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Feb 6, 2007
East Lansing, MI
Name/Nickname(s) Fusenshoff/Fuse

Common Derogatory Remarks about his name

Any Hasselhoff reference (see Knight Rider, Baywatch)

Hails From Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Height/Weight 6'3" 263

Entrance: "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica hits over the sound system.

"And the road becomes my bride,
I am stripped of all but pride.
So in her I do confide
and she keeps me satisfied.
Gives me all I need."

Fusenshoff steps out from the entrance. No fireworks, just a spotlight, no superfluous spectacles. He's wearing a black leather jacket, wife beater, black jeans and black boots.

"And my ties are severed clean.
The less I have the more I gain.
Off the beaten path I reign.
Rover wand'rer nomad vagabond
call me what you will...."

He makes his way down to the ring without even looking out at the capacity crowd. His focus and concentration remains unwavering. The only thing on his mind is what lies ahead. He's not here for the fan support, the achievements, the glory. He's here because wrestling is his release. Wrestling eases his pain.

"Wherever I may roam
where I lay my head is home.
Carved upon my stone:
My body lies, but still I roam... yeah, yeah!"

Fusenshoff trots up the steps and climbs under the top rope. He walks over to his corner and lies his head on the turnbuckle, waiting for the bell to ring.

Accolades (titles, tournaments, awards, etc.)
TEAM Championship of Champions
EPW TV title (x2)
Sweet Sixteen of TEAM Invitational Tournament 2007
Elite Eight of the TEAM Invitational Tournament 2008
Dupree Cup playoffs (representing TEAM)
TEAM Tournament of Champions Finalist

Affiliated with The Fallen in EPW as of March 2008. Fusenshoff was a lone wolf before this.

Wears a white wife beater, black jeans, and black shoes. Fusenshoff has long black hair and a black goatee. He has a tattoo on his left forearm of the Canadian flag, and on his right forearm of the British flag.

General Wrestling Style Brawler/Street Fighter/Power, and is also decent at technical.

Finisher Primary: The Domination
(Lifts up like a powerbomb. When opponent is on his shoulders he tosses them up so they hit the mat like someone being hit with an X-Factor only Fusenshoff remains on his feet. Takes a perfect combination of power and agility to pull off with maximum devastation. When done perfectly it leaves Fuse's opponent with a dislocated jaw and they're left unconscious. You can't get up from it if done right.)

Secondary: Whiskey Bomb
(Kick to the stomach and X-Factor/Famouser hybrid move. Setup like a X-Factor only Fusenshoff comes down like a Famouser with a Guillotine Leg Drop to the back of the neck. Fuse uses this when he needs a quick 1, 2, 3 or against opponents too heavy to Domination.)

Other Common Moves Punches
Atomic Drop
Snap Suplex
Head to Turnbuckle
Knee Drop
Suicide Dive
Swinging Neckbreaker
Spike Piledriver
Crucifix (pin)
Exploder Suplex
Sitdown Spike Double Underhook Powerbomb
Top rope Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex

Three Strengths/Three Weaknesses
1. Nearly unparalleled athleticism (combination power/agility)
2. Focus/consistency in the ring never wavers.
3. Damn near impossible to keep down.

1. Not very good at submissions.
2. High Flying maneuvers foreign to him.
3. Has a lot to learn about the intricacies of wrestling.

Wrestler Profile

Personality: Drinks heavily to ease his pains and considers it a strength rather than a weakness. He feels the alcohol blocks out everything but his next match, allowing an almost superhuman focus and intensity when he’s in the ring. Fusenshoff is only truly happy while in the ring. Outside the ring Fusenshoff is practically comatose in numbness from being drunk at all times. His instincts from years of reading take over and his words run together without thought while he plays mind games with his opponents and often becomes aggressive.

