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Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: A black backdrop with the CSWA-Man logo airburshed onto it. Standing in front of the backdrop are "Hardcore" Jimmy V. and "The Posterboy of the Hardcore Generation" Tsunami. V is in his traditional "slimeball media mogul" outfit, a black blazer, blue shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his chest, hair slicked back so his dyed blonde rat-tail can flow. 'Nami is wearing a black mask with ocean blue trim around the side with fire-red horns permeating from the eyes, his black mullet peaking out the back. Tsunami also has on a 1980's Memphis-style blue robe with a big "T" in red jewels adorning the right breast. Tsunami starts making various nonsensical hand gestures, gripping his throat and tilting his head a number of ways.)

JIMMY: For *YEARS* this match has been dreamed about. Why yes, I know... it's been relegated to an opening card match on On Time. Why yes, I know... both Tsunami and Nathan Storm are best known for what they did years ago. (Tsunami glares at V and then looks back at the camera, shocked.) And yes, I know... both Tsunami and Nathan Storm have both seen better days. ('Nami again glares at V and looks back at the camera, mouth agape.) But this is still a DREAM match. This is a match that will have INTERNATIONAL RAMIFICATIONS for years to come. This is a match between the TWO BEST high-flyers this sport has ever seen. And this is a match where, once and for all, the wrestling fan will be able to see who the better man is.

But the THINKING MAN already KNOWS the answer to that question. It's a simple answer, really, especially to someone such as myself who cleared a 1450 on his SAT score. It wasn't all that long ago when a then 19-year-old kid came from a dojo in Japan to the CSWA, who were looking for a nice exciting wrestler to open up the cards for them. It wasn't all that long ago when that undersized kid DEFIED the imagination of wrestling fans throughout the world, taking on all comers big and small, and using his vast arsenal of wrestling acumen to become a true wrestling superstar. No, it seems just like YESTERDAY when my business associate standing next to me ('Nami stands up straight and salutes the camera.) was busy CHANGING THE FACE OF THIS SPORT FOREVER. The POSTERBOY OF THE HARDCORE GENERATION came in and ASCENDED TO THE TOP OF THE CSWA, becoming its YOUNGEST and its SMALLEST world champion-- and ushering in a new, more exciting style of wrestling to this company. And my partner, Tsunami, didn't just stop there. He then became THE GREATEST TAG TEAM WRESTLER of ALL TIME, winning countless titles by carrying his partner WildStar all over the world. (Tsunami again turns to V, looks down in guilt, then shrugs his shoulders.) He is a FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER who will add EVEN MORE to his already stellar resume at On Time by defeating Nathan Storm.

Yes, perhaps Tsunami has lost some steam off his fastball. (Tsunami now angrily glares at V.) Perhaps he has not sold as many posters as the current stars of this sport have. And perhaps Tsunami is at the end of his career, not putting up the numbers he once did. (Tsunami continues to stare at V.) But no matter what, you will ALWAYS remember what he has done... and you wll ALWAYS remember what he will do to Nathan Storm at On Time. You can take that to my bank! Let's go, 'Nami! (V. walks off while Tsunami just stares at him.) Are you coming or what? (Nami turns to the camera and does the slash-throat gesture. FTB)

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