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Flint, Michigan Wired


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-03 AT 07:11 PM (EST)](FADE-IN: to GLCW interviewer Lady V, seemingly rushing outside of a
building. The cameraman manages to keep up with her, and she points out towards the parking lot.)

LADY V: Over there!

(The pair hurry over to a row of cars, and Lady V turns around to face the camera, microphone in hand, as she stands in front of the cars. Behind her, one of the cars seems to have the driver's side window cracked many ways, but not quite shattered.)

LADY: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm standing outside the parking lot where the GLCWs Flint, Michigan house show is about to take place. Just moments ago, I received an anonymous tip that one of the GLCWs wrestlers was going to be ambushed right here in the parking lot. Indeed, it seems that is the case, as this car window is smashed, with some blood left on it. Let's see if this anonymous tip paid off...

(Lady V turns and slowly peers around the car, then briskly walks over to the side of the car. The cameraman follows, and finds a body laying on the concrete next to the car. The driver's side window is smashed and blood can be seen on the glass.)

LADY V: It appears it's true! But who...

(Bending down and looking at the figure, Lady V becomes wide-eyed, then backs off as she stands back up.)

LADY V: I-I can't believe it! It's Golem! Golem has been attacked out here...but who could have done it? Michael Manson? Anarky, perhaps? Maelstrom? Whoever it was...to do this to Golem....

(The camera focuses in on the bloody face of Golem, who lays motionless on the ground. A few seconds later, the scene is covered with film reels, rapidly running down either side, each with a GLCW highlight. The reels begin to slow down, and then burn up from the bottom up the sides of the screen, as flames course upward, and leave us with a dark screen momentarily. Then a framing of a online media player fades onto the perimeter of the screen, as backstage and match clips from previous GLCW shows cycle on the screen. The camera zooms out to show a computer monitor playing the clips on a media player. This all fades to static, and the GLCW logo projects itself center screen, until the word "Wired" bumps the logo off the screen. The screen then blurs, and when it clears we are getting what appears to be an online feed of a studio. Sitting behind a table are Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman, who have small stacks of papers set in front of

TONY ROSS: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the official online broadcast premiere of the GLCWs house show recap, GLCW: WIRED!!

RICK WISEMAN: And what a gruesome, yet startling way of kicking off the show! That footage was from before things got underway, as Lady Veronica indicated, with Golem being taken out by...well, who knows who.

TR: Yes, and it's an almost nonexistant thing to see Golem, known by most as a career killer, to be lying on concrete in such a state. But the show in Flint, Michigan would have much action in and of itself! Debuts, bad blood, and titles on the line!

RW: The first of the bad blood being what we already saw. But that's not including the match between Jared Justice and his target since entering the GLCW, Michael Manson!

TR: Justice seems infatuated with achieving what has thus far been
unachievable by anyone, and that's to take Michael Manson out. Manson's been dealt burns and worse before, so Justice will have to bring lots of firepower with him, no pun intended...

RW: That's true, but also keep in mind the total lack of stability possesed by Jared Justice. He's gotten intentionally disqualified already, just so he could break out the flames and try to put on a roast! That's hardly par for what Manson usually encounters.

TR: Which makes for one interesting matchup. Another match to look forward to is what some would call an awaited contest that had been put on hold. Minion, the crazed follower of Tom Parker, and the man...the myth...and the legend, Suicide, finally get into the ring and square off.

RW: These two had a chance to lock it up in the past, but due to unforeseen events, it never happened. Now they have both come to meet again here, and it's on. Suicide, the decorated wrestler, skilled in many facets of the sport...and Minion, the unpredictable, wild brawler who has his own legacy, will see what the other is made of.

TR: In addition, this hosue show searched for some concrete answers to the questions surrounding Nikolai Ash and the Great Lakes Champion, Maelstrom. What I'm referring to is the debate that has been going around, concerning whether Ash's countout victory over Maelstrom meant anything or not. Maelstrom went on to soon after defeat Michael Manson for the GLCW Championship, and Ash went on winning, only not in the title scene. So it seems Maelstrom only suffered that defeat due to the intereference of Manson, on that house show he lost to Ash.

RW: See, now I can't just let that go, Tony. I'm not sure it's as simple as that. Maelstrom was not having his way with Ash, as I haven't seen anyone dominate Nikolai Ash since he's come into the GLCW. Maelstrom is a formidable opponent, but I think Nikolai Ash had worn him down enough that Manson's involvement was able to put the finishing touches on Maelstrom, and finish him off in that instance. I would say this is a very close matchup.

TR: That would be our Main Event of the night, with Ash this time getting a chance to not only beat Maelstrom, but lay claim to the GLCW Heavyweight Championship.

RW: It should turn out to be a great match. But Tony, to me there was an even more enticing match on this show, and that was the Gauntlet Match to determine a number one contender to the GLCW Television Championship. Six men going to wrestle, all of whom had a good chance to win. In addition, you had some tension already running through these particular participants of the gauntlet. Nemesis has run into "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan and the Cannonball Kidd previously, none of the three having much good to say about the others. Cannonball Kidd also has had some bad blood developing with "Showtime" Steven James.

TR: And I think Jon Savage is always ready and willing to tear into anyone to get himself noticed, much less have a title shot granted to him.

RW: You're right about that one. Plus, don't exclude Golem, who is always a challenge, and would go on to participate in the match despite the injuries he sustained prior to the start of the show. So really, there's no love lost between these guys, which in my opinion makes for a great gauntlet match!

TR: I'm sure it will be a very competitive match, as the Television Title match itself should be. At the house show in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Jarod Poe and Larry Tact faced off for the first time. They battled to a draw, with both men unable to put the other away. Now in Flint, they will have a second go at it, with the TV Title on the line!

RW: The stakes have been raised, and changes will have to be made by both men in this match, if one wishes to come out the clear victory. Which, I'm sure, both men intend on doing. Larry Tact has downplayed the fact that the TV Title is on the line, at least moreso than many others would. But I wonder if he is hiding his true intentions, as Jarod Poe thinks, or if there is something else. Perhaps Tact is just glad to be back in the ring, after that long absence he took.

TR: Whatever Tact's feelings are, Jarod Poe certainly doesn't think he will be parting with the GLCW Television Title in only his second defense of it. The Jobber held onto that belt for quite a while, and so Poe probably wants to have a nice reign of his own, to further solidify his status in the GLCW.

RW: I think it's safe to say that both these men are seeking to definitively beat the other one tonight, and no draws should be expected.


TR: Well put, Rick. But to start the show off, we had a debut, as
"Gentleman" Johnathan Marx took his first steps in a GLCW ring.

RW: Marx is known for his old-school wrestling approach, and has already been seen openly criticizing the GLCW at Riptide. Specifically, GLCW Commissioner King Krusher and GLCW Owner Scott Malec.

TR: Not exactly the smartest way to make a good impression. His tenure would begin with a match against "Twisted Prodigy" Ryan Roberts, who doesn't seem to have any regard for the old-school style....

(CUT TO: "Twisted Prodigy" Ryan Roberts making his way to the ring, getting a mixed reaction. CUT TO: "Gentleman" Johnathan Marx coming to the ring, getting some mild heat. CUT TO: Marx getting into the ring and Roberts coming right at him with a Springboard Elbow off the second rope. CUT TO: Marx with a clip to Roberts. CUT TO: Marx with some chops to Roberts, backing him into a corner. CUT TO: Roberts coming out of the corner and hitting a Twisting Back Kick sending a charging Marx down. CUT TO: Roberts with a Hurricanrana on a standing Marx, and holding for the pin. CUT TO: Marx kicking out. CUT TO: Roberts waiting for Marx to come back from a whip, but having another Hurricanrana reversed into an Inverted Piledriver by Marx. CUT TO: Marx with a Sleeper hold on Roberts. CUT TO: Roberts
struggling for the near ropes, but is out of reach. CUT TO: Roberts trying to stand, but Marx landing forearms to the lower back. CUT TO: Marx choking Roberts on the ropes, then using them for leverage to jump and come down on the back of Roberts. CUT TO: Marx going for his STF submission, but Roberts breaking out and rolling to the outside. CUT TO: Marx gloating in the ring to the fans, but then getting hit with a Springboard Spinning Wheel Kick of a re-entering Roberts. CUT TO: Roberts going for a Mahistrol Cradle. CUT
TO: a Marx kickout. CUT TO: Roberts with a Facebuster to Marx, then heading to the apron. CUT TO: Roberts off the top with a Swanton Bomb. CUT TO: Marx getting knees up, causing Roberts to land back first on them and fall to the mat. CUT TO: Marx successfully locking in the STF submission on Roberts. CUT TO: Roberts stuck mid-ring, and tapping out. Time of match: 4:21.)

TR: A strong performance by Marx, who used sound wrestling to keep the hazardous Roberts toned down. Eventually Roberts found himself taking that one risk that really came back to bite him.

RW: And he also found himself in the clutches of Marx's unrelenting STF submission, which has taken him to many past victories in the ring.


TR: So after a solid singles opener, we went on to the first of two tag team matches for the night. The Oak Street Beach Patrol and The Dogs of War looked to improve their own statuses in the tag scene, which has really blossomed.

RW: The Oak Street Beach Patrol brings a whole different approach than the other tag teams in the divsion. They've got composure and confidence that should not be overlooked. If I were Mcmillan and Payne, I would have made sure not to let the mellow appearance of their opposition fool them, in the time before the match.

TR: Don't overlook The Dogs of War though, Rick. These guys have shouldn't be taken as pushovers, either. Just as their name indicates, they're ready to go to war with the other teams, and surge through them to the top of the division. But let's see how this match actually turned out...

