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Gage Blackwood - Match Writing Aid.


May 22, 2017
Edinburgh, UK
Bio: http://www.defiancewrestling.com/bio/gageblackwood


Gage is quiet and stoic. He doesn't mean to be rude, though. He's polite and understanding outside of the ring and inside the ring he's fearless and can be aggressive. Right now he has a difficult time displaying his personality on TV and knowing what to say on the mic. He can get a little nervous and not read the crowd well. Eventually, I have a major idea about how he will break through with the fans and ultimately misinterpret their support, but that's for another time. :) In the ring he's prone to mistakes because he can wrestle aggressively and become reckless. It's his only way to connect with the crowd at the moment because he struggles with speaking. When he does talk, however, he can get the crowd behind him and say good things. Though he has zero confidence in this ability right now.

Gage comes from a well known family of former wrestlers. He's a 4th generation wrestler from Scotland. Yet, he hasn't spend much time in his homeland. He's traveled a lot over the past 4-5 years trying to catch on as a wrestler and become noticed. This has lead him to many disappointments in his life already. Gage is skeptical of meeting new people and starting his career in Defiance because he's been through a number of organizations already.

Wrestling Style:
He's a little bit of everything to be honest. He can wrestle a technical match, a hardcore match or a high flying match. If he had to lean to one style, it would be a fast-paced technician. He has lots of energy in the ring but as I mentioned before, he is prone to mistakes. He can get too caught up trying to be entertaining and that can cost him. He can also take a beating and sell well.

Real world equivalent: A mix of both Daniel Bryan and Bret Hart (Bryan for the fast-paced energy and Hart for the ability to be a great technician).

Usual Match Tactics: (clean / dirty)

Gage wouldn't cheat, at least not right now. He's cool with weapons or brawling if the situation calls for it. He won't back down in a fight, even if he's clearly undersized because he knows his wrestling skills are all that's going for him. Before and after bell rings, he's not interested in in-ring politics or one-upmanship. At times he has trouble reading what the crowd wants. For example, if the crowd is engaged in the match because of its high energy, he may accidentally slow down the pace of the match. If he's put in a sleeper hold and the crowd is cheering for him to break out of it, Gage probably wouldn't pump his arms to get the fans more excited. He currently lacks the ability to really understand wrestling psychology but he will get to that point eventually.

Usual Spots / Gimmicks:
-Gage is 6'0", 210. So he's not that big. Therefore his 2 signature moves may not work ('The Midlothian Hangover' - brainbuster and 'The Scottish Trinity' - 3 successive suplexes: 1st snap suplex, 2nd hanging/delayed vertical suplex, 3rd rolling release suplex).
He might still end up trying these moves but won't succeed. Sooner or later he will learn not to waste his time trying against bigger opponents.
-Gage is left handed.
-Gage might strike more with his feet (kicks) than punches. He's also left footed. A good roundhouse kick after throwing his opponent off the ropes is something he would do every match.
-Like many of the WWE wrestlers out there (eg. HBK being thrown up-side-down into the turnbuckle, Dean Ambrose's comeback bounce off the ropes, Triple H being catapulted into the turnbuckle and hitting his head on the ring post), Gage has a couple of usual impact spots against him (I don't know how to word this lol). One is where Gage is thrown hard into the turnbuckle and just crashes straight down like he's been shot dead. This can be used as a creative spot... either he's actually out or he could play possum after the wrestler picks him back up, it's 50/50. Another move is on the outside of the ring, Gage can be thrown into the steel steps where the steps hit him square in the knees, flip him up and over the stairs and he crashes down on the other side.
-Sometimes he bites at his wrist tape while waiting for his opponent to get back up.
-He might also pull at his hair or mess it around as he's waiting or recovering from a strike.
-Gage has a scar on the right side of his forehead. It was from a match where he received about 25 stitches. Sometimes, it will open slightly and a few drops of blood will roll down his face. This spot should be used sparingly but it could add good drama to a situation if needed.

(might add more/edit/take away things here as needed and Gage develops)
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