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Green Bay House Card


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(A dark screen is soon filled with film reels rapidly running down either side, each with a GLCW highlight. The reels begin to slow down, and then burn up from the bottom up the sides of the screen, as flames course upward, and leave us with a dark screen momentarily. Then a framing of a online media player fades onto the perimeter of the screen, as backstage and match clips from previous GLCW shows cycle on the screen. The camera zooms out to show a computer monitor playing the clips on a media player. This all fades to static, and the GLCW logo projects itself center screen, until the word
"Wired" bumps the logo off the screen. The screen then blurs, and when it clears we are getting what appears to be an online feed of a studio. Sitting behind a table are Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman, who have some papers set out in front of them.)

TONY ROSS: Welcome everyone, to GLCW.com's inaugural online broadcast! Today we're set to bring you the results of the most recent GLCW house show, which came out of Green Bay, Wisconsin!

RICK WISEMAN: And another great show it was, with plenty of action and excitement for the fans in attendance.

TR: Yes, including a stellar match between Nemesis and "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan, and a Main Event 4-Way Great Lakes Heavyweight Title match! So let's not waste any time, and share with those watching just what went on.

MATCH #1: Oak Street Beach Patrol vs. The Spider Murphy Experience

TR: The opening bout featured two residents of the GLCW's Tag Team division. "Hang Ten" Harold Haggler and "Aloha" Alex Hand, collectively the Oak Street Beach Patrol, took on the team of Spider Murphy and "Bollywood" Rahul Seth, the Spider Murphy Experience.

RW: Either of these teams could rise up to great heights in the GLCW, but they need to concentrate and remember the rules of the ring.

(CUT TO: The Oak Street Beach Patrol coming down to the ring. CUT TO: The Spider Murphy Experience making their way to the ring. CUT TO: OSBP attacking SME on the apron, sending Murphy and Seth down to the floor. CUT TO: Both teams brawling on the outside, the referee administering a count. CUT TO: SME going for dual irish whips, trying to send both OSBP members into each other, but it's reversed and SME collide with each other on the outside. CUT TO: OSBP getting SME in the ring, and entering themselves. CUT TO: Seth and Haggler starting things off, Haggler with the immediate advantage after what occurred outside the ring. CUT TO: Haggler with an irish whip sending Seth into the turnbuckle hard, and Murphy with a blind
tag on Seth. CUT TO: Haggler running in for a Clothesline, but getting taken down by Murphy, who hits a Missile Dropkick from the top, over Seth. CUT TO: Haggler kicking out of an attempted pin. CUT TO: Murphy hitting a Flying Elbow off the whip of Haggler. CUT TO: Alex Hand coming in and hitting Murphy from behind. CUT TO: Hand sending Murphy over the top rope with a Back Body Drop. CUT TO: Rahul Seth coming in and attacking Hand, only to be Clotheslined from behind by Haggler. CUT TO: Haggler lifting Seth for a double team Back Suplex, but Seth flipping out and landing behind Haggler, then pushing him into Hand, who gets sent through the middle rope to the apron. CUT TO: Spider Murphy dropkicking Hand from the outside, sending Hand off the apron. CUT TO: Haggler sending Seth to the outside with a Clothesline, then ascending the top rope. CUT TO: Murphy and Seth double teaming Hand, but Haggler wiping out all three with a Cross Body from the top rope to the outside. CUT TO: All four men brawling on the outside, with the referee warning them of a countout. CUT TO: The referee calling for a double countout. Time of match: 3:58.)

TR: So the match ends in a double countout of both teams, despite some wild action.

RW: These two teams have great potential, but if you don't keep things in check and make sure to get the victories, you won't find yourself getting very far.


TR: Next up, we had Brian Lawler, who has had some downtime, returning to face "Twisted Prodigy" Ryan Roberts. Lawler was last seen in singles action at Massive Assault, where he fell to Nikolai Ash.

RW: No thanks to "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan, and his involvement.

TR: Quite right. Lawler's last match was a tag match with Jean Rabesque, as they went up against the Unholy Alliance.

RW: Not to forget, Lawler suffered injury to his knee during that match. He may have a tougher time against Roberts if that knee is still nagging him.

TR: Well, he's had some down time to recover a bit, so let's see how he fared, back in singles action.

(CUT TO: Brian Lawler walking down to the ring, showing no problem doing so. CUT TO: "Twisted Prodigy" Ryan Roberts running down to the ring. CUT TO: Lawler hitting a Suplex on Roberts, but Roberts getting up quickly. CUT TO: Lawler hitting a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Roberts. CUT TO: Roberts kicking out of a pin. CUT TO: Lawler cinching in a rear chinlock on Lawler. CUT TO: Roberts battling to his feet and hitting a Back Suplex on Lawler. CUT TO: Roberts stomping away on the questionable knee of Lawler. CUT TO:
Lawler tripping up Roberts. CUT TO: Roberts ducking a Lawler attempted Clothesline, and clipping Lawler on the knee. CUT TO: Lawler rolling away from an elbow drop attempt from Roberts, and getting up. CUT TO: Lawler hitting a Drop Toe Hold on a running Roberts. CUT TO: Lawler going for a Piledriver, but his leg won't support the weight of Roberts. CUT TO: Roberts being whipped, and rolls around for a pin on Lawler, but is unsuccessful. CUT TO: Roberts working over the knee and leg of Lawler. CUT TO: Roberts going for a Single Leg Crab, but Lawler kicking him away. CUT
TO: Lawler up a bit wobbly, but fending off Roberts with some strikes, and then managing a Double Underhook Suplex, but going down to a knee after executing the move. CUT TO: Lawler going for another Piledriver, but Roberts countering with a Back Drop. CUT TO: Roberts trying to lock in the Single Leg Crab again, and succeeding this time. CUT TO: Lawler getting to the ropes. CUT TO: Lawler using the ropes to stand up, as Roberts waits for him. CUT TO: Lawler turning into the Genocide, a Cradle Brainbuster, from Roberts. CUT TO: Roberts scoring the fall. Time of match: 6:18.)

