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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Wrestler Name:
Real Name: Fox Taylor

Height: 5' 9" Weight:134 lbs

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Enterance Music: "Angelwitch" by Angelwitch

Alignment: Face

Background Information:
Crimson red ~ Shoulder length hair; Fit and toned, but light and nowhere near overly-muscular; pretty face; no distinguishing physical features

Born into an American military family, Foxx never really remained in one place for too long. After being born in Germany, her family moved to San Antonio, TX, where her best memories still remain. Over years of moving from state-to-state and city-to-city she had practically covered the whole of the eastern United States, but her true home never changed. After a time her father was discharged from the armed forces and the family settled in Michigan.

As she continued to age her father became increasingly aggressive and violent, building up to the point of beating her mother. Afraid after he threatened her with death, her mother filed for divorce and went into hiding along with Foxx to a cabin somewhere in Michigan.

Eventually things settled again after the charges brought against her father were dropped and Foxx began visitation with her father every other weekend. But the damage was already done and Foxx nearly became a high school drop out. Her grades suffered drastically and she sank into depression. With constant badgering from her husband and the inability to change Foxx's behavior, her mother finally agreed to send Foxx to her father's permanently.

Within a week of moving, her father took to abuse to attempt to keep her in line until, after an especially violent outburst, Foxx phoned her mother and, sobbing, told her of the abusive treatment.

The next morning, Foxx left everything behind at her father's home to live with her mother again. She was forced to continue visitation despite the accusations made against him, but her attitude began to change. She was able to "redo" a year of high school that had been especially horrible and she seemed to take a brighter outlook on life. Reaching the age to choose for herself, she abandoned her father, never to speak with him or see him again.

With the change of atmosphere, Foxx became even stronger, both mentally and physically. She soon moved, alone, back to the city she had always remembered, San Antonio. She took up interests in professional wrestling, martial arts and Japanese calligraphy and soon took a trip to Japan to study and practice further.

While observing one wrestling match in particular, she recognized one wrestler as Karl "The Dragon" Brown from MCW. She stopped him after the match on the way out and they spoke for a time before leaving and meeting somewhere for a drink, where Foxx professed an interest in joining the industry. Brown agreed to get her started and introduced her to a trainer named Shinji.

Present at the time of Brown's violent outburst against her trainer, Foxx became distant from him. Over time her ties of friendship with him held, but she's still unsure of her feelings toward "The Dragon" in Karl Brown.

Now in the present, Foxx has risen to the challenge placed before her and joins the colorful ranks of the EPW. Foxx has no phenomenal expectations and her goal is not to become the best or win a belt, but merely to improve her ability and learn from mistakes to better herself overall. She still holds the words of her first trainer, Shinji, as the greatest truth. She also, though, believes in "An eye for an eye" and if faced with dishonorable acts she won't hesitate to return them.

Titles Held:
None to date


Normal Moves: Shooting Star Press, Asai Moonsault, Sharpshooter, Surfboard, Dragon Suplex, Figure Four Leg Lock, Hurricanrana, Tiger Suplex, Short-arm Clothesline, Arm Lock, STF, Swing Sleeper (Sleeper Hold to Giant Swing)

Set up move:

Set up Description:

Finishing Move:
Vixen's Tail; Vixen Dive; Cerberus

Finishing Move Description:
Vixen's Tail: Similar to a sharpshooter. From there, she hooks their legs under her arm. She then bends over backwards and grabs their chin with her other arm. She then leans forward again, bending them in half as she lifts their upper-body off the mat, bringing their head and feet closer together

Vixen Dive: She faces the crowd from the top rope of a turnbuckle with the opponent on the mat belly up. She then leaps off into an inward 450 degree body splash into a pin

Cerberus: She performs a German suplex, rolling through, lifting the opponent off the canvas. She keeps a hold of them, hitting a dragonsuplex, before rolling through again. She then in the same movement hits a Tigersuplex, holding on for the pin
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