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Fort Wayne, Indiana House Card


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Nov-14-02 AT 08:48 PM (EST)](The camera slowly fades into Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman, sitting behind a

large studio desk. The two are talking about the current scene in GLCW but

when the music stops, they both turn to the camera.)

TONY ROSS: Welcome everyone, to the GLCW Recap! Tonight we look back to Fort

Wayne, Indiana and an exciting night of GLCW action.

RICK WISEMAN: That it was, but why stand here talking about, let's to the

footage. The show opened with "The Lost Cause" taking on The Emerald Warrior.

TONY ROSS: And Chris O'Neill frankly didn't not have much luck at all versus

The Emerald Warrior.

(CUT TO: Emerald Warrior and Chris O'Neill staring at each other across the

ring. CUT TO: The two exchanging punches. CUT TO: Warrior ducking a left hook

and hitting a tight powerslam. CUT TO: Emerald Warrior dropping O'Neill with

a snake eyes. CUT TO: O'Neill countering a back drop into a DDT. CUT TO:

Emerald Warrior hitting O'Neill with a superkick. CUT TO: Emerald Warrior

planting O'Neill with an explosive powerslam. CUT TO: Emerald Warrior putting

Chris O'Neill up in the Torture Rack. O'Neill submits. Time of match: 6:32)

TONY ROSS: Emerald Warrior shows that he can hang with anyone in the GLCW.

O'Neill simply couldn't get it going against The Emerald Warrior.

RICK WISEMAN: But that was just one match and I see lots of potential in both

these wrestlers.

TONY ROSS: Speaking of full of potential, these next two wrestlers are

stocked full. Of course, much like our previous fight, this was a solid

example that if you don’t come to win, you aren’t going to win.

RICK WISEMAN: Let’s go to the ring, as Entropy goes one-on-one with Jon


(CUT TO: Savage coming to the win with Lyla. CUT TO: Entropy slowly stalking

to the ring. CUT TO: Savage hitting an eye poke, followed by a DDT. CUT TO:

Savage going for a hip toss, but Entropy hits a knee to the gut. Then Entropy

attempts a hangman’s neckbreaker, but Savage escapes with a mule kick. CUT

TO: Savage applying an Indian death lock on Entropy, but Entropy getting to

the ropes. CUT TO: Entropy going for a superkick, only to have Savage duck

and clip his other leg. CUT TO: Savage stomping away at the knee. CUT TO:

Savage going for the figure-four, but Entropy escaping with several right

hands. CUT TO: Entropy hitting a bareback on Savage and going for a pinfall.

Savage gets his foot on the ropes. CUT TO: Entropy going for a Yakuza kick,

but getting slowed down by his hurt knee, giving Savage enough time to move

and kick Entropy in his nether regions. CUT TO: Savage hoisting the suffering

Entropy up and dropping him in a jumping piledriver. He then gets the three

count. Time of match: 8:09)

RICK WISEMAN: A great win for a great competitor in Jon Savage as he, after

suffering several early set-backs, finds him back on the winning track.

TONY ROSS: Undoubtedly, this match was a disappointment for Entropy, but he

just has to regroup and come back again next time.

RICK WISEMAN: Precisely, a wrestler can’t let one win or one loss define him.

These men both have what it takes.

TONY ROSS: Speaking of talented areas, the GLCW has one of the strongest tag

team divisions I have seen in all my career as a wrestling announcer. And two

teams, both with claims to the titles, squared off next in a contest that

they hope to use to advance themselves in the tag team division.

RICK WISEMAN: I am not sure the Unholy Alliance is ready to part with those

titles yet, though.

TONY ROSS: Well, I believe the High Plains Drifters and Kurtel and Xanatos

have each other to contend with first.