TR: Although he tried, Brian Lawler couldn't make it past his knee injury, and Ryan Roberts capitalized on it and picked up the win.

RW: Roberts was smart to recognize that Lawler was having some trouble with the knee, and push his advantage as far as he needed to.

TR: Don't count Lawler out, though, as I'm confident he'll gut things out and press on. Fans, we'll return with more recap from Green Bay, after this short break!

(Cut to a commercial for GLCW merchandise. We are then returned to the online program.)

RW: Welcome back, as we now look into a match that a whole lot of people were probably interested in seeing, in Green Bay and further.


TR: Yes, because "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells made his in-ring return, after showing up on the previous Riptide. He had a fresh and rededicated Jon Savage to take on, though.

RW: And from the sound of things, according to Johnny Wildside, Savage is more brutal than ever.

(CUT TO: Jon Savage making his way out with Johnny Wildside. CUT TO: "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells striding down to the ring. CUT TO: The two locking up. CUT TO: Wells with an armbar on Savage. CUT TO: Savage powering out and hitting an Arm Drag on Wells. CUT TO: Savage clubbing Wells over the back, grounding him. CUT TO: Savage with a Flapjack on Wells. CUT TO: Savage choking Wells on the middle rope, but breaking before he is DQed by the referee. CUT TO: Savage coming off the ropes, trying to jump on Wells as he is hanging on the middle rope, but Wells moves and Savage goes to the floor. CUT TO: Wells catapulting himself to the outside, taking Savage down. CUT
TO: Wells with chops to the chest of Savage. CUT TO: Savage getting irish whipped into the barricade. CUT TO: Wells going for a Clothesline, but getting Back Body Dropped to the seats instead. CUT TO: Savage bringing Wells back over the barricade...the hard way. CUT TO: Savage halting the referees count, then going back outside. CUT TO: Wells Suplexing Savage on the floor. CUT TO: Wells flying off the apron at Savage, but being caught in a Bearhug. CUT TO: Savage ramming Wells into the ringpost, back-first. CUT TO: Savage dropping Wells onto the barricade, face-first. CUT TO: Savage rolling Wells back in, getting in and immediately going for a pinfall, but Wells getting a foot on the ropes. CUT TO: Wells countering a Savage Suplex into a DDT. CUT TO: Wells hitting a Swinging Neckbreaker. CUT TO: Wells with a jumping leg drop. CUT TO: Wells with a pinfall...but Savage manages a kickout. CUT TO: Wells going for a SuperPlex on Savage. CUT TO: Johnny Wildside distracting the referee. CUT TO: Savage hitting a low blow, and then a Super Flapjack Suplex on Wells. CUT TO: Savage pinning...Wells kicking out...Savage not happy. CUT TO: Savage ripping off
a turnbuckle pad, the referee admonishing him. CUT TO: Savage arguing with the referee, and Johnny Wildside choking Wells. CUT TO: Wells giving a shot to Wildside, who goes down. CUT TO: Savage brawling with Wells. CUT TO: Savage getting the upper hand, Johnny Wildside again distracting the referee. CUT TO: Savage going for a Snake Eyes on Wells, onto the exposed turnbuckle. CUT TO: Wells slipping out behind Savage, and plunking his head onto the turnbuckle. CUT TO: Wells hitting his face-first Powerbomb, called
the Rage Drop, on Savage. CUT TO: Referee arguing with Wildside, but
glancing and noticing Wells making a pin. CUT TO: Wildside in the ring, diving at Wells....but too late, as the referee counts three. Time of match: 8:43.)

TR: Despite the underhanded intentions of Dr. Johnny Wildside, and some dirty tactics of Savage, Jared Wells pulls out the victory in his debut match.

RW: Savage showed some real intensity in, and outside of, the ring.
Although he fell short to a great, and fired up, competitor in Jared Wells, I doubt he'll be down for long. Like Dr. Wildside said, Savage is back. After the match, though, Jared Wells got an impromptu proposal of sorts.

(CUT TO: Jared Wells in the ring after the match, and Cannonball Kidd coming out. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd going through his self-actualization routine with Wells. CUT TO: Wells getting a mic, and promptly rejecting the Kidd. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd leaving.)

TR: I thought Cannonball Kidd might go after Wells, after again being
rejected, but he ended up leaving peacefully.

RW: Wells just returned, and when Kidd came out, he had just secured a victory. I think he may have been preaching to the wrong crowd, in Wells and his fans. But Cannonball Kidd's success with his program of self-actualization really depends on his success in the ring. After all, it's living proof of the success or failure of the program.

TR: So far he's seemed pretty successful, in my opinion. Perhaps his
marketing needs some improvement. In any event, Wells looked impressive, and someone who might want to take note of that is Larry Tact, who at Riptide had some choice words for Wells. After this performance, though, Tact may be having second thoughts about opening his mouth in the first place.

RW: Tact is a great wrestler in his own right and, from what I understand, has always been outspoken. But I think Wells is super-pumped to be back. So if you're going to mess with him, be prepared to jump into a firey blaze.


TR: Up next we had another tag team match, this time between The Movement and Gridlock. Two more hungry teams in the tag division....or so we thought, going into the match.

RW: I expected this match to be back-and-forth action, and was surprised to see the way it unfolded.

