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Gboro: Jean Rabesque vs. Troy Douglas


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Mar 17, 1988
Just a heads up: Steve A. is out of town, but he dropped a note to advise he'll rp on Sunday.


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY

Open on the interior of Troy Douglas' hotel room in Houston, Texas, where the aforementioned Douglas sits calmly in a corner of the room in a navy blue armchair, watching the Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos AFC Wild Card Game. Douglas wears a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a grey 'Syracuse University Football' t-shirt. He notices the camera crew, motions them to come closer, and clicks off the television set, now turning to face the camera head on.


Y'know, I'd almost thought that I'd been forgotten about by the CSWA. Thomas has us get on that damn ship for his 'fresh start', and all I get is a tour's worth of shrimp cocktail and not a single appearance in the ring.

But, now that we're back on land, it seems that our commissioner has decided that maybe I am worth a shot, and not just to wrestle, but to wrestle for the Greensboro title.

Now, I'm nobody's kissass, but I'll admit I'm damn happy for this shot, especially against someone like Jean Rabesque, who I've been wanting to face off against in the ring for such a long time, even more so since Mr. No False Gimmicks decided that his ego took precedence over everything else in this company.

Y'all saw it at PRIMETIME 500. Jean, you came right out and said it, that you were "The rightful CSWA World Champion". For what reason, Jean? Why? Because the Almighty Rabesque hath spoken?


Now, not many of us were happy when our old pal Joey Melton "won" the world title, and not many of us liked how Shane Southern, deserving as he was, got the belt at 500, but for you to have the gall to say that YOU are the CSWA World Champion, rightfully, is outright ridiculous, Jean.

You are, however, the rightful Greensboro Champion, and no one can take that away from you.

Excuse me, let me rephrase that. No one HAS taken that away from you. YET.

You've taken out a lot of top flight competitors to hold on to that strap, but you haven't faced me, not yet. You haven't faced a man who studies like me, who watches like me, who fights with the reckless abandon I do. Yeah, you've beaten Cruise, and Smallz, and a boatload of others here and elsewhere. But your past success means exactly squat when we face off at Showtime in Houston.

Because I, maybe more than any other man you've faced, understand the significance of that Greensboro Championship around your waist.

I grew up with the CSWA, Jean, from the first time in 1988 when, at the age of 12, I went to the company's first card at a broken down old warehouse that became the greatest venue in the history of this industry. Not only did I see the Greensboro Title created and won for the first time, I understand what that championship means because, as a native of Greensboro, that champion has represented ME and the rest of my city.

Do you know what kind of opportunity this is for me Jean, to bring the championship home to my city, with one of it's own holding that belt high above? It's the dream of a teenage fan, watching CSWA Primetime at home, taping every episode, and sneaking down to the basement to watch them over and over on an ancient TV set with the sound turned down so his father wouldn't catch him.

It's the dream of a young man, broken and battered from devastating injuries, trying to rehabilitate himself and do something with his life, after his million-dollar career had been stolen from him by the cruel hand of fate.

It's my dream, Jean. The dream of a man whose been beaten and stolen from, and now has the opportunity he's been waiting for since he was that 12 year old kid in the beat-up plastic folding chair in the third row.

That's what you'll be facing, Jean. Not some glittering star like Smallz or Cruise, a former big-time big shot looking to come back up the ladder. No, you'll have to face someone with ruthless ambition, someone who isn't looking to claim his star, but to fulfill his dream. Not destiny, not any rightful spot in the world, just a dream.

Until Showtime. Dreams have become realities for many men here in the CSWA, now it's my turn to make my play for my dream, Jean. I'm not expecting a gift, but rather a battle, but I've got no problems with a battle, and I plan to stand high on the field of victory, a token of victory raised above.

Your title reign has reached the end of the road, Rabesque, but mine is just about to begin.

And there's NOTHING false about that, my friend.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(The screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, dressed in a gray shirt and black pants, CSWA Greensboro Title over his shoulder, standing in front of a CSWA backdrop)

“So, I guess this is what it has come to, huh? Somebody who has done nothing to deserve a shot being handed one, eh? But hell, why should I care, it’s not like anybody in this company has proven they have what it takes to take me out in the middle of the ring, right? Now, flukes do happen, and I would hate to have someone who doesn’t deserve a title get one, while the rightful world champion has to claw through a city by city tour trying to prove his worth to someone else.

“Yeah, that’s right Troy, I said it, the RIGHTFUL CSWA World Heavyweight Champion. Why do you have a problem with that statement? If Ryan’s going to stripped, who’s the most qualified person to give it to? How about the only man that is a rightful champion at all? You can’t give it to Hornet, he should have been stripped for roiding before Ryan was. No, the man who should be champion is the man who has come out on CSWA airwaves every time asked and put on the show of the year. The man that has consistently stepped up to the plate more than any other, the man that has held the belt of your hometown Troy..... for the last 14 months. THAT’S why I deserve to be the world champion. It has nothing to do about ego Troy, just the simple, simple facts.

“But yeah, you kissed up to someone and they gave you a shot. Congratulations, prepare to step into the ring with the finest mat technician walking the planet. You spoke very highly of yourself Troy, but I have to believe there’s a whole lot of self-boast going on here. You see, I tried to go back through the tape libraries and find some scouting film, but there’s not much here Troy. For all the talk that you’ve been a part of this since 1988, the record just doesn’t hold firm. You can talk about all your ambition and all your heart, but you’re going to come after me, and I’m going to snap your leg. All the ambition in the world isn’t going to do you a damn bit of good when that happens.

“You’re damn right that everything that I’ve done means nothing when the bell rings. I will solely be judged on that night. But Troy, you can’t just ignore everything else. You simply can’t ignore the fact that you’re completely overmatched here. So I hope you have some kind of plan, some kind of scheme ready to work this out. Maybe a chair to the head? Some brass knucks? You damn well better have something, because I will make you a promise right here, right now...... If you go into Houston expecting to engage me in a wrestling match, and if you expect to beat me......

“Then you will never be the same again.

“Your body will never feel the same, you will wake up every morning with more pain than you can imagine right now, because I will hurt you, and I will hurt you badly. Don’t believe me Troy? Then watch the damn tapes that you profess to study so damn diligently. Take a look at men like Lawrence Stanley, who I ELIMINATED from the NFW Ultratitle chase. The list doesn’t stop there Troy, but I don’t have time to waste on this.

“Something else that perked my interest Troy is that this is some kind of dream for you, to win the Greensboro title would be a fulfillment of a dream. I think that’s about all that needs to be said Troy. That sums everything up. Mediocre men have mediocre goals Troy. The Greensboro title isn’t even on my radar of list of goals. Sure it’s nice to have, and sure I’m proud of it, but my goals, my dreams run much deeper, and they sure as hell go farther than this Greensboro title. That’s why I am where I am Troy, and that’s why you’re on the bottom of the mountain. You can talk about fate and whatever else you want, but that’s really what it’s all about.

“You can talk about whatever kind of fight you’re going to bring to me Douglas all you want. The reality of the situation is that it’s not going to matter. You can come out at me with every ounce of determination and ambition imaginable. And I’m sure you’ll show great ambition as you tap the mat to end the match..... due to the Figure 4.

“Everybody’s talked the talk Troy, you’re just like all the rest..... it’s pathetic, really.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the Greensboro Champ, I am Jean Rabesque.”


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