(CUT TO: The Oak Street Beach Patrol coming down to the ring, getting a good pop. CUT TO: The Dogs of War approaching the ring, getting some heel heat. CUT TO: Chris McMillan and Harold Haggler starting things off. CUT TO: Haggler with an Arm Drag on McMillan. CUT TO: McMillan with a Dropkick to Haggler. CUT TO: Haggler with a Leg Whip, then clamping the leg. CUT TO: McMillian inching towards his corner and making a tag to Jason Payne. CUT TO: Payne breaking the hold for Haggler with a stomp to the head. CUT TO: Haggler battling for control with Payne. CUT TO: Payne with a whip and Sidewalk Slam to Haggler. CUT TO: Haggler breaking free of an attempted Alabama Slam by Payne, rolling Payne up for a pin. CUT TO: Kickout by Payne. CUT TO: Haggler with a Clothesline to Payne. CUT TO:
Payne in the OSBPs corner, and a tag out to Alex Hand. CUT TO: Haggler holding Payne for Hand, who is on the top rope. CUT TO: Payne with elbows, then tossing Haggler to the mat. CUT TO: Hand going off only to be caught with a knee from Payne, doubling him over. CUT TO: Payne tossing Haggler over to top rope to the outside. CUT TO: Tag to Chris McMillan. CUT TO: Payne on the outside, sending Haggler into the ringpost with a whip. CUT
TO: McMillan with a Urinage on Alex Hand, and a cover. CUT TO: Hand with a shoulder up. CUT TO: Payne going to whip Haggler into the post again, but Haggler reverses and brings McMillan in for a short-arm Clothesline. CUT TO: Haggler getting into the ring, favoring his back, as McMillan sets Hand up for a Floatover Crucifix DDT. CUT TO: Haggler getting McMillan in a rear waistlock, causing him to release Hand. CUT TO: McMillan with elbows to break free, only to be hit from behind by Alex Hand. CUT TO: Jason Payne sending both the OSBP to the mat with a Double Clothesline. CUT TO: Jayson Payne hitting the Payne Killer on Harold Haggler, then stomping him to the outside. CUT TO: McMillan nailing Hand with a Floatover Crucifix DDT. CUT TO: McMillan scoring the three count. Time of match: 5:26.)

TR: So the relentless attack by the Dogs of War spells victory for them, in the end. They are certainly a team to be watched, currently #3 in the GLCW tag team rankings.

RW: The whole division is pretty solid, from top to bottom. I don't think the OSBP will be "wiped out" by this one loss. They'll be right back at it. But despite the improvements to the tag division, nobody seems to be able to topple the Champions, Kraven and Flatliner.

TR: At this point, the Unholy Alliance stands as the sole retainers of the GLCW Tag Team Championships. No team has been able to take those belts away from Kraven and Flatliner, who won them at the very first GLCW supercard, Chi-Town Showdown - now in stores on DVD. Later on in the show, Martial Law challenged for the tag belts, so we'll see if they could succeed where others have failed in the past.


TR: Next up was a match just waiting to happen. Minion and Suicide, from time to time, had been in the same promotion. However, never had they met in the ring. So Flint would mark the first-ever match between the two!

RW: As we said, they once were set to wrestle each other, but it never came to pass. But now these two legends set ot face off...

(CUT TO: Suicide coming down to the ring with the fans cheering him, for the most part. CUT TO: Minion walking down the ramp, a crazed look in his eyes, to major heat from the crowd. CUT TO: Minion and Suicide circling each other in the ring, then locking up. CUT TO: Minion with an Arm Wringer, but Suicide reverses and gets Minion locked up. CUT TO: Minion going to reverse the hold, but Suicide letting go and tripping him up. CUT TO: Suicide applying a Leg Lock, and Minion battling back with punches. CUT TO: Suicide turning the hold into an Indian Deathlock, quelling Minion's resistance
temporarily. CUT TO: Minion getting the ropes, and Suicide releasing the hold. CUT TO: Suicide hitting a stiff martial arts kick to the head of Minion. CUT TO: Suicide pinning, but Minion kicking out. CUT TO: Minion ducking under a Clothesline by Suicide, turns, and hits Suicide in the back of the head with a Jumping Kick. CUT TO: Minion whipping Suicide into the corner and coming in with a Jumping Calf Kick. CUT TO: Minion hooking a staggered Suicide and landing a Flapjack Suplex. CUT TO: Minion with a pin, but Suicide kicks out. CUT TO: Minion applying a headlock to Suicide. CUT TO: Suicide getting to a knee, but Minion putting on more pressure. CUT TO:
Suicide getting up, but Minion turns and knees him in the stomach, then reapplies the headlock. CUT TO: Suicide grabbing the ropes, but Minion not letting go in frustration, and the referee trying to pull him off. CUT TO: Suicide getting to his knees, then his feet as Minion still has the hold applied, and the referee backing off as Suicide counters into a Back Suplex, breaking Minion's hold. CUT TO: The referee putting in a ten count. CUT TO: Both men getting up at 6, with Minion charging in only to be surprised as he is caught in a wraparound pin by Suicide. CUT TO: Two count on Minion. CUT TO: Suicide hitting a Spinebuster on Minion off a whip. CUT TO: Suicide hitting a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Minion. CUT TO: Suicide hitting a Suicidedriver on Minion, followed up with a pin. CUT TO: Minion
with a shoulder up just before three. CUT TO: Suicide setting up for the Burning Hammer, but Minion slipping out and hitting a Neckbreaker on Suicide. CUT TO: Minion with stomps to the midsection of Suicide in a corner. CUT TO: Minion with a Double-Underhook Suplex on Suicide, then setting him up in a corner on the top rope. CUT TO: Minion with a SuperPlex on Suicide. CUT TO: Suicide kicking out of the pin attempt. CUT TO: Minion nailing Suicide in the head with punches, then bringing him up and hitting a couple of Headbutts to Suicide. CUT TO: Minion with a whip and Tilt-a-Whirl Slam on Suicide into a pin. CUT TO: Minion unable to get the three count, as Suicide gets a shoulder up. CUT TO: Minion yelling at the ref and grabbing him by the shirt, shaking him. CUT TO: Minion Clotheslining
Suicide down hard before Suicide can establish a vertical base. CUT TO: Minion with stomps on Suicide, then a pin. CUT TO: Suicide again with a shoulder up before a three count can be made. CUT TO: Minion yelling out and looking full of rage. CUT TO: Minion stomping Suicide out of the ring, then going over and ripping the pad off one of the top turnbuckles. CUT TO: Minion rolling to the outside, only to meet a stiff kick to the ribs by Suicide, bending him over. CUT TO: Suicide hitting a Spinebuster on Minion, sending him crashing to the floor. CUT TO: Minion staggering up, and going after Suicide with a flurry of punches. CUT TO: Minion going to slam Suicide's head into the barrier, but Suicide countering and Minion's head
slams against the post. CUT TO: Suicide trying to roll Minion back into the ring, but Minion hitting a low blow. CUT TO: Minion ramming Suicide into the apron repeatedly, keeping his arms locked around Suicide's midsection. CUT TO: Minion throwing Suicide to the floor, but Suicide kicking Minion back into the apron as he bends down. CUT TO: Minion going at Suicide again, and Suicide landing a Drop Toe Hold that sends Minion face-first into the barrier. CUT TO: Suicide getting back into the ring as the referee's count reaches 7. CUT TO: Minion getting in at 9. CUT TO: Suicide evading a Clothesline by Minion, then a haymaker Minion throws as he turns around.
CUT TO: Back Body Drop by Suicide as Minion comes after him again, Minion hitting the apron and then dropping to the floor. CUT TO: Minion up on the outside, only to see Suicide come out of the ring with a Corkscrew Plancha. CUT TO: Minion just barely diving out of the way, and Suicide landing on the floor. CUT TO: Minion rolling Suicide into the ring and then getting on the apron himself, yelling out at the crowd, and then saying something with his head hung down. CUT TO: Suicide up in the ring, but Minion grabbing him and
leading him to the exposed turnbuckle. CUT TO: Suicide hitting elbows to Minion and trying to slam his head into the turnbuckle, but Minion stops it, grabbing the turnbuckle with his own hands so his head hits them. CUT TO: Minion staring at Suicide with a crazed look, and kneeing Suicide through the ropes. CUT TO: Minion taking Suicide with his bloody hands and ramming Suicide's head into the exposed turnbuckle three times, then pushing him off. CUT TO: Suicide getting up slowly, busted open, as Minion comes into
the ring. CUT TO: Minion going for a Double-Arm Sit-Out ChokeSlam, the Redemption, but Suicide grabbing Minion's head with his own hands, and breaking free with Headbutts. CUT TO: Suicide with the pin, but Minion getting his shoulder up. CUT TO: Suicide going for a modified Triangle Hold, but Minion scrambling to the ropes before Suicide can lock it in. CUT TO: Suicide setting up for another Suicidedriver, but Minion taking out the legs and mounting Suicide with punches, then kicking Suicide in the head as he's getting up. CUT TO: Minion whipping Suicide, but Suicide reverses and looks
to lock in a Sleeper, but Minion pushes him off and into the ropes. CUT TO: Minion hitting the Redemption on the return, and going for a pin. CUT TO: Minion getting the three count. Time of match: 13:31.)

RW: A close match between both these two, with both getting several
nearfalls, but it ended as Minion managed to hit the Redemption and score the pinfall.

TR: Suicide had held off Minion, even in his crazed state, and nearly had Minion finished. This match went to Minion, but it very well could have gone to Suicide.

RW: Yes, if they lock up again, the outcome could easily be different. Both these guys are regarded as legends, and rightfully so.


TR: On to our next match, now, which has been fueled by the heated talk of both the competitors, those being Anarky and Jared Wells.

RW: These two are both fired up and ready to tear each other apart, no question about it. Wells has the opportunity to topple a man that he was seemingly overshadowed by. Anarky, on the other hand, wants to show he is merely being teased by having to face someone such as Jared Wells.