(CUT TO: Raze and Nuke, Gridlock, coming to the ring accompanied by Sly Sterling. CUT TO: The Movement, Shane Rockwell and Rocky Wellington respectively, making their way out. CUT TO: Nuke and Shane starting things out. CUT TO: Rockwell hitting a big Spinebuster on Nuke. CUT TO: Shane pounding on Nuke in the corner. CUT TO: Shane tagging in Rocky Wellington. CUT TO: Shane hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on Nuke, landing him right onto the knee of Rocky Wellington. CUT TO: Raze breaking up a pinfall attempt by
Rocky. CUT TO: Rocky whipping Nuke into the ropes, and Raze making a blind tag. CUT TO: Raze Clotheslines Rocky down. CUT TO: Raze with a Body Press Slam on Rocky. CUT TO: Raze attempts to hit Shane off the apron while he's got Rocky in The Movement's corner, but Shane ducks and makes a tag to Rocky. CUT TO: Shane and Rocky battling back at Raze. CUT TO: Double Underhook Drop on Raze. CUT TO: Shane Rockwell hits an airplane spin into a Death Valley Driver, aka The Final Approach, on Raze. CUT TO: Nuke coming in the ring, and Rocky Wellington taking both of them over the top rope as Shane goes for the pin. CUT TO: Shane getting the pin. Time of match: 3:15)

TR: A virtually all-Movement dominated match in this one, as Gridlock just didn't seem to bring their game to the show.

RW: Like I said before, I was surprised to see The Movement stay in control for almost the entire match. Not to take credit from Shane and Rocky, as they came completely prepared, but Gridlock are usually on their game.


TR: But our next match could not have been any more the opposite. Nemesis looked to make it 2/2 in show-stealing house show matches, after doing so in Hammond, Indiana!

RW: That was quite a match. If there's one thing I'd have to say Nemesis would want to come out differently in this next match, than occurred in Hammond, it'd be that he pick up the victory this time around.

TR: Nemesis took down the Cannonball Kidd, who we saw a bit earlier, at Riptide in Cleveland. Let's see if he could get a string going against the crafty Morgan.

(CUT TO: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan coming to the ring. CUT TO: Nemesis making his way down to the ring. CUT TO: The two looking to tie-up, but Morgan feigns and takes out Nemesis by the legs. CUT TO: Morgan laying into Nemesis. CUT TO: Morgan going for a Back Body Drop off an irish whip of Nemesis, but Nemesis manages to come down from the air with Morgan, and hits a Neckbreaker variation. CUT TO: Morgan rolling out of the ring. CUT TO: Nemesis, with a head of steam, springs off the top rope and to the outside,
taking out Morgan. CUT TO: Nemesis hitting a side Russian Leg Sweep on Morgan, onto the floor. CUT TO: Nemesis going for a second consecutive Russian Leg Sweep, but Morgan pokes him in the eyes and drops Nemesis head-first on the apron. CUT TO: Morgan with an overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Nemesis, landing him hard on the outside. CUT TO: Morgan choking Nemesis on the barricade. CUT TO: Morgan missing a Double Ax Handle on Nemesis, as Nemesis moves off the barricade and Morgan hits it. CUT TO: Nemesis throwing Morgan's head flush onto the barricade. CUT TO: Nemesis in the aisle, Morgan laying on the barricade. Nemesis runs at Morgan and hits an Inverted Facebuster to the floor, as he dives over the barricade. CUT TO: Nemesis getting Morgan back into the ring, then hitting a Springboard
Leg Drop on Morgan from the apron. CUT TO: Nemesis pinning Morgan, but somehow Morgan rolls Nemesis over, and Nemesis is forced to kick out. CUT TO: Morgan choking Nemesis. CUT TO: Morgan stomping on the face of Nemesis as he is getting up, then kicking Nemesis out of the ring to buy some time. CUT TO: Morgan getting pulled out of the ring by Nemesis. CUT TO: Morgan reversing a whip, sending Nemesis into the barricade. CUT TO: Morgan getting a chair. CUT TO: The referee seeing it and yelling at Morgan, who ignores him. CUT TO: The referee about to go through the ropes to take the chair from Morgan, and Morgan "accidentally" hitting the referee as he lifts the chair up, knocking him out and to the floor. CUT TO: Morgan nailing
Nemesis with a chairshot to the ribs, then a second across the back! CUT TO: Morgan taunting the crowd, threatening to hit a fan in the front row with the chair. CUT TO: Morgan rolling Nemesis in the ring and tossing the chair away. CUT TO: The referee revived and rolling in to suspiciously count a pin for Morgan. CUT TO: Nemesis barely getting a shoulder up! CUT TO: Morgan fuming and choking Nemesis, but the referee pulls him off. CUT TO: Morgan with a Camel Clutch on Nemesis. CUT TO: Nemesis getting near the ropes, and Morgan releases the hold to nail Nemesis in the head with punches. CUT TO: Morgan has the Camel Clutch in again, but Nemesis gets to the ropes. CUT TO: Morgan drags Nemesis back into the center of the ring, and applies the hold again. CUT TO: The referee forcing Morgan to break it, as Nemesis already got to the ropes before. CUT TO: Morgan arguing with the referee, turning his back on Nemesis. CUT TO: Morgan unable to find Nemesis, who left the ring and goes around to the opposite side. CUT TO: Nemesis sliding into the ring and catching Morgan with a Front Dropkick just as he turns around. CUT TO: Morgan tripping Nemesis on the top rope. CUT TO: Morgan hitting a SuperPlex. CUT TO: Nemesis gets a foot on the ropes on the pin attempt. CUT TO: Morgan telegraphs an irish whip and Nemesis goes
over with a Sunset Flip. CUT TO: Morgan with a shoulder up before three. CUT TO: Morgan goes for a Back Suplex, but Nemesis flips out and runs Morgan into a roll-up off the ropes. CUT TO: Morgan reversing the roll-up and using the ropes for leverage. CUT TO: Nemesis kicks out. CUT TO: Morgan tries to throw Nemesis out of the ring, but Nemesis holds onto the top rope and lands on the apron. CUT TO: Morgan turning around and getting Guillotined on the top rope by Nemesis. CUT TO: Morgan with a Sleeper hold on Nemesis. CUT TO: Nemesis getting to a knee, but Morgan kneeing Nemesis in the back and applying the hold tighter, causing Nemesis to drop back down to the mat. CUT TO: The crowd cheering in unison for Nemesis. CUT TO:
Nemesis getting to his feet and breaking free with some elbows to the
stomach of Morgan. CUT TO: Nemesis ducking under an attempted Clothesline from Morgan and hitting the Wrath, but unable to make a pinfall as both men are exhausted. CUT TO: Morgan gets to the outside, and Nemesis follows. CUT TO: Nemesis charging Morgan, but Morgan hits a Drop Toe Hold that sends Nemesis face-first onto the steel steps. CUT TO: Nemesis busted open as Morgan rolls him back into the ring. CUT TO: Morgan hits a Snap Cradle Piledriver on Nemesis. CUT TO: The referee counting the pinfall for Morgan.
Time of match: 26:32)