(CUT TO: The High Plains Drifters coming down to the ring. CUT TO: Xanatos

coming to the ring. CUT TO: Nick Kurtel coming to the ring. CUT TO: Parker

cutting off Kurtel getting into the ring. CUT TO: Kurtel hits a running

dropkick on Rogers. CUT TO: Parker hitting a half nelson slam on Xanatos. The

ref is trying to restore and threatening a no contest. CUT TO: Xanatos and

Rogers battling on the floor. Rogers goes down and Parker flies off the top

with a spinning heel kick on Xanatos. CUT TO: Nick Kurtel jumps off the top

rope with a moonsault press on the pile of bodies. CUT TO: The ref shaking

his hands and declaring that his count had reached 10. Time of match: 5:12)

TONY ROSS: Well, certainly not the finish either of these men wanted, but

that is how the situation tumbles down, I suppose. A solid lesson, you have

to pay attention to the referees count, because these GLCW referees have real

authority here.

RICK WISEMAN: Exactly. If these referees tell you to get to your corner,

you’d be smart to do it because these guys are not afraid to do what it takes

to restore order.

TONY ROSS: But speaking of potential, up next we have two guys who not only

have great potential, but have already realized their potential.

RICK WISEMAN: Maelstrom and Masked Blazer are both great veterans and two of

the longest lasting in this business. Both have experienced success,

especially Maelstrom, who is widely considered one of the best, if not the

best, EVER.

(CUT TO: Masked Blazer coming to the ring. CUT TO: Maelstrom coming to the

ring with the fans on their feet. CUT TO: Maelstrom pounding away at Masked

Blazer. CUT TO: Masked Blazer sinching in a sleeper hold. Maelstrom escapes

with back elbow. CUT TO: Maelstrom clotheslining the Masked Blazer over the

top rope. CUT TO: Masked Blazer DDTing Maelstrom on the floor. CUT TO:

Maelstrom reversing a suplex on the floor. CUT TO: Masked Blazer attempting a

splash from the apron to the floor, but Maelstrom getting his knees up. He

then rolls the Blazer back into the ring. CUT TO: Maelstrom hitting a

powerbomb package, but Masked Blazer kicking out at two. CUT TO: Maelstrom

belly-to-belly suplexing Masked Blazer. CUT TO: Masked Blazer kicking

Maelstrom low. CUT TO: Masked Blazer loading his mask with something. CUT TO:

Masked Blazer hitting Maelstrom with a headbutt. Pinfall attempt, but

Maelstrom kicks out at 2.99. CUT TO: Masked Blazer attempting another

headbutt, but Maelstrom blocks it with his forearms, ducks under and slaps on

the Mortal Sin. CUT TO: Masked Blazer going out. Maelstrom wins. Time of

match: 11:13)

RICK WISEMAN: Maelstrom continues his winning ways here in GLCW with a win

over the Masked Blazer.

TONY ROSS: Masked Blazer is a tough competitor though, and I am sure he will

focus in and be back to his winning ways soon. And that cannot be a good

thing for Jarod Poe, Masked Blazer’s main target.

RICK WISEMAN: But coming up now, we have a tag team confrontation between the

team of Jean Rabesque and Troy Martinez, taking on John Skieler and “Simply

Sensational” Sean Edmunds.

TONY ROSS: Edmunds making his return to the ring for GLCW and looks like he

has the same old target in Jean Rabesque. And Jean has also got to be looking

over his own shoulder at former Tri-State Terror Troy Martinez. This one

should be a classic.

CUT TO: John Skieler and Sean Edmunds coming to the ring. CUT TO: Troy

Martinez coming to the ring. CUT TO: Jean Rabesque coming to the ring

separate. CUT TO: Rabesque bodyslamming Skieler. CUT TO: Skieler bumping into

Edmunds. CUT TO: Rabesque and Edmunds brawling. CUT TO: Martinez press

slamming Skieler. CUT TO: Edmunds and Rabesque fighting on the floor.

Martinez whips Skieler and Skieler hits the referee. CUT TO: Edmunds hitting

Rabesque and Martinez with a steel chair. He then hits the downed Skieler

with a chairshot. He spits on Skieler and hits him in the leg. CUT TO:

Edmunds walking out on Skieler. CUT TO: Rabesque putting the figure four on

Skieler. CUT TO: Skieler tapping out. Rabesque/Martinez win. Time of match:


TONY ROSS: Rabesque continues to climb here in the GLCW as he and Martinez

show pretty good continuity as a tag team and pick up the victory over

Skieler and Edmunds.

