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Jan 1, 2000
Handler Information

Name: Lindz
Email Address: wittyretort AT gmail DOT com
Preferred Method of Handling: Past: RP/Hybrid. Present: Angle, RPs for character development.
Best Way to Contact You: Email
eWrestling Experience: PRIME, EPW, TEAM, PTC, ACW (super briefly), NFW, FWO, A1E
How did you find Defiance? Brunk is my spirit animal.

Name: Asa
Email Address: ajfountain AT gmail DOT com
Preferred Method of Handling: Been involved in the Angliest of the Angle and the most novely of the role-play feds. These days, I’m all angle, baby. Sans the occasional character development RP.
Best Way to Contact You: Email
eWrestling Experience: Since 2001: Primetime Wrestling Academy, New True Internet Championship Wrestling, Primetime Championship Wrestling, Five Star Wrestling, Old School Wrestling, and most recently PRIME.
How did you find Defiance? Lindz is my horoscope sign.

Name: Shane
Email Address: echo-37 AT hotmail DOT com
Preferred Method of Handling: Angle. Might do some character RPs for fun if I’m not overly lazy.
Best Way to Contact You: Lindz. Twitter (@ech037). Email works, too.
eWrestling Experience: PRIME. Random places I don’t remember. A shit ton of Yahoo! feds like twelve years ago.
How did you find Defiance? Lindz found it. I just do what she tells me to do.

Writing Sample


Lindz: http://prime.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=254#4911

Asa: http://prime.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=250#4829

Shane: http://prime.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=254#4903

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: (the) Big Damn Heroes

“The Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy
“The Bad Dog” Wade Elliott
“The Underground Pimp” Tyler Rayne


Troy: 6’3”
Elliott: 6’4”
Rayne: 6’1”


Troy: 170 pounds
Elliott: 257 pounds
Rayne: 227 pounds

Hailing From:

Troy: Tampa, Florida
Elliott: Pine Ridge, Alabama
Rayne: Baja, California


All three are faces. If you don’t know where the team name comes from, do yourself a favor and watch Firefly. Right now. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Theme Songs:

TEAM THEME: TBD (don’t worry, we’ll pick one that’s not already being used)


Troy: “Trampled Underfoot” - Led Zeppelin
Elliott: “Still Unbroken” - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rayne: “Stick ‘Em Up” - Quarashi


Troy: Lindsay Troy is the benchmark for female fighters in professional wrestling, the one most - if not all - are measured against. She’s put the time in (over a decade and a half of professional experience and exposure), works hard, takes what she wants, and makes no apologies for any of it. Suffering fools gladly is not something you’ll ever see her do. Troy is cunning, quick-witted, sarcastic, and perceptive - traits that have served her well on both sides of wrestling alignments - but she is also loyal, honest, quick to call bullshit, and the first to throw down if a friend is in trouble. If she counts you worthy enough to be in her inner circle, you’ll have a friend and an ally for life. Wind up on her radar or piss her off and you might find yourself cut at the knees and neck before you have a chance to wonder what hit you.

Elliott: If you think you’re stubborn, you’re a pushover. If you think you’re a prick, you’re a pansy. If you think you’re tough as nails, you’re brittle like your grandmother. But if you’re Wade Elliott, you invented the word “stubborn.” You might have been the world’s FIRST prick. And you’re sure as shit the toughest bastard walkin’.

Wade is a man born in the wrong century. He was meant to be some sort of outlaw in the Old West, or a gladiator crushing skulls in the Coliseum. But he wound up here, and he’s never quite fit. At first glimpse he may seem like a large, simple redneck, but that’s fooled many and most regret it. While he may be a poster-boy for learning the hard way, Wade Elliott is pretty friggin’ smart. He’s a survivor, and chances are he’ll outlive all of us.

To put it simply, “The Bad Dog” Wade Elliott is a Confederate flag-waving roughneck that spends most of his time by his lonesome, but is fiercely loyal to those he gives a rat’s ass about. Everyone else, as Wade likes to say, can go fuck themselves.