TR: Another show-stealing match for Nemesis, and I must say, despite the cheating on the part of Stephen Morgan, I think that match topped the one in Hammond!

RW: I agree, it was an incredible effort on the part of both men. It's a shame Morgan did resort to less than credible methods, at times. An enormous amount of credit goes to Nemesis for enduring all of it, though, right until the end.

TR: Yeah, he just made that one mistake at the end, and paid for it in blood and a possible victory.

RW: As has been witnessed in the past, Tony, sometimes one wrong move is all it takes.

TR: Jared Wells may have made a wrong move, in declining the offer of
Cannonball Kidd earlier in the show, as we saw this next clip after the previous match.

(CUT TO: The big screen at the arena shows Jared Wells leaving, when
suddenly he is attacked by Cannonball Kidd. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd takes out nunchuks, and begins laying into Wells with them. CUT TO: Security and EMTs reaching the scene to restrain the Kidd, and tend to Wells. Cut back to the studio.)

TR: Cannonball Kidd must not have found Wells declining his offer
acceptable, but that is a horrible way of showing it!

RW: Cannonball believes in his program for self-actualization, and he wants to send the message that people better start listening up. However, I'd be careful about targetting Wells. As I said before, Wells is on fire, and anyone who goes after him better be well-equipped.

TR: Well in that case, Cannonball Kidd was packing weaponry, and he waited for his chance to strike the unsuspecting Jared Wells. We'll be back after a brief commercial break, fans, so please stay tuned!

(Cut to an advertisement for GLCW Riptide in Milwaukee. We're then back at the studio, via online transmission.)

TR: And we're back, with still more to tell everyone concerning the Green Bay house show. Some great matches thus far, and still more intense action to come!

RW: I just wanted to add to the last segment, in regards to Nemesis. At Riptide, we saw Sean Edmunds attack Nemesis and, well, here's the clip.

(Cut to footage from Riptide, as Nemesis is down while Edmunds holds a tire iron in hand, and has some words for Nemesis. Cut back to the studio.)

RW: Edmunds made some pretty smug remarks there, but I have to say, he might not know when or where, but Nemesis will certainly not forget that. I think he'll make a point of it to go through Edmunds.

TR: I think maybe Sean Edmunds may not have recovered enough of himself, mentally, to be making such choices as attacking Nemesis. Edmunds did stand through a load of punishment at the hands of Jean Rabesque, though, in their "I Quit" match from Massive Assault. Sean looks to be setting his crosshairs onto a new target.

RW: Yes, although as we'll recap later on, he and Rabesque look to be far from having buried the hatchet.

TR: Certainly, as that 4-Way Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship match is still to come; with Edmunds, Rabesque, Michael Manson and the Great Lakes Champion, Maelstrom, all involved. But before that, we still have a few more matches to go over. The next one being the newly-crowned GLCW Television Champion, Jarod Poe, against a man who nearly became a crispy-critter at Riptide, Larry Tact.


RW: Poe pulled out the win against The Jobber in Cleveland, not only scoring himself a big victory, but becoming the first man to have defeated Jobber in a Television Title match. The Jobber had staked his claim to that belt for so long, you could see the shock he felt after the match had ended.

TR: But you should never expect you're unbeatable. The Jobber may have gotten a little cocky with Poe, who had come up short against Jobber in the past. But Poe certainly earned it.

RW: Oh yes, he did. As for Tact, well, he got what was coming to him from Jared Justice. He's lucky he didn't sustain anything more than a minor burn to his arm, as I think Justice was looking to burn his face.

TR: Michael Manson even saw the threat in Justice, and actually went to King Krusher to get assurance that Justice would be kept away from him. Never thought I'd see that day come; when Manson goes to someone, much less the GLCW Commissioner, for help.

RW: That's Krusher's job, though, and he kept Justice in check, concerning Manson.

TR: But let's take a look at how this match went. It was a Non-Title
contest, as these two were signed and sealed to face off before Poe won the belt in Cleveland.