TR: And right from the start of this match, the tension was ready to

(CUT TO: Anarky making his way down to the ring, getting heavily booed by the fans. CUT TO: "Rage o' Fire" Jared Wells coming out to the ring, the crowd cheering him loudly. CUT TO: Wells and Anarky meeting mid-ring, engaging in a face-to-face staredown, the fans going crazy. CUT TO: The crowd exploding in cheers as Wells gives Anarky a hard slap across the face. Anarky comes back and whales Wells with a punch, Wells comes back with one of his own, and the two begin brawling. CUT TO: Anarky with a club over the back of Wells, then a kneelift that sends him down. CUT TO: Anarky whipping
Wells into the ropes, then on the return going for a Tilt-a-Whirl
Backbreaker, but Wells flips out of it and lands on his feet, then shoots forward and Clotheslines Anarky down. CUT TO: Wells with a Gordbuster on Anarky, followed up with a leg drop and pin, but Wells picks Anarky up at one and opts to whip him hard into the corner. CUT TO: Wells picking at Anarky with a series of chops and kicks. CUT TO: Wells setting Anarky up on the top rope. CUT TO: Wells on the second rope, as Anarky is sitting at the top, and Anarky rakes the eyes of Wells. CUT TO: Anarky off the top rope, taking Wells with him, in a Neckbreaker variation. CUT TO: Anarky quick to
go for a pin, but Wells kicks out shortly after. CUT TO: Anarky delivering blows to the head of Wells, backing him into the ropes. CUT TO: Anarky applying a hold on Wells' arm, as it is wrapped around the top rope and Anarky stands on the apron. CUT TO: Anarky breaking the hold as the referee reaches four on his count. CUT TO: Wells turning and trying to knock Anarky off the apron, but Anarky ducking and hanging Wells neck with a Guillotine as he jumps off the apron. CUT TO: Anarky getting back in the ring and working over the arm of Wells with stomps. CUT TO: Anarky with an Armbar center ring. CUT TO: Wells reaching the ropes, and Anarky again holding onto the hold until a count of four forces him to break. CUT TO: Anarky
whipping Wells into the ropes, but Wells ducking under a Clothesline and coming back with a Flying Lariat of his own. CUT TO: Wells favoring the arm but using his other to hit another Clothesline on Anarky, sending him back down. CUT TO: Wells going for a cover, but Anarky kicking out. CUT TO: Wells with a Jawbreaker on Anarky, followed up by a Swinging Neckbreaker off the ropes. CUT TO: Wells using the ropes to choke Anarky, and the ref reaching three before Wells breaks it. CUT TO: Wells with a Suplex, then holding on for two more, and floating over on the last one for a pin. CUT TO: Anarky kicking out at two. CUT TO: Wells with a Dropkick to the face of Anarky, and then sits him up and hits a Flipping Neckbreaker. CUT TO: Wells covers, and Anarky kicks out. CUT TO: Wells with chops to Anarky in the corner. CUT TO: Wells charging for a Body Splash, but Anarky drops down in time for Wells to eat turnbuckle. CUT TO: Anarky grabbing Wells from behind and hitting a Half Nelson Suplex, holding on for a pin. CUT TO: a Wells kickout. CUT TO: Anarky with an Arm Takedown, scissoring the arm afterwards. CUT TO: Wells rolling to get out of the hold, but Anarky having none of it and striking Wells down. CUT TO: The referee asking Wells if he
wants to submit, but Wells shaking his head. CUT TO: Wells inching to the ropes, but still out of reach, then tries to roll out of it again, but again Anarky won't allow it. CUT TO: Wells being asked again if he will submit by the referee, and Wells shoves the referee away. CUT TO: Wells grabs the ropes, but Anarky holds on again, and the referee physically removes him, warning Anarky. CUT TO: Anarky on the outside, dragging Wells to a corner. CUT TO: Anarky trying to wrap Wells' arm around the ring post, but Wells shoves him off. CUT TO: Anarky going for the arm again, but Wells kicking him into the barrier. CUT TO: Anarky heading to the apron, but Wells comes
through the ropes with a Dropkick to Anarky, sending both men down. CUT TO: Wells sending Anarky into the apron with a whip, but holding his arm right afterward. CUT TO: Anarky being set just inside the ring, and Wells coming over the top rope from the apron with a Leg Drop. CUT TO: Wells with a pin, but Anarky gets a shoulder up. CUT TO: Wells with another choke on Anarky, the referee putting in a four count before Wells breaks, and the referee warns Wells. CUT TO: Wells going for the Rage Drop on Anarky, but Anarky getting out of it to his feet. CUT TO: Anarky grabbing Wells' worked over arm and jumping down onto the mat with it. CUT TO: Anarky hooking a leg,
but Wells kicking out. CUT TO: Anarky putting Wells into the corner and hitting punches and strikes, then setting him on the top. CUT TO: Anarky and Wells on the top, facing the crowd, then Anarky hitting a Super Back Drop. CUT TO: Anarky with a cover, but Wells kicks out before three. CUT TO: Anarky looking for the scissored Armbar again, but Wells rolling out of it and mounting Anarky to whale away at him. CUT TO: Both men standing and exchanging blows, with Wells getting the advantage and whipping Anarky, but it's reversed. CUT TO: Anarky going for the Chaos Breaker, but Wells
pushing him off and rolling him up. CUT TO: Anarky kicking out. CUT TO: Wells again choking Anarky on the middle rope, yelling at him, and the referee putting in a count on Wells, who refuses to comply and continues choking Anarky. CUT TO: The referee trying to force a break from Wells, who in response turns and punches the referee. CUT TO: Anarky slipping out of the ring. CUT TO: Wells following Anarky out, and tracking him down for a Clothesline. CUT TO: Wells picking Anarky up and getting him into the ring, then rolling in as well. CUT TO: The referee getting up and calling for the bell, disqualifying Wells. CUT TO: Wells arguing vehemently with the
referee, and Anarky getting up. CUT TO: Anarky turning Wells around and hitting the Chaos Breaker. CUT TO: Anarky calmly leaving the ring. Time of match: 14:11.)

TR: Now, the referee was only trying to do his job, but I can't believe Jared Wells really meant to punch him.

RW: It seemed like Wells was just so into the match that he lost himself for an instant, and took his aggression towards Anarky out on the referee. But that's grounds for a disqualification, and so Anarky gets the DQ win.

TR: And how about after the match? Anarky delivers the Chaos Breaker to Wells! If that doesn't add insult AND injury to Wells....

RW: Anarky isn't one to turn your back on, especially Wells, who was just not backing down to him. You have to credit both these men, even though Anarky picked up the win. I have to believe that this one is not over.


RW: Speaking of unresolved....

TR: Yes, that's just what the next match up revolved around. After Michael Manson put Troy Martinez on the shelf, months ago, Martinez sought out the services of Jared Justice. Apparently Justice had been hired to target and take out Michael Manson. Not hard to believe, as one would think somebody with Manson's record of atrocities would have been taken out long ago.

RW: You're right about that, Tony. But along with being a heartless son of a gun, Manson's a tough and clever competitor. With the things that have been done to him, you'd think he'd have retired already. But he's still around, and still at the top of those places he goes to.

TR: Jared Justice looked to change all that, though, in Flint, as he was granted a No Disqualification match with Manson.

RW: More bad blood, and it would most likely be spilled during the course of this match. Let's take a look!

(CUT TO: Michael Manson walking down to the ring, but staying on the side at ringside. Manson takes a cardboard sign from someone in a hawaiian shirt, who looks strangely similar to Bueno Excellente, one of Manson's henchmen. The sign reads, "Michael Manzon Sukz," and Manson holds onto it as he waits on the outside. CUT TO: Jared Justice heading to the ring, a blowtorch in hand. CUT TO: Justice coming at Manson with the blowtorch readied, but Manson hitting Justice with the cardboard sign, and somehow causes Justice to be floored and drop the blowtorch. CUT TO: Manson fiddling with the
blowtorch, and disabling it so it cannot be used. CUT TO: Justice getting to his feet, and looking at the sign, then yelling at Manson and pointing to the sign, then his head. CUT TO: Manson nailing Justice again with the cardboard sign, and Justice staggering back, and Manson ramming him into the barrier. CUT TO: Manson ripping the cardboard sign up, to reveal a Stop sign. CUT TO: Manson taking the sign to Justice, who covers up some. CUT TO: Justice managing to tackle Manson to the ground, laying into him. CUT TO: Justice tries to take the sign from Manson, but Manson ends up nailing him flush on the head with it again. CUT TO: Manson talking down to Justice, about to hit him with the sign again, when Justice takes the
blowtorch to Manson's head, hitting him with it. CUT TO: Justice grabbing Manson and putting him in a Bearhug, then ramming Manson into the ringpost. CUT TO: Justice throwing Manson into the ringpost, back-first. CUT TO: Justice getting Manson into the ring, picking up the Stop sign and getting a singapore cane before entering. CUT TO: Manson getting to his feet and ducking a shot of the singapore cane from Justice. CUT TO: Manson grabbing the Stop sign as Justice turns, and both hitting each other's weapons with
theirs. CUT TO: Manson with a low blow to Justice, then a Back Suplex onto the singapore cane. CUT TO: Manson with a pin, Justice heaving him off. CUT TO: Justice Body Pressing Manson and throwing him to the outside. CUT TO: Justice waiting for Manson to get up on the outside. CUT TO: Justice going to Manson, who lies halfway under the ring. CUT TO: Justice pulling Manson out, and being smashed over the head with a garbage can lid. CUT TO: Manson producing two lids, and sliding one into the ring as he hits Justice with the other again. CUT TO: Both men in the ring, Justice getting up and
Manson hitting him in the knee with the lid. CUT TO: Manson looking to DDT Justice on the lid, but Justice lifting Manson up and ramming him into the turnbuckles of a corner. CUT TO: Justice hitting a Side Slam on Manson, onto the Stop sign and then pinning Manson. CUT TO: Manson getting a shoulder up. CUT TO: Justice going for the singapore cane again, then bringing it down on Manson multiple times. CUT TO: Justice waiting for Manson to get up, and when he does Justice runs at him and splits the Cane in two on Manson's head. CUT TO: Justice going to pin Manson, but Manson gets a foot on the ropes. CUT TO: Justice whipping Manson and unsuccessfully tries to hit him with the Stop sign. CUT TO: Manson jumping on Justice's back on the return, and producing a piece of the broken singapore cane. CUT TO: Manson choking Justice with the cane piece, some of
the splinters digging into the neck of Justice. CUT TO: Justice on his knees, but nails Manson with the Stop sign, breaking the choke. CUT TO: Justice pulling the cane piece out of his neck, the splinters sticking the whole thing onto his neck, blood trickling from his neck. CUT TO: Manson grabbing Justice from behind, and landing a Reverse DDT onto the Stop sign. CUT TO: Manson pins, but Justice kicks out. CUT TO: Manson slamming Justice's head on a turnbuckle a few times, then tossing him outside the ring. CUT TO: Manson taking off the padding and exposing the turnbuckle. CUT TO: Manson heading out of the ring with the Stop sign, as Justice leans against the barrier. CUT TO: Manson turning Justice around and going to hit
him with the Stop sign, but both men hitting each other with weapons, as Justice has a chair in hand. CUT TO: Both men stirring on the floor. CUT TO: Manson throwing punches at Justice, but gets kneed in the abdomen and dropped on the steps chest-first. CUT TO: Justice hitting Manson over the back with the chair, while he is still laid across the steps. CUT TO: Justice whipping Manson hard into the steps, knocking them over. CUT TO: Justice taking out a metal chain, and wrapping it around his hand before laying into Manson with punches. CUT TO: Justice leaving Manson's bloodied head on the corner of the steps, and going to sandwich it with a shot from
the chair, but Manson gets off the steps and Justice hits them with the chair instead. CUT TO: Manson walking around the ring, shaking his head. CUT TO: The same Bueno-like fan in the hawaiian shirt handing something to Manson as Justice spins him around, only to be burned by a cigarette in Manson's hand. CUT TO: Justice holding his head where the burn was made. CUT TO: Manson, with a chair in hand, nailing Justice across the back. CUT TO: Justice on the mat in the ring, Manson standing over him with the chair and nails him in the legs twice. CUT TO: Manson allowing Justice to get up, which Justice does with help from the ropes. CUT TO: Manson doubling over
Justice with a shot to the back with the chair, then gets another shot to the head, sending Justice down. CUT TO: Manson hitting a PileDriver on Justice, onto the Stop sign. CUT TO: Manson with the pin and three count. Time of match: 13:09.)