Rayne: Tyler Rayne is a man of the people, and after exhaustive scientific research he has concluded people like three things: tits, beer, and violence. So he attempts to give the people those things at every opportunity.

Rayne’s goal every show is to be the thing people tweet about tonight and talk about tomorrow. Whether it’s a 5-star match or just an unbelievable high spot, a party with the fans in the skybox, or convincing some sorority girls to take their tops off, he does what it takes to send the fans home happy and chanting his name.

Rayne really just wants to have a good time, usually at the expense of an unfortunate heel on the roster. He keeps it light, but can get extremely vicious and ruthlessly violent against people who cross the line between business and personal.

Wrestling Style: (Tell us a little bit about what your wrestler does in the ring and the general psychology behind it.)

Troy: About as well-rounded as one can be without turning into a circle. Trained in multiple martial arts disciplines as a kid under the tutelage of her uncle (a former member of the World Muay Thai Council), graduated from Dean Malenko’s wrestling school in Tampa, and worked the circuits in Japan and Mexico before traveling back to the States to compete for national/international touring companies. She’s just as adept at throwing her body through the air as she is technically proficient, and has been known to brawl and get down and dirty with weapons if the need calls for it. Simply put, Troy doesn’t fit one mold - she breaks them all.

Elliott: As straight-forward a brawler as you can get. Truthfully, Wade can barely wrestle. He’s picked up a few moves along the way, but it’s all very basic. Predominately, Wade is going to put his fists and boots to work. All manner of punching and stomping. Anything stiff and effective, nothing fancy. You’ll never see him go topside. Wade doesn’t jump off anything. Ever.

What really makes Wade “Wade” is his ability to take a beating. Really, there does not exist a wrestler that can take damage like The Bad Dog. That big move you’ve got that NOBODY can kick out of? Sorry, sweetheart, but there’s a good chance Wade can. So be ready to use it twice and prepare for a third. He’s slower than hell, he won’t be the strongest guy on the roster and has zero aerial or technical ability, but what he lacks in these realms he makes up for with his resiliency. The son for a bitch just Won’t. Go. Down. Ask Rayne.

Rayne: An aging high flyer, Rayne has needed to adjust his style as he gets older. He’ll still throw in the springboards and top rope moves but is more likely to throw a strike or simple splash from there rather than something with a lot of twists and fanciness.

He relies a lot on his striking ability to wear opponents down. Lots of kicks, knees, and elbows. He’s a trained martial artist. His strikes are precise and painful.

Rayne is a competent wrestler, but in no way a technical master. He’s not a strong submission wrestler. His usual tactic will be to target the midsection to wear an opponent out and soften the head/neck for his finisher. He’ll work a couple basic moves, amp up the pace and the crowd with some striking, and then punctuate the series with a couple high flying moves or big kicks to get a pop. Then he’ll start the series over. He’s going to be looking for opportunities to pull off a couple really big high spots to please the crowd and steal the show for the night.

Three Strengths:

1. Mat/Ring Presence - She’s been doing this a long ass time, doesn’t make rookie mistakes, always aware of her surroundings and tries to think two to three steps ahead.
2. Speed/Strength/Adaptability - She’s pretty strong, oftentimes deceptively so, but she’s not going to be able to throw around a 250+ pound guy like a rag doll like she will with some of the fellas and ladies in her weight class. Therefore, she has to rely on her speed and quickness of executing moves to control the match. Well-rounded in all manner of fighting techniques. Not afraid to experiment/try something new/go for broke.
3. Resiliency/Attitude - Hard to keep grounded and not easily frustrated in the ring. Has been on the receiving end of plenty of ass whoopings and has dished quite a few out, too. No-nonsense, both in the ring and out. Doesn’t “go away” if attacked physically or verbally. Takes absolutely none of your shit. Can play the game with the best of them.