(CUT TO: Larry Tact walking to the ring, a bandage wrapped around his right upper arm. CUT TO: Jarod Poe walking to the ring, to a big pop from the crowd, with his newly-won Television Title. CUT TO: Tact and Poe squaring off in the ring. CUT TO: Tact trying to ground Poe early, but Poe countering with some stiff right hands. CUT TO: Tact getting out of the ring and thinking things over. CUT TO: Poe taking it to Tact on the outside, not giving him time to strategize. CUT TO: Poe getting Tact back in the ring. CUT TO: Poe with a Power Slam on Tact off an irish whip. CUT TO: Poe with a Stall Suplex on Tact. CUT TO: Tact kicking out of a pin attempt. CUT TO: Tact slipping out of an attempted Body Press by Poe, and locking in a standing Surfboard Stretch. CUT TO: Poe turning things around and powering out of the move, then nearly turning it into a Vertebreaker, but Tact managing to get out of it before that can happen. CUT TO: The two
circling the ring again. CUT TO: Poe trying to Bearhug Tact, but Tact using the hair to wrench Poe's neck back, and then deliver shots to the neck of Poe, causing Poe to release him. CUT TO: Tact evading a Clotheline of Poe's, then coming back with a Rolling Leg Lock on Poe. CUT TO: Poe unable to get out of it, and so trying to make it to the ropes. CUT TO: Poe reaching the ropes, and Tact releasing after a couple extra seconds. CUT TO: Tact hitting a Double-Underhook Backbreaker on Poe, then bringing him up for a Double-Underhook Powerbomb. CUT TO: Tact covering for a two-count on
Poe, who gets a shoulder up. CUT TO: Tact taking Poe to the turnbuckles, but Poe reversing and slamming Tact's head into a turnbuckle. CUT TO: Poe pummeling Tact in a corner. CUT TO: Poe whipping Tact into the opposite corner, but Tact shoots out and hits a jumping high knee on Poe, who was running at Tact. CUT TO: Tact going for a T-Bone Suplex, and is stopped when some elbows from Poe hit their mark. CUT TO: Poe with an armdrag takeover and standing Armbar submission. CUT TO: Tact getting near the ropes, and Poe blocking them with his body. CUT TO: Tact with a sweep that
takes Poe off balance, allowing Tact enough time to break the hold. CUT TO: Tact and Poe brawling in the ring. CUT TO: Tact with a whip that Poe reverses, and turns into a take down of Tact. CUT TO: The two brawling on the mat. CUT TO: Tact cinching in a Leg Lock, which he turns into the Sky Lock, an Inverted STF submission. CUT TO: Poe inching his way toward the ropes, then grabbing the bottom one. CUT TO: Tact dragging Poe mid-ring, trying to get the hold on again, and Poe kicking him right through the ropes to the apron. CUT TO: Tact getting up on the apron, and Poe coming in with a Clothesline that sends Tact off the apron. CUT TO: Poe and Tact on the outside, brawling. CUT TO: Tact reversing an irish whip of Poe's, sending
Poe hard into the steel steps, which shudder on impact. CUT TO: Tact
pressing a knee to Poe's head, sandwiching it against the steel steps. CUT TO: Tact getting Poe on the apron. CUT TO: Tact going to Suplex Poe off the apron...Poe blocking the Suplex attempt and getting knees in on Tact. CUT TO: Poe DDTing Tact onto the apron, as he drops down to the floor. CUT TO: Tact falling off the apron to the floor. CUT TO: Poe getting Tact back in the ring and getting in himself. CUT TO: Poe making a cover, but Tact gets a shoulder up just in time. CUT TO: Poe Pressing Tact and then Dropping him
to the mat. CUT TO: Poe about to go for a cover, but Tact rolling to the apron. CUT TO: Poe going to bring Tact back in, but Tact steps off the apron and to the outside, walking around dazed. CUT TO: Poe coming around from the other side, and nearly taking Tact out with a Clothesline, but missing as Tact hits a Drop Toe Hold. CUT TO: Tact with a Rear Chinlock on Poe, on the outside, trying to buy himself time. CUT TO: Tact releasing the hold and getting into the ring. CUT TO: Poe coming into the ring and the two exchanging holds on the mat, with Tact getting an advantage. CUT TO: Tact clasping one of Poe's hands with one of his own, and delivering repeated shots to him. CUT TO: Tact ducking a Clothesline from Poe, the two
then Clotheslining each other on the return. CUT TO: Both men exchanging punches, with Poe getting the advantage. CUT TO: Poe hitting a Jackhammer Suplex into a pin. CUT TO: Tact kickout. CUT TO: Poe lifting Tact for a Powerbomb, and getting laid into with punches, causing Poe to fall back. CUT TO: Tact rolling Poe up and grabbing the tights, but Poe kicking out. CUT TO: Poe setting Tact up on the top rope. CUT TO: Poe going for a Super Back Drop, but Tact managing to get some elbows in, causing both men to split the impact. CUT TO: Both men getting up, when the bell rings
signalling a time limit draw. Time of match: 30:00. CUT TO: After the match, both men continue trading amateur wrestling holds, neither one quite able to get a clear advantage.)

TR: Another hard-fought match in Green Bay, as Poe and Tact just couldn't keep each other down! Both men had to try and figure out the other in the allotted 30 minutes, but neither could quite get it done.

RW: A great effort by both men, though. For Tact, he continues to show his mat presence and ability to even go toe-to-toe, if need be. And Poe demonstrates why he is the GLCW Television Champion, with that arsenal of power moves, and sporting some mat skills of his own against Tact.

TR: Moving on, though, Jared Justice and Nikolai Ash were next to have it out in the ring.


RW: This was the most intriguing matchup to me, on paper. On the one hand, you have Nikolai Ash, who has been very reserved and calm, yet methodical. On the other hand, you have the wild Jared Justice, who is liable to go at any moment, it seems. Just look no further than Massive Assault and Riptide for proof of that.

TR: When Justice has snapped thus far, he's been near unstoppable. Most people would clear out, but Ash tried the opposite approach, attempting to contain Justice.