TR: A brutal match that saw both men bleed a lot, and Manson escaping out of it.

RW: He took out Justice's blowtorch right off the bat, which was a smart move. Then he just had to deal with the brutality of Justice, which no doubt took a toll on him. But Manson turned out the more enduring on that occasion.

TR: Justice will have another chance to get his hands on Manson, though, as on Riptide Commissioner King Krusher announced what could be the biggest match in GLCW history! Eight men, four sides, and TWO rings, with a steel cage surrounding it all! It's going to be WAR GAMES in the GLCW!

RW: Not only that, but it will be at the GLCWs very first Pay-Per-View, Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem! Justice and Manson will both be in the match, on opposing sides of course, along with six other participants. Justice was to have Jean Rabesque, Maelstrom, and one other on their team. When Commissioner Krusher made the match, Golem was supposed to be that fourth person, but the Clawed One came out and rejected the offer, refusing to be on the same team as Maelstrom, and stating that he could not trust anybody but one person. That, of course, was when Billy Matthews revealed himself to be the newest addition to the GLCW, and a strong one at that.

TR: Yes, but now it looks as if Golem has been taken out of action. It will be very interesting to see what transpires there, concerning Billy Matthews. As for Manson, his team will also have on it the Tag Team Champions, Kraven and Flatliner, as well as Anarky. Plenty of bad blood there, but maybe some of the problems that these eight have had with one another will be resolved through War Games. Then again, it may only serve to throw fuel onto the fire.

RW: With those eight in the ring, it's almost a guarantee that things will be volatile and not for the weak of heart. Commissioner Krusher may want to have some extra security in the house for that night.

TR: When we come back folks, we'll have highlights of the TV Title number one Contender's Gauntlet Match! Stick around!

(CUT TO: a commerical for GLCWs premier Pay-Per-View, Ringlords 1: Minnesota Mayhem! War Games and more, LIVE from the XCel Center in St. Paul, Minnesota! Fade out. A few seconds later, the online feed is restored.)


TR: Welcome back to GLCW Wired, and Rick, we've come to the match you've been waiting for.

RW: Indeed we have, Tony. It's a shame Golem was not at full strength for this match, due to what happened before the show. Nonetheless, he was willing to go to the ring and wrestle in the Gauntlet match, despite it being against doctor's orders. Credit to Golem for gutting things out that way.

TR: Yes, but Golem is not one to back down from a challenge, and this is clearly nothing less than that. And to the winner go the spoils, in the form of a Television Title shot! Before the match began, however, a couple of those involved had some things to say. The first of which was none other than Nemesis....

(CUT TO: NEMESIS bumping into LADY V backstage as he paces, getting ready for the Gauntlet match.)

NEMESIS: Oh, excuse me V, I'm sorry.

LADY V: It's all right Nemesis, have any words before the big match?

NEMESIS: Uh... I just hope that it's a great show for all of those who came to Flint, and everyone watching on the 'Net. That's all I'm out here to do tonight, though a win in a match like this would be huge.

LADY V: And the GLCW Television Title shot?

NEMESIS: Heh heh, ah of course. It would be a great honor to contend for that title. I just hope I don't disappoint this evening. I gotta take care of business tonight before I can even start worrying about TV title shots.

LADY V: Focusing on this match must be tough with five other opponents, any number of which you may or may not face.

NEMESIS: Ain't that the simple truth. Five guys, and I could either tangle with one of em, or all of em. Who knows? I just hope it's a great match... one worth watching, and one worth participating in. I don't really hope it's a great match... I KNOW it will be a great one. But, if you'll excuse me V, I gotta get ready.

LADY V: Sure thing Nemesis, thanks for your time. Good luck tonight.

NEMESIS: (walking off) Thanks, V.

(CUT TO: in the studio again.)

RW: And shortly after that, Lady V caught up with Jon Savage....

(CUT TO: Lady V standing with Jon Savage backstage.)

LADY V: In a strange turn of events tonight, guys, Jon Savage is actually going to leave his manager, Doctor Johnny Wildside, backstage as he tries to face five men....Nemesis, Golem, Stephen Morgan, Steven James, and the Cannonball Kidd.....for a shot at the GLCW Television Champion. Jon, what posessed you to do this seemingly bizzare feat?

SAVAGE: (looking at Lady V) Nice dress. Gettin' a little skanky, though, aren't ya? (crowd is heard booing). Yes, Veronica, to someone that's not very bright, it would seem bizzare. Of course, though, it's part of a greater plan. See, the GLCW front offices seem to just love to put me on the losing end of the stick. They pair me with what seems to be greater-performing talent. However, front office, the joke is on you. See, I know for a fact these other five guys graduated from the wrestlin' academy where they stare at the ring lighs all the time.....

LADY V: (frustrated) What in the hell are you trying to say?

SAVAGE: (irritated). Well, nice and easy, THEY'RE FIVE OF THE BIGGEST LOSERS IN GLCW. This gauntlet match is going to be like taking candy from a baby.....

LADY V: But Wildside's not going to be there to help you.....

SAVAGE: (more irritated) I saw a hooker in downtown Flint wearing a dress like yours. It looked better on her. Anyhow, backseat piece, I've got Wildside back here to keep any of the other scrubs from escaping. By the way, did I tell you that we think of you as outstanding?????

LADY V: (flattered) Why, thank you, Savage.....

SAVAGE: (abrupt) Yeah, when we see you outstanding in the parking lot, we think that you're out there whoring around......

(Cam shows Lady V stomping off in one direction as Savage shakes his head while most of the crowd boos Savage (some cheer, though. The camera is still on him. He looks into the camera.....)

SAVAGE: Yup, it's just like taking candy from a baby.....

(CUT TO: the studio again.)

TR: Some strong, and in some places, unnecessary words from Jon Savage to Lady V. Inside the ring was where everyone's attention turned to, though, at this point....

RW: Yes, even for the TV Champion himself!

(CUT TO: Jarod Poe coming down to the ring before the match starts, and taking a seat next to the announcers at ringside, holding the TV Title on his lap. CUT TO: Jon Savage entering the ring as the first one into the match, getting some heat from the crowd. CUT TO: Golem making his way to the ring, heavily bandaged, to a big pop from the crowd. CUT TO: Savage not letting Golem get to the ring, as he meets him on the ramp, exchanging blows. CUT TO: Savage with a Power Slam on Golem, sending him hard onto the ramp. CUT TO: Savage ripping the bandaging off of Golem. CUT TO: Golem with a Throat Thrust on Savage, buying him some time. CUT TO: Savage recovered, and going back on the offensive with Golem. CUT TO: Golem going for a whip, but Savage reversing it and picking up Golem, then ramming him
into the barrier. CUT TO: Savage whipping Golem into the apron. CUT TO: Savage in the ring, not letting Golem get inside. CUT TO: Golem pulling Savage out of the ring. CUT TO: Savage taking multiple knees to the abdomen from Golem, who then clubs him down. CUT TO: Golem gives the Claw to Savage. CUT TO: Savage breaking free with shots to the head of Golem. CUT TO: Savage down on the floor, and Golem on the apron. CUT TO: Golem off with a Splash on Savage, but seemingly adding injury to himself. CUT TO: Both men getting in the ring on opposite sides. CUT TO: Both men charging and Double Clotheslining each other down. CUT TO: Golem with a Clothesline that Savage ducks and hits a Neckbreaker. CUT TO: Savage with a Sleeper. CUT TO: Golem in extreme pain, unable to move towards the ropes. CUT TO:
Golem applying the Claw to Savage, while Savage has the Sleeper cinched in. CUT TO: Savage releasing again, spitting up some blood. CUT TO: Golem getting up dazed, and taking a Clothesline from Savage. CUT TO: Savage setting up and hitting a Jumping Piledriver on Golem. CUT TO: Savage hooking the leg and scoring the pinfall. Time: 4:52.)

