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"Gentleman" Jonathan Marx


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: Paul Miller
Your Email Address: paulnj21@aol.com

Wrestler Name: ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx
Height: 6’2
Weight: 215
Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Theme & Ring Music: "The Touch" by Stan Bush

Gimmick: Rich, eccentric, scholar, gentlemen

Appearance: black tights, black boots, blonde hair, blue eyes

Alignment: heel

10 basic moves:
bow-and-arrow hold
cobra twist
diving knee drop
double arm suplex
figure four leglock
ground cobra twist
japanese leg roll clutch
octopus hold
sickle hold
spinning toe hold

5 signature moves:

Knife edge chops
Belly to belly suplex

Tactics/Style: technician, old school mentality (Corino), modeled after Osamu Nishimura, William Regal, and Doug Williams

setup: shoulder to the back of the knee
Finisher: Marxism (STF)

Character Bio: Princeton Graduate, top amateur wrestler, rich, knowledgable about wrestling, Former IWF Mexican Champion

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