(CUT TO: Nikolai Ash making his way to the ring. CUT TO: Jared Justice coming down to the ring. CUT TO: Justice going after Ash right away with clubbing blows in the corner. CUT TO: Ash hitting a corner off a whip, ducking Justice as he runs in and hits the turnbuckle, then Ash hitting a jumping Neckbreaker on Justice as he backs out of the corner. CUT TO: Ash going for a back stretch submission, but Justice powering out and flooring Ash with some punches. CUT TO: Justice with a Body Press on Ash, then throwing Ash out of the ring! CUT TO: Justice lifting Ash on the outside, only to take a mule kick from Ash. CUT TO: Justice slowly getting into the
ring, as Ash waits and lands a Dropkick to the face. CUT TO: Justice
battling through an assault of strikes by Ash to regain a vertical base. CUT TO: Justice missing a Clothesline on Ash, and Ash running back and nailing Justice in the knee with a series of quick Dropkicks that takes Justice down to his knees. CUT TO: Ash hitting a Dropkick to the face of Ash, sending him down, then pinning. CUT TO: Justice tossing Ash off after a two-count. CUT TO: Ash with a top rope Hurricanrana that turns into a Justice sit-out Powerbomb. CUT TO: Ash kickout out. CUT TO: Justice going for a second Powerbomb, but Ash pulls off a front Facebuster counter. CUT TO: Ash wearing down the back of Justice with a Backbreaker and dropping knees. CUT TO: Ash applying a Sleeper hold off an irish whip, and Justice struggling to keep up. CUT TO: Ash on Justice's back, still applying pressure with the hold, as Justice falls back and sandwiches Ash to break
the hold. CUT TO: Justice with a Full Nelson Slam. CUT TO: Justice pinning for a nearfall. CUT TO: Justice setting Ash up on the top turnbuckle. CUT TO: The two struggling for control. CUT TO: Ash grabbing Justice by the head, hopping down from the top to the apron, and hammering Justice's head against the turnbuckle as he comes down. CUT TO: Justice stumbling around dazed, and Ash, now back in the ring, kicking him in the stomach. CUT TO: Lexicon Powerbomb onto the knee by Ash, but Justice blocks. Justice lifts Ash up and flips him back, but Ash follows through into a Sunset Flip for the three count. Time of match: 13:10. Post-match: Justice flips out,
ripping off turnbuckle pads and threatening the referee, as Ash slips out of the ring.)

TR: So, an abrupt end to a good match that saw Ash use his brains to keep Justice, more or less, under control.

RW: I thought Ash had the right idea. He didn't want to compete with
Justice's power in any way whatsoever, yet in a way he did go toe-to-toe with Justice. Instead of trying to match power, Ash got his offense in at the right times, not allowing Justice to really build much momentum.

TR: And in the end it produced a victory for Ash. He's just lucky he didn't get beheaded afterwards.

RW: Honestly Tony, I'm a bit surprised Ash was able to pin Justice the way he did. It might have been more that he caught Justice off guard, because after the match, Justice was right back up, and irate.


TR: In the match prior to the Main Event, two men who have tangled before clashed head-on once again. Anarky and Golem, potentially two of the most dangerous men in wrestling, looked to tear into each other.

RW: Golem hasn't been on his game as of late, for whatever reason, but perhaps the sight of his old rival was to be what spurned the fire in the Clawed One to flare up again?

TR: Not if Anarky had anything to say about it, as he wanted to show he was deserving of nothing less than a match with the GLCW Great Lakes Champion, Maelstrom.

RW: Yes, well, Anarky is going to have to learn that whether you're a new face to wrestling, or the last FWF World Champion, you need to work your way up the ranks of GLCW. Title shots are earned here, not handed out like flyers.

TR: But if Anarky could duplicate his dominant performance from Riptide against Golem, it may go a long way to showing the GLCW that his words should be taken as seriously as anyone else's. Before the match, though, Golem was paid a visit by another of his foes.

(CUT TO: Golem coming down to, and entering, the ring. CUT TO: Anarky making his way down to the ring. CUT TO: Michael Manson coming out and telling Golem that he should join up with him, to avoid further embarassment at the hands of himself, Anarky and the UA. Manson says that it is for his own good that he should join. CUT TO: Golem's response, holding the Claw up at Manson to cheers from the crowd, then being attacked by Anarky. CUT TO: Manson watching the match from ringside, as Anarky hits a Short-Arm
Clothesline on Golem. CUT TO: Anarky stomping on the neck of Golem. CUT TO: Anarky with an irish whip and Tilt-a-Whirl Slam on Golem. CUT TO: Anarky pin and Golem kickout. CUT TO: Anarky with a Suplex attempt that Golem blocks, punches the ribs of Anarky, then nails a Snap Suplex of his own. CUT TO: Golem whipping Anarky into the ropes and missing a Clothesline, then getting taken to the mat by Anarky on the return. CUT TO: Golem and Anarky exchanging punches on the mat. CUT TO: Anarky in control, getting Golem into the corner and stomping him down further. CUT TO: Anarky pressing his knee into the back of Golem's neck while holding down his arms, but unable to gain a submission. CUT TO: Anarky breaking the pressure and nailing Golem in the kidneys. CUT TO: Cover by Anarky, but Golem kicks out, favoring his neck. CUT TO: Anarky has an irish whip reversed, and hits the corner as Golem hits him with a Clothesline. CUT TO: Golem with some vicious chops to Anarky's chest. CUT TO: Golem with a Tornado DDT off the second rope, but Anarky shoves him off before he can turn on it. CUT TO: Anarky immediately charges at Golem, and gets taken down with a Single-Arm DDT by Golem. CUT TO: Golem pinning, and Anarky kicks out. CUT TO: Golem looking for the Claw on the mat, but Anarky evades and hits a Rising Clothesline as both men are getting up. CUT TO: Golem looking for a Vertical Suplex, but Anarky floats over and hooks Golem in a Dragon Sleeper. CUT TO: Golem grabbing the ropes, and Anarky keeping the submission clamped on as the referee protests. CUT TO: Golem inserting the Claw while
Anarky's got the Dragon Sleeper on, forcing Anarky to break the hold before Golem can get the Claw locked in. CUT TO: Anarky with knees to the head of Golem. CUT TO: Anarky whipping Golem and leaning down prematurely for a Back Body Drop. Golem snaps him up with a kick to the face and goes for a Clotheline that Anarky ducks under, before hooking Golem from behind. German Suplex by Anarky, and Golem flips through it, then goes for a Back Suplex that Anarky flips through, landing on his feet. Golem then turns into the Chaos Breaker snap reverse Neckbreaker from Anarky. CUT TO: Anarky hooking the leg to pick up the three count. Time of match: 14:52.)