TR: Golem tried to fend off Savage, even managing to get the Claw applied briefly in two instances, causing Savage to bleed. But ultimately it was to no avail, as Savage kept on him right from the start, and managed to put away Golem with that Jumping Piledriver.

RW: Savage saw where to go after Golem. He knew where Golem was vulnerable, tonight, and Golem knew, too. A gutsy effort by Golem, but Savage advanced to the next round of the Gauntlet, although he sustained some damage from Golem as well.

(CUT TO: Savage bent over in the ring, as "Showtime" Steven James runs out to a decent pop from the crowd, as the next participant. CUT TO: James sliding into the ring, engaging Savage in an exchange of blows. CUT TO: Savage flooring James with a punch, then stomping him back out of the ring. CUT TO: James getting right up on the apron, and Savage going after him, but missing and James getting a shot to the midsection, then a Sunset Flip on Savage for a pin attempt. CUT TO: Savage kicking out. CUT TO: James setting Savage in the corner and getting on the turnbuckle, punching away at Savage as the crowd counts with James. CUT TO: Savage hauling James away
from the turnbuckle at 9, and Powerbombs him down to the mat. CUT TO: Savage coughing up a little more blood, then going for a pin. CUT TO: James kicking out. CUT TO: Savage with a whip and a Clothesline, but James gets up and runs right into a Power Slam from Savage. CUT TO: Savage with a pin, but James gets the shoulder up. CUT TO: Savage going for a Suplex, but James flips out and behind Savage, then shoves Savage to the corner. CUT TO: James jumps off the second rope, going for a Jumping Tornado DDT on Savage, and nails it. CUT TO: James with a cover, but Savage just gets the shoulder up. CUT TO: James with a Russian Leg Sweep on Savage. CUT TO:
James goes for a whip, but has it reversed by Savage, who misses a Discus Punch and is hit with a Jumping Spinning Heel Kick from James on the return. CUT TO: James with a Back Suplex on Savage. CUT TO: James with a Piledriver on Savage, but Savage Back Drops James, who turns it into a Sunset Flip pin. CUT TO: Savage kicks James off to break the pin. CUT TO: Savage avoiding a Spinning Clothesline attempt by James. CUT TO: Savage going for a Back Suplex, but James flips over to his feet and hits a Snap Sleeper Neckbreaker behind Savage. CUT TO: James going for and obtaining the pin. Time: 10:19.)

RW: James has been perfecting that Snap Sleeper Neckbreaker maneuver as of late, and it paid off there as he picks up the pinfall on Savage, allowing him to advance to the third round of the Gauntlet.

(CUT TO: James waiting for his next opponent, who turns out to be
"Stupendous" Stephen Morgan. CUT TO: Morgan entering the ring and the two circling briefly. CUT TO: James with a headlock and Morgan pushing him off, then sending James down with a Shoulder Block, then dropping an elbow. CUT TO: Pin by Morgan, but James kicks out. CUT TO: Morgan leaping over James and off the ropes, but James kips up and hits a Clothesline on Morgan, sending him down. CUT TO: James with a Vertical Suplex and Elbow Drop. CUT TO: James climbing to the top rope as Morgan is getting up. CUT TO: Morgan looking up only to be hit by James with a Missile Dropkick, followed by a cover by James. CUT TO: Morgan kicking out. CUT TO: Morgan charging James,
but James sends Morgan over the top rope and to the floor. CUT TO: James looking pissed, as Morgan laughs his way to the back. Time: 12:19.)

RW: "Showtime" Steven James made a small miscalculation, and sent
"Stupendous" Stephen Morgan over the top rope. According to the rules, anyone who goes over the top, against their will, is slotted in back of everyone else in line. Which means James may have missed his best chance to eliminate Morgan, as it looked like he was gaining some momentum up to that

TR: And Stephen Morgan gets a breather as a result, which only serves to
help him, I would think. Nonetheless, Steven James would have to move on to the next opponent, who turned out to be someone with whom he's had some interaction as of late.

RW: Yes, and none of that interaction was all too pleasant....

(CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd stepping out onto the ramp, mic in hand.)

Cannonball Kidd: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don't know me, I am Cannonball Kidd...a self-actualized Man with a Message. As I look out into this crowd in Flint, Michigan, I see a lot of people that are clearly in dire need of help from my program (boo! boo!). But given the number of opponents I have tonight, I unfortunately have no time for any of you. Now, on to the matter at hand. Before we continue here, I would just like to say a few words. Well..."Showtime" Steven James. I'm sure everyone in this arena knows we've had a few issues with each other in the past. And
although you seem to be holding a serious grudge, I am more than ready to forgive. For you see, Showtime, I am still willing to help you, even if you seem to be so opposed to letting me. You're still just a big joke in the eyes of wrestling fans everywhere, and you're still unwilling to accept responsibility for your problems. But I can help you, Showtime...and I can start helping you here tonight. Because it seems to be that the best way to start familiarizing you with my program is by first getting you to accept a little dose of common sense."

(CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd running into the ring, garnering some heat along the way, and attacking Steven James. CUT TO: A whip by Kidd on James, but both guys taking each other out with a Double Clothesline. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd getting up first, and James showing some signs of fatigue as he is a bit slower to his feet. CUT TO: Cannoball Kidd with a series of chops to James in a corner. CUT TO: Cannonball sitting James on the top rope, but James pushing Kidd off. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd getting to his feet, and James going for a Missile Dropkick again, but Kidd rolling out of the way and James landing on his side. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with a cover, but a James kickout. CUT TO: Kidd with a Back Suplex attempt that James flips out of, and as Kidd turns he is kicked and James hits a
Fisherman's Suplex with bridge. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd kicks out, and James looking frustrated, briefly arguing with the ref. CUT TO: James and Kidd brawling, with James getting the edge. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd avoiding a Spinning Wheel Kick from James after an irish whip, then hitting a Jumping Leg Drop on James as he is getting up. CUT TO: James charging Cannonball Kidd in the corner for a Clothesline, but Kidd countering with an elbow. James angrily goes in again, and eats another elbow, then takes a Clothesline from Cannonball Kidd, who then ascends the near turnbuckle. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd off the top rope with the Crater Creator 450 Splash,
hitting it on James. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with a cover, and getting a three count. Time: 15:27.)

TR: Steven James was in for a while, and it caught up to him as Cannonball Kidd managed to get the better of things at the end.

RW: James also looked to be getting a bit frustrated near the end, and that also allowed Cannonball Kidd to floor James long enough to hit the Crater Creator, and get the fall. That left Cannonball Kidd to deal with another "detractor" of his program....

(CUT TO: Nemesis walking down to the ring to a good pop from the crowd. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd signalling for Nemesis to stop once he enters the ring, as Kidd again gets a mic.)

CANNONBALL KIDD: Nemesis, you and I have crossed paths before, and so far, you've been the only man in GLCW to defeat me. Now, while that will not be happening again tonight, what could happen is something even better - you could walk out of here tonight with a clear-set goal in mind, a goal of self-actualization. I've told you several times in the past, Nemesis, that your problem is a severe tendency towards obscuration - using big words to hide your lack of meaning. Perhaps you think it makes you look (making quote marks with fingers) "cool", but in reality you generally just look foolish.
I can help you, though. Just listen to me, and you can begin developing some real meaning in your statements - then you won't have to hide behind your enormous vocabulary anymore. Just say the words, and I can start helping you today, Nemesis. (Extends hand) Whaddya say?

(Nemesis looks to the crowd, who are booing loudly. Nemesis then looks down at the extended hand of Cannonball Kidd. Nemesis smacks the hand away and starts laying into Kidd with punches, the crowd popping big at seeing this. CUT TO: Nemesis with a whip and a big Back Body Drop on the Kidd. CUT TO: Nemesis with a Snap Suplex and a pin. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with a kickout. CUT TO: Nemesis pounding on Cannonball Kidd with punches, but Kidd tossing Nemesis off. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd landing a Swinging Neckbreaker on Nemesis as he's getting up. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with a Flying
Forearm on Nemesis. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with a Splash off the top on Nemesis that connects, and Cannonball Kidd hooking the leg. CUT TO: Nemesis kicking out, to the surprise of the Kidd. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd working over Nemesis in a corner. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with a Suplex on Nemesis, landing him near the corner. CUT TO: Kidd with a Leg Drop off the top, which misses and stuns Kidd as Nemesis rolls to the outside. CUT TO: Nemesis with a Gut Wrench Suplex on Cannonball Kidd. CUT TO: Nemesis with a knee to the abdomen of Kidd off a whip. CUT TO: Nemesis with a whip, the
Kidd reverses, but Nemesis comes back with a Cross Body on Cannonball Kidd. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with a kickout. CUT TO: Nemesis with a Vertical Suplex, but Kidd flips out of and hits a Back Suplex. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Nemesis off a whip. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd flying off the top rope with a Cross Body, but Nemesis
rolling through for a pin attempt. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd just kicking out. CUT TO: Nemesis with a whip, but Cannonball Kidd reverses, Nemesis ducks under a Back Elbow from Kidd and goes for a DDT, but Cannonball Kidd counters it into a Northern Lights Suplex with bridge. CUT TO: Nemesis just barely getting the shoulder up, and Cannonball Kidd not believing it. CUT TO: Cannonball Kidd arguing with the referee, and the ref indicating it was a two count. CUT TO: Nemesis coming from behind and rolling up Cannonball Kidd for a pin. CUT TO: The referee making a three count, and the pinfall
going to Nemesis. Time: 21:03.)

TR: Cannonball Kidd let down his guard for a bit, after strongly believing he had gotten a pin on Nemesis, and it just didn't pay off for him to be distracted by it.

