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Giving Back



(FADEIN: GUNS at his San Antonio ranch, talking to someone on the telephone.)

GUNS: Yeah...uh huh...right - Primetime - yeah, it all kicks off in Anaheim. (Pause.) Yeah, the T-shirts are gonna sell like hotcakes. (Pause.) No, charity. (Pause.) That's right, charity - I don't want any money from 'em. (Pause.) No, I'm not crazy, that's the whole point. (Pause.) Don't worry, at Primetime, you'll understand. (Pause.) Just trust me - and hey man, did you find someone for that other thing we talked about? (Pause.) Yeah, the chick with the hands...(Pause) Great - make sure she's there in Anaheim. All right, look man, I'm on camera, let me go. (Pause.) Right. See you there. (GUNS hangs up the phone and turns to the camera.)

I know you guys were eavesdropping, so I'll keep it short and sweet - Primetime - Anaheim - is going to be a night that goes down in history. Not because Mark Windham and Eli Flair are going to be wrestling for the poorest prize in wrestling. Not because Merritt's got some Mystery Science Theater opponent for Tom Adler. Not even because of Eddie's Presidential Challenge, although that will be a highlight. No, Primetime in Anaheim, I'll be making an announcement that will shock the wrestling world.

You may have heard me say something about "charity" while I was on the phone (Grins) - well, I've been thinking about things, and let's face it - the CSWA has given me so many great gifts... a Bionic knee (CUTTO: Footage of MIKE RANDALLS jabbing a stake into GUNS' knee)... warm, fulfilling friendships (CUTTO: HORNET discus punching GUNS in the back of the head)... the opportunity to interact with interesting people from foreign lands... (CUTTO: MANUEL JUAREZ jumping for joy)... the chance to hear thought-provoking speeches from our nation's retirees (CUTTO: HORNET sitting on the top rope giving his "Retirement" address)... all-expenses paid trips to the third largest city in North Carolina... and, who can forget, a hometown showcase in front of all of my friends and family (CUTTO: HORNET rolling into the ring and counting to three. CUTTO: TROY WINDHAM celebrating with the World title as a confused GUNS looks on.)

The CSWA has given me so much, and now I'm going to give back - starting at Primetime.

Trust me, you won't want to miss it.

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