TR: A thrilling sequence of wrestling at the end, there, with Anarky finally hitting the Chaos Breaker for the pinfall.

RW: If you notice, during the match, Anarky was working over Golem's neck quite a bit. It's almost like a reminder to Golem, of the past neck injury he suffered at the hands of Anarky. But Anarky used it well, setting up the Chaos Breaker for the victory.

TR: We're going to take one last break, and then it's onto the Main Event of the night, where the GLCW Great Lakes Title was up for grabs in a 4-Way contest!

(Cut to an advertisement for GLCW: Chi-Town Showdown, now available on DVD! Then it's back to the online presentation, with GLCW commentators Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman.)

TR: We're back fans, and ready to give you the results of the huge Main Event 4-Way match that took place in Green Bay, for the GLCW Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship!

RW: All four men had bad blood with at least one of the other opponents in this match, which made it all the more interesting to see who would go after who. You had the Champion Maelstrom, Michael Manson, Sean Edmunds, and Jean Rabesque in that ring at the same time, and it produced one great match.

TR: So here are the highlights of the match, and who came out of it the GLCW Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion!


(CUT TO: "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds coming down to the ring. CUT TO: The big screen above the locker room entrance. Nemesis appears on it and says, "Hey Edmunds, I'm WATCHING you." in a very threatening manner. CUT TO: Edmunds entering the ring, looking visibly distracted. CUT TO: Jean Rabesque coming down to the ring, his ribs taped due to the Double Devil's Drop onto a chair, which he took from the UA at Riptide. CUT TO: Michael Manson coming to the ring and waiting on the outside, as Rabesque and Edmunds start going at it in the ring. CUT TO: Maelstrom making his way out, ribs taped as well, having suffered the same fate as Rabesque at Riptide. He drags the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title in tow, as usual. CUT
TO: Maelstrom dropping the belt and attacking Manson outside the ring. CUT TO: Manson's head slamming into the apron, as Maelstrom turns his attention to inside the ring. CUT TO: Edmunds with a series of Snap Suplexes on Rabesque, causing him to favor his taped ribs, as Maelstrom enters and plows Edmunds over with a Clothesline. CUT TO: Manson entering the ring behind the referee and Maelstrom, promptly delivering a low blow and Springboard Facebuster to Maelstrom. CUT TO: Rabesque getting Edmunds in a corner and
working him over, then whipping Edmunds at Manson, who gets Clotheslined down as he was distracted with Maelstrom. CUT TO: Maelstrom and Rabesque double-teaming Edmunds, sending him out of the ring, with Rabesque following him out the more conventional way. CUT TO: Maelstrom turning back to Manson, only to receive a flurry, irish whip, and knee to the stomach by Manson. CUT TO: Manson digging into the eyes of Maelstrom. CUT TO: Manson whipping Maelstrom into the ropes again, then hitting another knee to the stomach as Edmunds and Rabesque battle on the outside. CUT TO: Edmunds trying to force Rabesque into the barricade, but Rabesque blocking and countering with an elbow to Edmunds, and then a Side Suplex to Edmunds on
the floor. CUT TO: Manson sending knees to Maelstrom in the corner, but Maelstrom suddenly roars, grabs Manson by the throat and throws him down. CUT TO: Manson getting back up and on Maelstrom, but being thrown into the corner and finding himself on the receiving end of blows. CUT TO: Rabesque rolling Edmunds into the ring, and sets him in the opposite corner. CUT TO: Maelstrom and Rabesque whip Edmunds and Manson into one another, but the two dodge each other and go for Maelstrom and Rabesque, only to both be Back Body Dropped out of the ring. CUT TO: Maelstrom and Rabesque looking at each other in the ring, then locking up as the crowd goes nuts. CUT TO: Rabesque with an Arm Wringer, but Maelstrom landing some shots to Rabesque, and applying a Wristlock of his own. CUT TO: Maelstrom with an Armbar, but Rabesque rolls out of it and gets Maelstrom in the Armbar. CUT TO: Maelstrom struggling against the Armbar, but finally rolls on the mat and flips Rabesque off of him. CUT TO: The two staring each other down again, ready to lock up, when Manson and Edmunds come in and attack the pair from behind, to boos from the crowd. CUT TO: Rabesque reversing an Edmunds whip, and bringing Edmunds into a Fireman's Carry, then Pancakes Edmunds on the canvas. CUT TO: Rabesque pinning Edmunds, but Edmunds kicks out. CUT TO: Manson chopping Maelstrom, then whipping him only to meet a Big Boot from
Maelstrom. CUT TO: Rabesque dragging Edmunds over to the corner, going out of the ring, and slamming Edmunds' knee against the ringpost. CUT TO: Maelstrom setting Manson on the top rope, then going up and hitting a side Belly-to-Belly Suplex. CUT TO: Maelstrom covers but Manson gets the shoulder up. CUT TO: Rabesque rearing back and throwing Edmunds' leg off the post again, then wrenching it around the post. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting Manson up and connecting with a Stalling fall-forward Suplex for a nearfall. CUT TO: Rabesque going for a Figure-Four Leglock around the ringpost, but Edmunds kicking him off, and Rabesque landing on the floor, clutching his
taped ribs. CUT TO: Maelstrom with chops and clubbing blows to Manson, backing him into a corner. CUT TO: Edmunds trying to get his feet, gingerly testing the damaged leg. CUT TO: Maelstrom setting Manson on the top rope once again, but Manson rakes the eyes, forcing Maelstrom away. CUT TO: Manson spitting at Maelstrom as Edmunds attacks him from behind, sending Maelstrom into a top rope Clothesline from Manson, which takes him down. CUT TO: Manson making a cover, but Edmunds pulling Manson off and covering Maelstrom himself. CUT TO: Manson attacking Edmunds, and the two exchanging