1. Unmatched Toughness and Resiliency - You already read it.
2. Environmentally Aware - Wade will use anything and everything around him to his advantage. Ring posts, steps, security walls, and is plenty comfortable if he has to take on multiple opponents.
3. Weapons Specialist - You really, REALLY, don’t want to take on Wade if he has access to anything he can swing.

1. Experience - Dude’s been wrestling for over twenty years. He has a great ring presence. Always knows where he’s at in the ring (which helps with getting out of trouble and throwing in a surprise springboard). He doesn’t fall for a lot of tricks. He’s not easily distracted. He keeps his focus on his opponent.
2. Balance/Agility - Rayne is light on his feet and lands on them easily. He’s nimble. Not one to get tripped up, slip, or stumble. This sense of balance helps immensely with his high flying. He might also use this skill to pull off an impressive athletic feat to wow the crowd.
3. Creativity - In his endless pursuit to please the crowd, Rayne prides himself on doing something a little different each night he’s out there. If the crowd pops for a springboard DDT one week, he’s going to do a neck breaker the next. Or do the DDT off a running jump. Something to keep the crowd and his opponent guessing. This talent for creating new and exciting offense is particularly on display with weapons and matches with lax rules.

Three Weaknesses:

1. Temper - Taking absolutely none of your shit goes hand in hand with her mouth getting her into trouble. Rarely thinks before speaking. She’s quick with a barb, lives on thin ice, is headstrong to a fault, and always needs to get the last word (or the last punch) in.
2. “Mama Bear” Mentality - It’s common knowledge that Troy has always been protective of those she cares about, which has been used (and may be used again) to opponents’ advantage. The past few years have seen this take on a different, something-more-than-serious, meaning. Prepare for war if you fuck with her people, because she’ll want your blood and will break your neck to get it, and then she’ll probably impale your head on her fence like Ned Stark’s at King’s Landing.
3. Age/Nagging Injuries - The time spent away from the road and the ring has allowed most of her ailments to heal, but she’s no spring chicken. Her legs are vulnerable and opponents like to target there first. Can’t fly or run or lift people if you can’t stand up.

1. Slow as Fuck - Wade was (is?) a long-time smoker and drinker. He can execute a hard-hitting maneuver pretty quickly, but he’ll get winded much faster than most.
2. Getting’ Old - Elliott finds himself at the ripe age of 42. He’s going to have a difficult time keeping up with the younger fellas.
3. Undisciplined - Wade never learned how to actually wrestle. Ever. And he never will. So when it comes to tactics and game plan, all he really has is, “I’m going to hit you until you stop hitting me back.”

1. Overconfidence - Rayne isn’t as fast or as strong as he used to be, but he doesn’t like to believe that. He’s likely to try some shit he shouldn’t. He truly believes he can beat any given wrestler on any given night. Thus, he doesn’t prepare for any particular opponent. Stronger, faster, younger opponents will always have an advantage he refuses to acknowledge or be cautious of.
2. Pandering - Rayne’s going to take high risk moves to wow the crowd. He’s going to stop and pose for their approval. He’s going to start chants and drink a beer with the guy in the front row during the match. While not easily distracted by opponents or their cohorts, he will absolutely get distracted by his fans.
3. Left Side - Rayne spent the majority of his early career in that hardcore/extreme scene. He’s had the shit beat out of him. His left side, particularly the knees and elbow, have been weakened from the hard fights and long years and could easily be taken advantage of.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Martial arts kicks/strikes/punches/throws
2) Front-flip leg drop (standing or running off the ropes)
3) Baseball slide flying headscissors (opponent outside the ring)
4) Corkscrew plancha
5) Cobra clutch legsweep
6) Top turnbuckle armbreaker
7) Reverse underhook DDT (any DDT variation)
8) Enziguri
9) Spinning roundhouse heel kick (landing on her feet)
10) Reverse hurricanrana

1) Jab
2) Uppercut
3) Haymaker
4) Stomp
5) Piledriver
6) Suplex
7) Forearm smash
8) DDT
9) Bulldog
10) Powerbomb on opponents similar to his size or smaller