RW: Just as Steven James' frustration leading to his elimination, so was the Cannonball Kidd's letting himself be distracted lead to his own elimination. You gotta keep your head in the game at all times, folks. Otherwise you're liable, and likely, to get burned.

TR: So that left two men left in the Gauntlet, as Stephen Morgan had not been eliminated by Steven James earlier, only sent to the back of the pack.

(CUT TO: Stephen Morgan taking his time as he heads to the ring, being showered with boos. CUT TO: The two staring each other down center ring, as the fans go nuts. Nemesis goes to punch Morgan, but Morgan blocks it and hits Nemesis, leading to a brief exchange until Morgan knees Nemesis in the abdomen. CUT TO: Morgan with two consecutive Suplexes, then hooking Nemesis for a third but kneeing him in the abdomen again, and hitting a Knee Lift. CUT TO: Morgan with a pin, but Nemesis with a kickout at two and a half. CUT TO: Nemesis being whipped from corner to corner by Morgan, who then hits
a Running Elbow and a follow-up Facebuster. CUT TO: Another Morgan pin, but another near fall as Nemesis kicks out again. CUT TO: Morgan with a Reverse Chinlock on Nemesis. CUT TO: Nemesis finding Morgan with a back elbow, and breaking the hold, only for Morgan to get caught in a Headlock by Morgan. CUT TO: Nemesis battling to his feet in the headlock, but Morgan kneeing him as Nemesis breaks the hold. CUT TO: Nemesis reversing a Morgan whip, coming back with a Cross Body Block that Morgan turns into a Fallaway Slam. CUT
TO: Morgan with a pair of Suplexes on Nemesis, hitting a knee to the abdomen before setting up for a Pumphandle Slam. CUT TO: Nemesis countering with elbows before Morgan sends him up for the Pumphandle, then putting Nemesis on his shoulder, but Nemesis slipping behind and hitting a German Suplex on Morgan, leaving both men down. CUT TO: Nemesis making a cover, but Morgan kicking out. CUT TO: Nemesis with a rear waistlock on Morgan, who does a standing switch and pushes Nemesis into the ropes for a pin, but Nemesis rolls through and tries to get a Standing Ankle Lock on Morgan, who flips Nemesis off of him and bridges over for a pin, Nemesis kicking out. CUT TO: Morgan having a whip reversed on him, coming back with a Back Elbow, Nemesis
ducking under and taking him down with a Spinning Clothesline. CUT TO: Morgan whipped hard into a corner by Nemesis, causing him to bounce out of the corner and be Clotheslined down by Nemesis. CUT TO: Nemesis with a Slingshot and Morgan hitting the turnbuckle, then Nemesis getting him in a Small Package. CUT TO: Morgan kicking out. CUT TO: Nemesis with another German Suplex, Morgan flipping through to his feet this time, and taking Nemesis out at the knee. CUT TO: Morgan hitting a Shin Breaker on Nemesis. CUT TO: Morgan getting a Leg Lock and using the ropes for leverage. CUT TO: Nemesis getting to the ropes. CUT TO: Morgan going for a Powerbomb, but Nemesis battling into a counter Facecrusher. CUT TO: Nemesis with a whip
that Morgan reverses into a PowerSlam, then pins with his feet on the ropes. CUT TO: Nemesis with a shoulder up. CUT TO: Nemesis staggering into a corner, but Morgan keeping on him with a few chops, but Nemesis then comes back with a few chops of his own until Morgan hits a knee. CUT TO: Morgan with a whip and Flying Clothesline attempt, but Nemesis ducks and comes back, Morgan dropping down. On the return Morgan looks for a running knee but Nemesis rolls him up in a pin attempt. CUT TO: Morgan kicks out. CUT TO: Morgan and Nemesis exchanging chops. CUT TO: Morgan backing Nemesis into the ropes, then whips and tries for a Clothesline, but Nemesis blocks
and turns it into the Wrath Uranage Slam and covers. CUT TO: Nemesis scores the pin and the victory. Time of match: 27:54.)

TR: A spectacular final round of the Gauntlet, with Nemesis pulling out the Wrath at a very opportune time, and managing to pin Stephen Morgan to gain the spot of #1 Contender to the GLCW Television Championship!

RW: But after the match, there was still more to be settled!

(CUT TO: Nemesis having his hand raised in the ring, when Minion comes running down and hits the ring, attacking Nemesis. CUT TO: Jarod Poe coming into the ring and helping Nemesis fend off Minion, who smartly retreats shortly after the odds turn against him. CUT TO: Poe and Nemesis in the ring, staring each other down, and Poe holding the TV Title in front of Nemesis before making his own exit. CUT TO: Nemesis walking up the ramp to cheers from the crowd.)

TR: An interesting series of events, with Minion seeking revenge after what transpired at the Milwaukee edition of Riptide, and Jarod Poe coming in to help out the newest top contender to his belt.

RW: Got to give credit to Poe for getting in there and helping out Nemesis, despite just seeing the man win the number one contender's match. And then afterward, making his own statement to Nemesis. But from beginning to end, what a Gauntlet Match that was!

TR: Indeed a tough act to follow, but the Tag Team Champions were ready to go out and show why they were still holding the gold in their next defense. We'll have that, and more, when GLCW Wired returns!

(CUT TO: a commerical for GLCW merchandise, including hats, t-shirts, mugs, and replica belts! Check out GLCW.com for more info...the screen then goes to static for a second, before the feed is brought back to GLCW studios, where Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman are ready to continue with the online broadcast.)

TR: Before the GLCW Tag Team Title Match between the Unholy Alliance and Martial Law, Lady V caught up with the new number one contender to the TV Title, NEMESIS!

(CUT TO: LADY V rushing to NEMESIS in the back. NEMESIS is exhausted and showing obvious fatigue as he treads back to the locker room.)

LADY V: Nemesis! Nemesis!

NEMESIS: (trying to compose himself somewhat, but still breathing heavily) Hey V, what's up?

LADY V: You just pulled off an amazing feat. Going through five men in a Gauntlet match, and earned yourself a shot at the Television Title! How do you feel?

NEMESIS: (wiping sweat off his face as he forces a smile) Ah... I feel great, and really tired.

LADY V: (laughing) Heh heh, I'll bet. Well hey, great job out there tonight Nemesis, and good luck next week in your match for the TV title.

NEMESIS: Thanks V, thank you very much. And thank you (points to the
camera), I couldn't have done it without you.

(NEMESIS continues walking back towards the locker room as LADY V looks on.)


RW: Nemesis has really become a wrestler for the people, and it shows as he continually reminds us all how important the fans are. Unlike that great Gauntlet match, though, the next match had titles on the line. The Great Lakes Tag Team Championships, currently held by Kraven and Flatliner, the only Tag Team Champions in GLCW history, taking on Martial Law.

TR: JC has managed to keep these guys totally dominant, and seemingly with nobody around who can touch them. But Martial Law had the opportunity to change all that in Flint, so let's get down to the highlights of this one!

(CUT TO: Martial Law, Ryan Youngblood and Steven Slayer, making their way to the ring, getting a good reaction from the crowd. CUT TO: Kraven and Flatliner walking out with the Great Lakes Tag Championships in hand, the fans giving them plenty of heat. CUT TO: A four man brawl breaking out as soon as the Champions get into the ring, both teams going right after each other. CUT TO: Things being put into order as the referee forces Kraven and Youngblood out of the ring. CUT TO: Flatliner with a whip, and both men charging with Shoulder Blocks, knocking into each other and neither one going down. CUT TO: Both men tying up, neither one able to force the other
much in either direction. CUT TO: The two tying up again, but Slayer
sneaking in an Uppercut on Flatliner, and backing him into the corner, tagging in Youngblood and double-teaming in the corner. CUT TO: Youngblood with a whip on Flatliner, then catching him in a Spinning Side Slam and covering. CUT TO: Flatliner with a kickout. CUT TO: Youngblood whipping again, but bending down early and taking a kick to the chest, Flatliner immediately grabbing him by the throat with both hands, and lifting him in a Choke Hold. CUT TO: Flatliner making a tag to Kraven, and the two whipping Youngblood into a Double Hip Toss. CUT TO: Kraven laying into Youngblood in the corner, not letting him get out, then choking him in the corner. CUT TO: The referee telling Kraven to keep it clean, and Flatliner dragging
Youngblood on the apron and going for an elbow, but Youngblood rolling out of the ring and starting to brawl with Flatliner. CUT TO: Slayer getting in the ring, pushing past the referee, and getting into it with Kraven. CUT TO: Flatliner sending Youngblood into the steps, then rolling him back in, while Steven Slayer gets in a lariat on Kraven before being forced out of the ring. CUT TO: Both Kraven and Youngblood getting to their corners and making tags. CUT TO: Flatliner and Slayer going for a test of strength, neither one able to get a clear advantage, and Flatliner landing a kick to the stomach on Slayer, then powering him over in a Suplex. CUT TO: Flatliner with a Power Slam and tag to Kraven. CUT TO: a double Double
Suplex by Kraven and Flatliner. CUT TO: Kraven with a cover on Slayer, but Youngblood breaks it up. CUT TO: Slayer whipped into the corner of Kraven and Flatliner, but getting an elbow in as Kraven runs in, then bats Flatliner off the apron, Clotheslines Kraven down and heads for his corner, but Flatliner coming in and clubbing him down halfway there. CUT TO: Youngblood trying to enter, but the referee holding him back, with Kraven and Flatliner usingthe few seconds to double-team Slayer again. CUT TO: Flatliner left in the ring to make a pin, but Slayer manages to power out. CUT TO: Slayer reversing a whip and flooring Flatliner with a Clothesline, then taking Kraven down with a Side Slam, and Flatliner grabbing Slayer's
ankle before he can reach Youngblood for a tag. CUT TO: Slayer stretching out and Youngblood reaching over the top rope to make the tag, as Slayer is hit with a forearm to the back by Kraven. CUT TO: Kraven and Flatliner double teaming Youngblood as he gets into the ring, hitting a Double Flapjack before the referee can break it up. CUT TO: Slayer making it back up but being engaged by Kraven, as Flatliner keeps Youngblood floored with stomps and chokes. CUT TO: Kraven Clotheslining Slayer out of the ring, then turning and helping Flatliner hit the Devil's Drop Powerbomb. CUT TO: Flatliner getting the pin and the win. Time of match: 11:17.)