blows. CUT TO: Rabesque coming in and taking out both men with a Double Clothesline. CUT TO: Rabesque being double-teamed by Edmunds and Manson, when Maelstrom comes into the fray and evens the odds. CUT TO: Rabesque whipping Edmunds, but Edmunds reversing and Rabesque holding onto the ropes, only to receive a Dropkick courtesy of Edmunds that takes him over the top rope and out of the ring. CUT TO: Manson choking Maelstrom on the ropes. CUT TO: Edmunds going off the top rope, and wiping out Rabesque on the outside. CUT TO: Maelstrom trying to force Manson's hands off of him as he's being choked, but Manson releasing and landing some boots to Maelstrom's head instead. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting up, but Manson coming
off the ropes and diving over the opposite side to hit a Neckbreaker
variation that brings Maelstrom's throat right onto the top rope, causing him to flop back to the mat clutching his neck. CUT TO: Rabesque and Edmunds battling it out on the outside, neither one able to get an advantage, and the referee telling them to take it back into the ring. CUT TO: Manson dragging Maelstrom's head to the apron, and landing some elbows. CUT TO: Manson standing on the apron and jumping to drop a leg across the neck of Maelstrom, but Maelstrom moves and Manson hits the apron and falls to the floor. CUT TO: The referee giving up on Rabesque and Edmunds, and counting them out, as the two brawl furiously into the stands. CUT TO: Manson pulling Maelstrom out of the ring by the legs, then Dropkicking him
into the barricade. CUT TO: Manson lining Maelstrom up for a slingshot into the ringpost, but Maelstrom sitting up and hitting Manson low. CUT TO: Maelstrom slamming Manson's head on the barricade, then tossing him over it and into the stands. CUT TO: Maelstrom laying staggering shots to Manson, who tries to stand his ground but backs off eventually. CUT TO: Maelstrom having a Powerbomb attempt blocked by Manson, who falls to a knee. Maelstrom bends down to pick Manson back up, and gets an elbow to the jaw.
CUT TO: Manson attacking the taped ribs of Maelstrom, then ripping the tape off. CUT TO: Manson taking shots at Maelstrom's ribs and kidneys, as Maelstrom tries to get back to the ringside area. CUT TO: Manson going for a Back Suplex on the floor to Maelstrom, but Maelstrom countering with elbows and then clubbing Manson down. CUT TO: Maelstrom throwing Manson over the barricade, and climbs over himself. CUT TO: Maelstrom running at Manson, who's leaning on the ringpost, but missing and colliding into it. CUT TO: Manson getting Maelstrom back into the ring, and grabbing a chair from ringside, throwing it into the ring and following in. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting up and seeing Manson with the chair, distracting him long
enough for Manson to land a hard boot to the ribs, discarding the chair. CUT TO: Manson putting Maelstrom in an Abdominal Stretch. CUT TO: Maelstrom struggling towards the ropes, and the referee checking to see if he'll submit as Manson uses the ropes for leverage, but Maelstrom refuses to submit. CUT TO: Maelstrom letting out another savage roar, and somehow breaking out of the hold, flipping Manson onto the mat. CUT TO: Maelstrom trying to recover, and giving a Big Boot to Manson as he looked to catch
Maelstrom unguarded. CUT TO: Maelstrom lifting Manson up and nailing a Jacknife Powerbomb, but unable to go for a pin. CUT TO: Anarky making his way down to ringside. He begins to slap the mat, encouraging Manson on. CUT TO: Both men getting up, and Maelstrom not let Anarky distract him as he whips Manson and lands a Sideslam. CUT TO: Maelstrom going for a Body Splash in the corner, but Manson putting up both boots, and Maelstrom smacks right into them head-first, sending him back. Maelstrom charges again, and again is hit with double boots, this time to the ribs. Manson then gets to
the second rope and jumps off to Spear Maelstrom in the midsection. CUT TO: Manson hitting a Rib Breaker, causing Maelstrom much pain. CUT TO: Manson unable to keep Maelstrom's shoulders down for three. CUT TO: Golem racing down to the ring, and going after Anarky at ringside. CUT TO: Manson stalking Maelstrom, but turning for a second to see Golem and Anarky battling to the back. Manson returns his attention and his throat has a large hand clasped around it as Maelstrom gets back up. CUT TO: Maelstrom hitting Manson with a Choke Slam that bounces his back off the turnbuckle, straight into another Jacknife Powerbomb from Maelstrom. CUT TO: Maelstrom
covering Manson and sealing the win for himself, to a huge pop from the crowd. Time of match: 26:33.)

TR: All I can say is, that was an incredible display!

RW: A great performance put on by all four men, but especially Maelstrom and Manson. That should send a message to Anarky, and anyone else who thinks they can hang with the top tier of the GLCW. This is what they'll have to compete with, a very high level of cometition.

TR: And how about Edmunds and Rabesque? It looks like there's still plenty of bad blood between those two.

RW: Apparently, the bad blood just refuses to be clotted between these two. Even the "I Quit" match wasn't enough to resolve their differences, or so it seems. Maybe we haven't seen the last of these two tangling it up. Although I think Nemesis showed he was certainly interested in taking on Edmunds.

TR: And Golem took it to Anarky at the end, there, as Anarky was out to encourage Manson. I don't think they've seen the last of each

RW: I think there's a lot of issues that were thrust to the forefront of people's minds at this show, some old..some new. Riptide should be a jam-packed show.

TR: GLCW Riptide comes to you from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I agree that there should be plenty of action! But that's all we have for you from the house show in Green Bay, where the GLCW Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship remains in the possession of Maelstrom. For Rick Wiseman, I'm Tony Ross! Thanks for watching, and we hope to see you at Riptide!

(Fade out.)

2003 GLCW Productions
All Rights Reserved.

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