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Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
What’s the fed’s gimmick?
RLW is a Chicago-based indie company that has a working partnership with DePaul University. As such, all its shows (for now) will take place in DePaul facilities, and many members of the staff and backstage crew have direct ties to the university. There is no TV deal – rather, the shows will be streamed online, with the opportunity for fans to become RLW subscribers who can access “Subscriber Exclusives”: non-match RPs, character building, and a variety of other extras.

In-ring, the vibe aims to be doses of NXT/Pro Wrestling Guerilla/Chikara. Have a brand new character you want to build? Have a gimmick you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the proper venue to work with it? Have a salty old veteran you’d like to give a last blaze of glory? This is the place for you!

There is an emphasis on roleplaying in this fed, with definite room for angles as characters develop. Characters of all type will be accepted (assuming you aren’t trying to pass off an 80 year old as an in-ring competitor). Men, women, tag teams, crews, managers – bring it on.

What are the expectations of handlers in RLW?
The goal is for this fed to be easy to participate in, easy to jump into, and a low-stress venue to try new things. No character will be booked on every single show (in fact, with the exception of champion(s), the target goal is for wrestlers to appear on about 60-75% of cards). The main regular show, SLAMTRACK, will have very low word-count expectations, and realistically, most handlers will only be expected to produce in the neighborhood of 1000 words every handful of weeks (not to say you can’t do more!).

Because characters won’t be booked on every card, there won’t be threads asking if you’re “in” for the next show; rather, the expectation is for you to let me know if you’re “out”. It’s totally fine to say “I’m out for X amount of time” whenever needed, because of course real life happens; however, if you don’t give me a heads up, the understanding is that your character MAY be used in the next show.

What are the rules and details about RPs, shows, timelines, etc?
The general idea is that there will be 5 SLAMTRACKs leading up to each unique iPPV. SLAMTRACKs will generally have 2-3 matches booked per show, with 1000-word limits for RPs and ABSOLUTELY NO STACKING AT ALL. If you feel the urge to write more when your opponent doesn’t respond, put it in the Subscriber Exclusives section. If someone posts an RP within 24 hours of the match deadline, the opponent will have 24 hours from the time of your post to respond (i.e., if your opponent posts at 7pm the night of the deadline, you can post up until 7pm the night after the deadline if you choose). I don’t care about specific style guidelines – just be legible.

iPPVs will have more matches and larger word limits. Specific rules will be posted on match threads.

SLAMTRACKs, when released, will be VERY short – my current target is for 1-page matches on these shows, so with 2-3 matches plus any extra segments, a posted show can very easily top out at 5-6 pages. I reserve the right to make matches slightly longer if it turns out 1 page doesn’t work for a particular match. iPPVs will be significantly longer.

Finally (and this is important): RPs can be posted from one of three venues:
1) In front of a RLW backdrop
2) In front of a green-screen, where freshman DePaul intern Barry has control over your graphics (mechanically, this means that he won’t necessarily do a 100% perfect job with the graphics a character wants to use; and in fact, there is a chance that I may add small tweaks to green-screen RPs to reflect Barry’s rookie nature and quirky sensibilities).
3) Pre-recorded, with a shitty hand-held camera somewhere else in the city.

Finally, anyone can feel free to submit a segment for inclusion on the show at any time, whether they're booked on the card or not. These should be no longer than a page for SLAMTRACKs, though they can be longer on iPPVs.

1000-word RP limit?? The fehk?
I would much rather see 1-2 points done very well than 6-7 points of varying success. Most of these characters are expected to either be “works in progress” or “vets on their last run” – and I want characters to be painted in broad strokes before we get into subtleties.

However, handlers are ALWAYS encouraged to contribute to the Subscriber Exclusives sub-forum, where there are absolutely no word limits or restrictions! While these items may not directly contribute to match results, they are a great way to build your story and interact with other characters.

Plus, iPPVs will have longer word limits, since these are the most important events.

I won’t be a jerk about it if you end up at 1020 words – but if it’s 1500? Don’t be surprised to see the RP cut off short. But the general concept is – when’s the last time you saw an indie wrestler get half an hour on the mic?

So who wins matches?
It's a shitty answer, but the fact is "it depends". A lot of the time it'll be because one person just slam dunked the hell out of their match thread. BUT, sometimes, your character may not be booked to win cleanly if I think it's a more interesting story for things to take a different twist. Don't focus on individual wins, especially on SLAMTRACKs - focus on developing your character and finding that character's voice. The cool and interesting and fun stories will follow.

How do NPCs work?
NPCs are wrestlers, managers, teams, etc that will be handled by Brusch and Voss. They're there to flesh out the roster and provide additional story opportunities. If you are matched up against an NPC, we WILL roleplay for that NPC - but as long as you put some effort into your own roleplays, you'll be good to go. No-show? Well, lookit the jobber who just got a shocking win!

How do I sign up?
Fill out the application and submit it to this sub-forum!


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