Russia. The Eastern Blocks largest power, the producer of the intoxicants that many people use to numb their pain, Russia is a great country. And why?

Daryl Moundfield puts his hand up.

Classy: It was a rhetorical question Daryl but go on, why do you think Russia is great?

Daryl: Is it the furry hats?

Classy: Close but not right Daryl. The answer is the proletariat. The ordinary people who banded together and rose up against the tyrannical tsars and took control of the country. Sure, Lenin and Stalin went a bit crazy and didn't exactly do much for Human rights but you get the idea. And what was this event called?

Jaz: Soviet Union: Back With A Vengeance?

Classy: No Jaz, no, it was the February Revolution. And that Revolution lead to many, many years of communist rule in Russia, or The Soviet Union as it was known. Onto my next case study.

Classy puts the book on the shelf and grabs another one. Classy again blows the dust off this book and holds it up to the camera. The title of this book is "The English Civil War."

Classy: Ah England, home! "Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty" as The Smiths song stated. But everything in England was not always calm and collected. Long before Steven Patrick Morrissey was singing about The Queen, the royal family was being over thrown by the Parliamentarians, lead by Oliver Cromwell. What did this event become known as Monster?

The Monster just stares at Mike C and smiles.

Classy: Oh yeah, you don't speak English. Well I'll tell you, it was the English Revolution. Now I could go on and talk about The Romanian Revolution on behalf of The Monster, or the German Revolution or the Orange Revolution just last year in Ukraine, but I feel I've made my point. You see Samuel, you claim to be a highly educated man, and yet you make such as sweeping generalisation about how apparently revolutions never succeed, and yet all this proof stacks against you. So I think you may be the person most in need of an education. Now I don't know how much attention you were paying at Superiority II, clearly enough to sabotage my chances of lifting the International title, but your beloved Team Danger were matched by The Moundfields and if you hadn't bailed them out we would of had new tag team champions.

Daryl: Yeah!

Jaz slaps Daryl around the back of the head.

Classy: Thank you Jaz. I understand you doing this, I mean you want power of EUWC and I commend you for your efforts, but can you really hold us down? I mean in fairness Samuel, you're still the same man who gave up the tag team titles at Blood Bath '03 to me and Jaz. You're still the same man who lost a retirement match to Buck Naked months before that awful Antoine Wright gimmick! And you're still the bald-headed moron you always were, shooting your mouth off, thinking of yourself as somebody when really your a complete nobody whose had the good luck of being friends with a few powerful people in his time. I'd be a hypocrite if I was to bemoan your under handed tactics, after all that me and Paul Doom have been through recently I'm sure he'd point this out. But I certainly don't have to like it.

Off camera, sniggering can be heard. Classy, Jaz and The Monster turn and see Daryl holding a pop-up book and laughing at it's contents. Classy nods to The Monster who grabs it just as Daryl turns the page and a lion pops out. Snatching it from Daryl's hands, The Monster rips the lion from the book before tossing the book across the room.

Classy: Thank you Monster, now where was I? Oh yes, this week at Main Frame, Sammy, you'll have every right to take part in proceedings as it'll be you, Tyrone and Stephi vs myself, Jaz and Daryl. And after the way you guys have disrespected every other member of the EUWC roster, whether we like them or not, and the way you've robbed us of so much gold, you better believe we're ready to rise up against you. The Dominion looked like an unbeatable force, and they soon fell, and now Team Danger will face the same fate. And no amount of crazy doctors, prostitute valets or porn-obsessed weirdos will save you from your eventual fate, down in the doldrums of history with Tsar Nicholas, Charles II, Nicolae Ceausescu and Kaiser Wilheim. The people have spoken, now it's time for The Revolution, and a new chapter in the history of EUWC.

Classy holds the book up to the camera and slams it shut. Immediately we cut to an EUWC logo, before the screen fades to black.

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