RICK WISEMAN: That’s despite an impressive showing by Edmunds. Obviously the

egocentric Edmunds thought he was doing ALL the work, and hung his bruised

partner out to dry.

TONY ROSS: Two wrestlers who seem to be able to wrestle in synch with each

other very well, however, are our current GLCW Tag Team champions, the Unholy

Alliance. On our last program the duo of Kraven and Flatliner put away the

stellar team of Golem and Maelstrom. Maybe this time, however, they will get

a true test from a team that will successfully work together. The match up

against the team of “Showtime” Steven James and “The Wolf” Chris McMillan.

(CUT TO: McMillan and James come down to the ring. CUT TO: The Unholy

Alliance comes to the ring. CUT TO: Kraven hitting a clothesline on James.

CUT TO: McMillan attempting a crossbody, but getting backbreakered by

Flatliner. CUT TO: Flatliner chokeslamming McMillan. CUT TO: James delivering

a sleeper neckbreaker to Kraven by standing on the second rope. CUT TO:

Flatliner countering a German suplex with a go behind, and then a full nelson

slam. CUT TO: Kraven hitting a front layout suplex on McMillan. CUT TO: James

trying to Flatliner up for the “Lights Out” but to have Flatliner counter it

with a DDT. CUT TO: Kraven and Flatliner executing a back suplex/chokeslam

tag team maneuver on McMillan. CUT TO: The Unholy Alliance execute an

inverted Doomsday Device on James. Three count. Unholy Alliance wins. Time of

match: 9:52)

TONY ROSS: A great effort put out by the two aspiring stars of the GLCW, but

the force of the UA proved too powerful on this occasion and retain their tag

team titles.

RICK WISEMAN: Now, upcoming is our main event, as Golem gets a well deserved

rematch after the confusion of the ending of the last confrontation between

himself and Michael Manson, the GLCW World Champion.

TONY ROSS: Two great competitors in a match that should be full of unfinished

business set to be settled, let’s go to the tape!

(CUT TO: Golem coming to the ring. CUT TO: Manson coming to the ring. CUT TO:

Golem and Manson exchanging shoves. CUT TO: Golem hitting a leaping DDT. CUT

TO: Manson hitting a chickenwing waistlock suplex. CUT TO: Manson hitting a

sitout powerbomb on Golem. CUT TO: Golem hitting a powerbomb pickup into

stungun. CUT TO: Manson hitting a straight jacket suplex. CUT TO: Golem

hitting his tiger suplex, but Manson kicking out. CUT TO: Manson going for

the Tourniquet Crossface but Golem countering it with a half nelson legsweep

faceslam. CUT TO: Golem applying the Claw. CUT TO: The Unholy Alliance

running to the ring. Manson escapes the Claw by dropping out of the ring

through the middle rope. CUT TO: The Unholy Alliance distracting the referee

and Golem. Golem turns around and gets hit in the head with a chair from the

floor. Manson drops the chair on the apron and goes over to cover Golem. CUT

TO: Golem kicking out before the three. When they are getting up, it becomes

clear that Golem has re-applied the Claw. Manson reaches over and grabs the

chair and he hits Golem in the head with it right in front of the referee.

Golem wins. Time of match: 19:12. Post match, Manson unloads on Golem with

the steel chair.)

TONY ROSS: Golem equals the score against Manson, but certainly not the way

he was looking for. Manson retains his title at the cost of the victory.

RICK WISEMAN: Certainly this win is bittersweet for Golem because the title

was in his grasp, but certainly he has another shot down the line. After all,

he did win the match.

TONY ROSS: Yes, the battle, but it seems the war went to Michael Manson and

that steel chair.

RICK WISEMAN: It looks like we are out of time here, folks, so until next

time, I’m Rick Wiseman…

TONY ROSS: And I’m Tony Ross…

RICK WISEMAN: Wishing you and yours a good night.

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