RW: Martial Law is one of the few teams that can go power for power with Kraven and Flatliner, so they used that to help them out a bit. But when it came down to it, the experience of the UA proved a determining factor, with their double teaming and knowledge of where the other was.

TR: Sounds like a sound explanation, although Martial Law looked good in there as well. Good to see some healthy competition in the tag ranks, and with War Games coming up, Kraven and Flatliner will need to be ready to team with two other men as well, against Maelstrom, Jared Justice, Jean Rabesque, and Golem's replacement.


RW: Which could very well be Jarod Poe, as Jean Rabesque apparently proposed the idea to Poe at Riptide this past week. At the Flint house show, the topic of War Games was brought up to him by Lady V, in this interview just before his rematch with Larry Tact, this one with Poe's TV Title on the line....

(CUT TO: Poe sneaking up from behind Lady V)

Poe: Hello V...

Lady V: (startled) JAROD!!!

Poe: Do I still scare you V?

Lady V: Just a little...what are you doing?

Poe: Well you've got the mic

Lady V: Yes and tonight you have a rematch with Larry Tact. Last time you wrestled to a time limit draw...what will be different thius time around?

(Jarod laughs)

Poe: As much as Tact denies not wanting a strap around his waist...this would not be the first time he said one thing and meant another. this time around though I have no games to play. The title is on the line Larry. I've got more then a point to prove

Lady V: And you think you proved your point before?

Poe: (smiles) Yes I do. Larry didn't think I could wrestle with him.
couldn't match him hold for hold. Well I could Larry and I did. It's a different story this time though...I'm not holding back anything. bottom line is I'll do what it takes to get your shoulders to the mat...are you prepared to do the same?

Lady V: Your questioning Larry Tact?

Poe: Yes I question is heart. He says he loves this sport, but yet isn't here to win titles. I'm wondering is his heart is still in it...if the desire still burns deep. If the quest to be on top is in him. Larry wants to improve the state of wrestling, that is fine, he can't do that in the ring all on his own. I wonder he if fails once more will he still keep trying?

Lady V: Do you think he has the heart?

Poe: I guess we'll see after I take him for another dance around the ring tonight/

Lady V: At the Milwaukee Riptide, you were asked to be the final Member in War Games. Have you decided to accept or not?

Poe: You know V I take one match at a time...I don't plan too far
ahead...I've learned that lesson the hard way. However I see it as a great chance to shine in what I consider the most brutal match in wrestling.

Lady V: So is that a yes?

Poe: Does it sound like a no?

Lady V: Well...

Poe: Look V...Look V if Rabesque wants me to be on his team then I'll be there. However that is a match for another night. As of right now I have a match with Larry Tact...I have the TV Title to defend and that what my focus is on.

(Jarod looks into the camera)

Poe: Larry Tact...I took the best you had...the best you had to offer. Tonight...It's MY belt on the line and I'm not taking ANY offers. We'll see if you can keep up with the pace tonight

(Jarod turns his back and walks off)

(CUT TO: Larry Tact walking out to the ring, getting heat from the crowd. CUT TO: Jarod Poe making his way down to the ring, GLCW TV Title strapped around his waist, to a big pop from the crowd. CUT TO: Suicide coming out with a steel chair, and setting it down on the ramp as he sits and observes the first few minutes of the match. CUT TO: Poe adn Tact locking up in a collar-and-elbow tieup, which Poe breaks and Spears Tact down, landing mounted punches. CUT TO: Poe shoving Tact into the corner, landing heavy blows to the midsection. CUT TO: Poe whipping Tact to the opposite corner, but Tact coming up with a boot to the face as Poe runs in, then a Jumping Knee to take him down. CUT TO: Tact with a Wristlock on Poe, who comes around and brings Tact into an Arm Wringer, Tact then countering into an Arm
Wringer of his own before tripping up Poe and trying to trap his leg, but Poe kicks Tact off. CUT TO: Tact with a Suplex attempt, but Poe blocks and counters with a Suplex of his own. CUT TO: Poe Clotheslining Tact down, then bringing him back up and hitting a short-arm Clothesline and pinning. CUT TO: Tact kicking out. CUT TO: Poe stomping on Tact, not allowing him to get up, and Tact leaving the ring. CUT TO: Poe heading trying to pull Tact
up by the hair, getting him on the apron, but Tact landing forearms and then a knee, then using the ropes for a Sunset Flip and pin. CUT TO: Poe kicking out. CUT TO: Both men getting up and Poe landing a punch, Tact retaliating, and the two engaging in an exchange. CUT TO: Tact blocking a punch, then evading a Clothesline to hit an STO on Poe. CUT TO: Tact with a pin, but Poe kicks out. CUT TO: Tact with a whip and picks Poe up for a Spinebuster, but Poe gets a well-timed elbow to the top of Tact's head, and frees himself
before Tact brings him down, then clubs Tact and picks him up before nailing a face-first Slam. CUT TO: Pinfall attempt by Poe, but a kickout by Tact. CUT TO: Poe with mounted punches, then picks Tact up and tosses him outside the ring. CUT TO: Poe outside the ring, whips Tact but it's reversed and Tact sends Poe into the apron. CUT TO: Tact slamming Poe's head onto the apron. CUT TO: Tact bringing Poe up onto the apron, hitting a couple elbows to the chest and getting in the ring, dragging Poe mid-ring for a cover. CUT TO: Poe kicking out. CUT TO: Poe reversing a Tact whip, but Tact leaping over him as Poe bends down a bit early, and then turns into a Tact
DDT. CUT TO: Tact hitting a Rack Neckbreaker on Poe and covering him. CUT TO: Poe getting a shoulder up just before three. CUT TO: Tact working over the back of Poe with stomps, and Poe rolling out of the ring. CUT TO: Tact going for a Dropkick to Poe as he gets up from the floor, but Poe sees it and avoids Tact, who slides to the outside and meets a big Clothesline from Poe. CUT TO: Poe taking Tact to the barrier, bouncing his head off of it once, twice, Tact blocks the third, but Poe lands a forearm to Tact's head and then slams it a third time to the barrier. CUT TO: Poe driving a knee
to the back of Tact, then going for a German Suplex onto the floor, but Tact blocks and switches, only for Poe to back elbow his way out. CUT TO: Tact going for a Jumping Knee on Poe, on the outside, but Poe dodging and Tact hitting the steps, then Poe Clotheslining Tact over the steps and rolling down to the floor. CUT TO: Poe getting Tact into the ring and heading in himself, then hitting a Jackhammer Suplex and hooking the leg. CUT TO: Tact with a foot on the ropes just before the count of three. CUT TO: Poe scooping Tact up for a PileDriver, but Tact flipping it over and hitting the
Piledriver on Poe. CUT TO: Tact with a cover, but Poe kicks out, Tact calling the ref on the count, slapping his hands against each other. CUT TO: Tact putting Poe in an Abdominal Stretch, blocking the ropes from Poe, and using them for leverage at times, but Poe will not submit. CUT TO: Tact clubbing Poe and reapplying the stretch, but Poe elbowing Tact in return, and then yelling out as he manages to break the hold by Hip Tossing Tact. CUT TO: Tact right back up, ducking under a Poe Clothesline and landing a Sidekick to the back of Poe, sending him down. CUT TO: Tact cover, Poe with
a shoulder up, and Tact immediately after latching onto Poe's head with a Sleeper Hold. CUT TO: The crowd getting behind Poe, Tact applying more pressure. CUT TO: Poe getting to his knees, but Tact kneeing Poe hard in the neck, and reapplying the Sleeper. CUT TO: The crowd getting revved up as Poe inches towards the ropes, but then suddenly gets to his knees and then his feet, finally hitting a Back Suplex on Tact to break the hold. CUT TO: Both men back up and charging each other, Tact avoiding a Clothesline and hitting a Diving Neckbreaker. CUT TO: Tact with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Poe, then another as Poe gets up. CUT TO: Tact hooking the leg, but not quite as Poe kicks out. CUT TO: Tact with a whip of Poe, who dodges around a knee from Tact, then on the return Tact ducks a
bit early for Poe's Clothesline, and Poe surprises Tact with a quick knee right to the face that sends Tact down in a heap. CUT TO: Poe getting a dazed Tact up, hooking him, and hitting the "Fading Light" Screwdriver. CUT TO: Poe hooking the leg, and scoring the three count on Tact. Time of match: 18:37.)

TR: So in their second meeting in the ring, Jarod Poe comes out on top, retaining the GLCW Television Title.

RW: Now he has to look forward to facing Nemesis for the title, and I'm sure that one will be just as good, if not better than this contest was. Tact did a good job giving Poe a run for the belt, but he got caught on that last exchange, and went down like an anchor through water. From then on, it seemed academic, as Poe hit the Fading Light and made the pin.

TR: What I'm interested in knowing, also, is why Suicide was out there, "scouting" if you will. He and Tact have history, but perhaps Poe was the one he was out there for?

RW: Suicide, Tact, and Nemesis all have history with one another, and look at who's getting the next crack at Poe's TV Title. Who knows, it could be something, but then again, Suicide is very thorough in knowing his opponents, so he might have just been taking a look at the TV Champion and his work.

TR: In any event, Jarod Poe holds onto the Television Title, pinning Larry Tact in Flint, Michigan. When we come back, we'll have the Main Event of the night! Nikolai Ash and Maelstrom get into the ring for the second time in GLCW history, with the GLCW Heavyweight Title on the line! That..is..next!

