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From Out Of Nowhere


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
(FADEIN: Somewhere in East New York, ALEX AUSTIN and LUCKY SEVEN [ILL FORTUNE] stand at the corner of a bodega. The bearded Austin has a Redline energy drink in hand, and Seven is wearing a cut-off UWA t-shirt)

AUSTIN: “The degradation of sports culture in the U.S. wasn’t complete when Ray Rice beat his wife in an elevator and received a slap on the wrist, and a standing ovation from his teammates.”

“Nor was the degradation of sports culture and the American athlete finished when ex-hero Lance Armstrong was revealed as cheater, liar, junky, and bully.”

“It wasn’t even complete when Aaron Hernandez was charged with homicide, hard as that might be to fathom.”

“No. The degradation of American sports culture came FULL CIRCLE the day that PETER WINDHAM was named Commissioner of NFW.”

(Seven nods, borrows the redline from Austin and takes a sip)

AUSTIN: “Now you might think that’s hyperbole, but let me tell you why it’s not. According to research, pro-wrestling is the number ONE most watched athletic event among children ages 6-14. Youth athletics is being shaped by what those kids see on NFW programming. If they see real athletes like myself and Seven, they’ll be inspired to become real athletes. But if all they’re fed by this organization is Peter Windham and friends chasing strippers around a mobile hot dog truck, or Lane Cash sexually degrading underage females, then the young men and women who COULD HAVE grown up to be Olympic level athletes in multiple disciplines, will instead go on to bit parts on reality television so they can re-enact all their favorite Peter Windham hijinx.”

“It’s not that I’m on a moral crusade. However people choose to behave in their own personal lives is their business. But as a proud ATHLETE, I am sick to my stomach at the thought of American youth being turned off from sports because of what a handful of MORONS are doing to tarnish the reputation of serious competitors…”

“...like US!” (thumbs to himself and Seven)

SEVEN: “And that little man-child has the nerve to complain about his PROMO BUDGET?! HEY! ASSHOLE! That $60,000 Fiona cut your grand production off at would feel mighty nice in the pockets of people who actually DO SOMETHING around here! Alex and I are living off Ramen Noodles! I’m fucking STARVING out here! You know how much goddamn rent is in Flatbush?”

AUSTIN: “That’s alright, Pete. (smiles, leans in, lowers voice) We like to starve. Subsistence is our friend. Laurie and I don’t want to be full. Every stomach groan, every time the utilities are shut off, or the hot water turns cold...it’s a reminder that we aren’t finished taking what is OURS from those who’ve grown fat and happy around here. In fact, we haven’t even started. And by the time you realize whose hand is in your pocket…”

(Camera quickly turns toward Seven, who appears blurry as she FLASH ROUNDHOUSE KICKS it over. The view is all jumbled now, until settling at pavement level with a cracked lens. A car drives by and kid bicycles past as we FADEOUT)
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