History: Fusenshoff led a relatively normal life as a child growing up in the small town of Kamloops in British Columbia. Always big and smart for his age, the other kids showed him a great deal of veneration. He was quarterback/linebacker on his high school football team and felt somewhat obligated to party every weekend. He grew up without a father figure, which was unheard of in the Canadian small town, but he learned the ways of a man from his Grandfather, who was well educated and liked in the community.

Fusenshoff’s Grandfather was an Alpha Male and the young boy’s idol. He saw Fusenshoff’s uncanny IQ at a young age. He bought the young boy Shakespeare, Whitman, Chaucer, Hemingway, Dickens, Twain, Eliot and Austen literature so one day the boy could show the world he was a big man who could also express himself. Fusenshoff took to the reading very quickly, spending almost all his time either in books or with a ball, playing alongside the neighborhood kids.

Fusenshoff finished his books given to him by his Grandfather early and moved on to other literature. Soon he was challenging himself with Dante, Homer, Joyce, Milton, Nietzsche, Goethe, Sophocles and Virgil. He also dabbled in some Freudian psychology before preparing for university.


Charles Dickens wrote “Think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link on one memorable night.” Fusenshoff’s memorable night came the summer before his enrollment at the University of British Columbia.

That night Fusenshoff was drunk with his friends when a boy got aggressive with his younger sister across town. She called Fusenshoff and he immediately hopped in the car to pick her up. Fusenshoff beat the boy very severely and left with his sister in his car. On the way back home Fusenshoff was furious and got a lead foot. He wrapped the car around a tree and his sister died in the accident. Fusenshoff has always blamed himself.

Rather than grieve over the loss of his beloved sister, Fusenshoff began to drink heavily. His life has spiraled out of control since as he spent an entire year binge drinking in an apartment he bought in Alberta. He never went to university and only recently took up wrestling, debuting in December of 2006 after being cajoled by Ace Mason a few months beforehand.


Fusenshoff has natural ability and has even been called a prodigy. He learned 90% of his arsenal just two months before his first match. The Domination, his original and borderline criminal finisher, takes a combination of power and agility so extraordinary only a fraction of a percent of athletes could pull it off correctly, making it that much more devastating.

Fusenshoff's most memorable match came in April of 2007 during the TEAM Invitational Tournament. He was rolled up by Dan Ryan in the Sweet Sixteen while arguing with a referee. The two men went well past the promo period, exchanging words that make parents put their kids to bed early. The match didn’t end at the bell either, with the fight finally ending in the parking lot after Fusenshoff put Dan’s head through a windshield.

Since then Fusenshoff has enjoyed the competitive environment of TEAM. He's lost twice there in two years, once in the TiT Elite Eight to Troy Douglas and once in the ToC Finals match against Tyler Rayne (a PRIME future Hall of Famer). He won a TEAM Championship of Champions match coming in March against Marcus Westcott and Ravager. He also has a banked Challenge Championship match too, but currently holds the Championship of Champions Title.

In EPW, Fusenshoff won the EPW Television Title in a Battle Royale during his second match (March 2008). He defended it three times before being defeated by Ice Tre in October. Ice Tre left EPW before the next show, where Fusenshoff won back the Television Title. During his title reign he was forced by Stalker to join The Fallen and be a slave to his will.

Fusenshoff lost the Television Title to an up-and-coming Layne Winters, who pinned him after Fusenshoff was injured earlier in the night by an accidental chairshot by Rocko Daymon. Fusenshoff eventually signed a contract offering his freedom from Stalker after Fusenshoff became unruly.


Fusenshoff is still learning the intricacies that take years to master in wrestling, but his raw talent ranks among the very best in history. Combined with a rare intellect, Fusenshoff seems born for physical contact sports involving delicate strategy. There’s no telling where these gifts will take him. He doesn’t seem to be interested in accolades, only the outlet for his grief that the ring affords him. You can see in his style of wrestling an instinctual efficiency and yet a creative intuition that makes him so unique and dangerous. He turns wrestling into an art form, and often performs flawlessly.
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