(CUT TO: a promo of a dark arena. A flash of light takes up the screen, with Maelstrom's name briefly seen, and Maelstrom is then in the ring as a spotlight shines down on the middle of it. Then another flash, with the name "Jarod Poe," and Jarod Poe is seen in there with Maelstrom, a spotlight shining on a turnbuckle. This happens a third time, with "Jared Justice" being the name, and his figure standing in a corner with a third spotlight. "Jean Rabesque" accompanies the fourth flash, and he is present in another corner, as a fourth flash and spotlight shine down. All four men stand in
their respective positions, and then four more flashes play in quick
succession, the names "Manson," "Anarky," "Kraven," and "Flatliner," showing up momentarily with the flashes of light. When the fourth flash of light dissipates, each of those four stand next to one of the opposing team, face-to-face. Manson stands nose-to-nose with Rabesque, Anarky in front of Poe, Kraven and Flatliner staring down Maelstrom and Jared Justice. A final flash and the words "WAR GAMES" appear for a few seconds on the screen. Then the picture switches back to the arena, where the lights are all on and the War Games Cage is surrounding two rings, with one team in each ring. Fade out. A few seconds later, the GLCW studios are shown again, with the
online show in its home stretch for the week.)

TR: We're back, and down to the final match of this first official edition of GLCW Wired! The match being the Great Lakes Title match between the Champion, Maelstrom, and the challenger, Nikolai Ash!

RW: As we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, Ash holds the only win over Maelstrom, although it was a countout and Michael Manson interfered. There has been speculation over the validity of that win, even by the two wrestlers themselves, and Flint was where the issues would look to be settled.

TR: However, were they settled? And would we have ourselves a new
Heavyweight Champion crowned? Let's watch and see the Main Event of the night!

(CUT TO: Nikolai Ash coming down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. CUT TO: Maelstrom coming down to the ring, dragging the Great Lakes title as usual, and getting a mixed reaction, predominantly cheers. CUT TO: Both men in the ring, Maelstrom handing the title belt to the referee, who folds it and holds it up to a pop. CUT TO: Nikolai Ash wasting little time, and going right after Maelstrom with strikes, but quickly backing off as
Maelstrom tries to rage right through him with a flurry of his own. CUT TO: Maelstrom with a series of strikes, then a whip of Ash, and a big Back Body Drop. CUT TO: Maelstrom missing a leg drop on Ash, who moves out of the way and starts working over the knee of Maelstrom with stomps. CUT TO: Ash stomping Maelstrom to the corner, but Maelstrom then kicking Ash into the corner and getting up. CUT TO: Maelstrom connecting with a few punches on Ash, but when he backs up and coming in for a Clothesline, Ash drops out of the ring and pulls Maelstrom down. CUT TO: Ash pulling Maelstrom into the ringpost, crotching him. CUT TO: Ash whipping the lower leg of Maelstrom
against the post several times, then slamming it against the steps. CUT TO: Ash with a Leg Drop from the apron onto the leg of Maelstrom. CUT TO: Ash springing from the apron onto Maelstrom with another Leg Drop, and dragging him out for a cover. CUT TO: Maelstrom tossing Ash off of him, and staggering to his feet. CUT TO: Ash ramming Maelstrom back into the corner as he gets to his feet. CUT TO: Ash going for a Tornado DDT on Maelstrom, but Maelstorm holding onto him as Ash leaves the turnbuckle, and hitting a Spinebuster. CUT TO: Maelstrom with a cover, and Ash kicking out. CUT TO: Maelstrom with Ash trapped in a Bearhug submission. CUT TO: Ash having his hand held up and dropped once...twice...but keeping it up on the third time, then elbowing Maelstrom in the face, sending him down to a knee, and then a couple shots to the neck to finally break the hold. Ash quickly goes off the ropes and Dropkicks Maelstrom in the face, while he is on one knee, but Maelstrom does not go down. CUT TO: Ash coming back with a Diving Neckbreaker that takes Maelstrom down. CUT TO: Ash stepping on Maelstrom's face, then raking his eyes. CUT TO: Maelstrom being whipped and Ash springing off the second rope into a Dropkick that Maelstrom runs into and
goes down on. CUT TO: Ash with a pin, but no dice as Maelstrom kicks out. CUT TO: Ash with a Front Headlock on Maelstrom. CUT TO: Maelstrom grabbing Ash by the sides and lifting him up for a Back Body Drop, but Ash goes with his momentum and turns it into a pin attempt on Maelstrom. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting the shoulder up. CUT TO: Maelstrom catching Ash with some heavy punches, then whipping him into the ropes and connecting on a Big Boot. CUT TO: Maelstrom with a pin, but Ash gets a shoulder up. CUT TO: Maelstrom with a Stalling Suplex on Ash. CUT TO: Maelstrom pressing his
elbow onto the throat of the downed Ash. CUT TO: Maelstrom lifting Ash for a Powerbomb, but Ash pulling out a Dropkick counter that sends Maelstrom against the ropes. Maelstrom charges Ash, but misses a Big Boot as Ash clips the other leg. CUT TO: Ash with a second consecutive clip, taking Maelstrom down to his knees, then a Rolling Leg Lock. CUT TO: Maelstrom being asked by the referee if he wants to submit, and Ash kicking Maelstrom low while the referee cannot see it. Maelstrom still refuses to submit. CUT TO: Maelstrom trying to kick off Ash, but Ash opting to release the hold, and bridge Maelstrom. CUT TO: Maelstrom kicking out. CUT TO: Ash working over the leg of Maelstrom again, as he tries to get up using the ropes. CUT TO: Ash dragging Maelstrom to the center of the ring, and
Maelstrom going towards the ropes as soon as Ash stops pulling him, but doesn't get there before Ash locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. CUT TO: Maelstrom shaking his head, refusing to submit, and reaching for the ropes, but Ash pulling him back to center ring. CUT TO: Maelstrom using pure strength to pull himself to the ropes once more. CUT TO: Ash being told to release the hold, but not doing so until the referee gets to four in his count. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting up with the help of the ropes, but Ash hitting a Flying
Clothesline that nearly sends both men out of the ring, but Ash manages to grab the top rope and land on the apron. CUT TO: Ash with a running Dropkick off the apron to Maelstrom, as he is rising up from the floor. CUT TO: Ash going to work on the leg of Maelstrom again, when Maelstrom lunges up with a Rising Clothesline, and then grabs Ash in a choke, slamming him up against the apron. CUT TO: Maelstrom with his arms locked around Ash, unleashing a roar as he slams Ash against the apron repeatedly, dropping him to the floor and rolling back into the ring. CUT TO: Ash getting back into the ring at 8, only to be picked up and thrown back out of the ring by
Maelstrom, who roars again afterward to a pop from the crowd. CUT TO: Ash getting onto the apron at 6, and Maelstrom coming over again, and Ash going for a Springboard Hurricanrana. CUT TO: Maelstrom hanging onto Ash and dropping him with a Jacknife Powerbomb, then dropping down to pin him. CUT TO: Ash getting a shoulder up at the last moment. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting Ash into a Rear Chinlock. CUT TO: Ash being asked if he will submit, and refusing. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting Ash up, whipping him, Ash evading a Running Forearm and coming back to hit Maelstrom with a Jumping Forearm of his own, staggering Maelstrom. CUT TO: Maelstrom coming back with a forearm, staggering Ash, but Ash then retaliating with one of his own, and a
bit of brawling ensues. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting the advantage in the brawl, backing Ash up, and then knocking him out of the ring. CUT TO: Ash getting back into the ring and Maelstrom putting on a rear waistlock, but getting mule kicked by Ash, unbeknownst to the referee. CUT TO: Maelstrom hobbling around gingerly, bent over after the low blow, and turning into a kick to the stomach from Ash. CUT TO: Ash going for the Lexicon Powerbomb, but finding he is unable to lift up Maelstrom. CUT TO: Maelstrom flipping Ash over in a Back Body Drop. CUT TO: Maelstrom dropping down, with his knees holding down Ash's shoulders, and his arms pinning down Ash's arms.
CUT TO: The referee making a three count. Time of match: 26:53.)

TR: After the match, however, there was some final ring entries....

(CUT TO: Anarky coming out and taunting Maelstrom from the aisle. CUT TO: Maelstrom exiting the ring and heading towards Anarky. CUT TO: Michael Manson jumping the barrier from one side and kneeing Maelstrom in the ribs. CUT TO: Anarky and Manson tearing into Maelstrom in a two-on-one beatdown. CUT TO: Jean Rabesque coming out to even the odds at two a piece, trying to battle Manson and Anarky alongside Maelstrom. CUT TO: Kraven and Flatliner quickly appearing and a four-on-two disadvantage resulting for Maelstrom and Rabesque. CUT TO: Jared Justice coming out to help out his team a few moments later. CUT TO: Jarod Poe running out to make the four-on-four
complete, and a huge brawl breaking out as he joins the fray. CUT TO: All eight men brawling into the locker room. CUT TO: Security and Flint police finally getting things broken up.)

RW: A little preview of things to come in the Main Event of Ringlords 1, at the end of the show, with the four-on-four brawl coming out of the Great Lakes Title match.

TR: Yeah, and who knows how much more things will escalate between now and Ringlords 1! It should be a very tense and thrilling night at Riptide in Indianapolis, just as things were in Flint at this past week's house show, and during that Great Lakes Title match.

RW: Ash used his smarts and cleverness to minimize Maelstrom's power
advantage, but that's easier said than done, and Maelstrom ended up putting that strength to use at the conclusion of the match, literally pinning down Ash's shoulders and arms with his own knees and arms.

TR: And by successfully doing so, Maelstrom picks up a victory over Nikolai Ash, and retains the GLCW Heavyweight Championship.

RW: A solid match between the two, with the result being Maelstrom evening the score, and moving onto Riptide in Indianapolis, Indiana!

TR: And that's all the recap we have for you on this edition of GLCW Wired! For Rick Wiseman, I'm Tony Ross! Thanks for logging on, and we hope you tune in, or show up, at Riptide!

(Fade out.)

2003 GLCW Productions
All Rights Reserved.

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