1) Stiff martial arts kicks to the head, chest, and ribs
2) Knees. All over the place. All the time.
3) Precision strikes with point of elbow
4) Roaring Elbow
5) Northern Lights Suplex
6) German Suplex
7) DDT(s)
8) Neckbreaker(s)
9) Hurricanrana(s)
10) Moonsault(s)

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Running backflip DDT (using ropes as a springboard)
2) Flying front-flip neckbreaker (on apron, catapulting off the ropes and into the ring)
3) Spinning fisherman’s suplex
4) “All Hail the Queen” - 360* top rope hurricanrana
5) “Final Judgment” - Double underhook front-face plant

1) Mudhole stomps (a la Steve Austin)
2) Big Boot directed at the sternum
3) Spear followed by mounted punches
4) “Southern Hospitality” - Clothesline from Hell
5) “The South Shall Rise Again” - Imagine this: Wade’s getting his ass kicked, really getting tooled on. His opponent hammers him to the mat and takes a moment to catch his breath/flex for the crowd/what-have-you, and all of a sudden Wade sits up, rubs his head a little, and to the opponent’s dismay will stand to his get and get back to business as if nothing happened.

1) Shooting Star Press
2) “Deathscythe” - Double underhook piledriver (lands on his knees)
3) “Insult to Injury” - Triangle submission hold. While applying the hold, Rayne will be heard talking all kinds of shit to his opponent. He’ll use his free hand to flip them off or pinch their cheeks. Maybe slap them around. Give them a Wet Willy. It’s all about humiliation.
4) “The Last Lament of Daniel Ferguson” (or “The Last Lament” for short) - Rayne runs at his opponent with as much momentum as possible and then jumps into them with the points of his knees cracking their chest. Generally, he’ll whip the opponent into the ropes and then run off the opposite side so the two collide at maximum velocity. This simple version can be the prelude to his finisher. To get a big reaction, he’ll also do this move running across the top of a barricade with an opponent outside or leap over the top rope to an opponent on the outside, or something similarly awe-inspiring.

1 Finishing Move:

Troy: “The Dynastic Cycle” - Bridging Sharpshooter with a Crossface or Chin Lock
Elliott: “The Rebel Yell” - An over-the-right-shoulder pendulum Spinebuster
Rayne: “Varga’d” - Small package driver into a pin

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Optional)

Troy: “The Crowning Glory” - a modified top rope jump-swinging DDT (there’s a corkscrew element at the front end of the finisher and an exaggerated rotation at the back end [Tornado element]). NOTE: Folks have kicked out of this in the past, but I’m listing it as an MDK because I don’t foresee her going for this move every single match anymore. When she does goes for it, it should end things, but if it doesn’t there are other non-aerial moves in her repertoire that will.

Elliott: Super-Plex, if anything. Wade doesn’t really have an MDK, but in high-profile, main event machines that might cater to using tables or other things to crash through, Wade will whip out a Super-Plex to smash an opponent through something.

Rayne: “The Flying Fornication” - With the opponent down and on their back, Rayne goes for the Shooting Star (top rope, springboard, off the ladder, whatever) knee drop. He tucks his heels to his ass and grabs his ankles, essentially becoming a human missile that lands knees first on his opponent's chest. In the true spirit of an MDK move, this should only be used when nothing else has worked (or in a big feud blow-off) and 100% of the time will absolutely finish a match. Unless it’s against Wade…
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Feb 4, 2005
I can vouch for every single one as a former PRIMEate. Yes a thousand times yes.


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Jun 1, 2007
I still have very positive memories of Lindz despite one of the most difficult times in the WfWA/fW.com joint history. She carried herself with impeccable class in my eyes, and that alone earns a Yes on this app. That the talent is there as well is added bonus.


Jan 1, 2000
Nice. I was waiting for a Tl;Dr comment from someone. ^5 to you and ^5 for you all hanging onto Seth's Team HOSS application in your board archives. We ganked his to use a template for ours.
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