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Flair vs. Powers


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Eli Flair returns to the ring to face an old nemesis!!

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Hex Angel

...such a pretty toy to play with...

"Is this a dream?"


"Is this a nightmare?"

More darkness.

"Stop... you're both right."

FADEIN... on something you never thought you'd see again in this wrestling promotion.

FADEIN... on a man that last wrestled on September the twenty-ninth, two thousand three.

"So once again, it is down to me, and it is down to you."

FADEIN... on 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair.

"When's the last time we faced off, Kev? When's the last time we took a wrestling promotion - any wrestling promotion - and stole the show?"

Eli Flair sat on the steps of a club called 'The Chance' - with a beer in his hand. He looked good, as good as a man looked after four months of healing. His hair was getting long again - longer than it's been since 1998, and it's natural black. He wore a sleeveless shirt with the words "SEVAS TRA" on the front despite the cold.

"I gotta tell ya, I never thought I'd step into this promotion again. Can't blame me, either... the manner in which I left was certainly not something to promote a welcome return."

"For those of you who might not know, I won the World Title of this promotion back when it was called Extreme Wrestling International, and then qui the promotion the day before my first title defense. I won't get into the reasons behind it, but I'll freely admit that I did the wrong thing for the right reasons... and fully deserve all of the venom that's been sent my way ever since."

"What matters to me, however... is the simple truth."

"Kevin Powers doesn't care about that stuff."

"Do you, Kev? All that matters to you is my reputation in the ring. All that matters to me is the fact that the most memorable opponent I've had in half a decade."

"Mark Windham was unpredictable."

"Donaven Winters was insane."

"Kodiak Vic Creed was overpowering."

"Double G - Kay Pee - was fun."

"Things've changed since the last time we wrestled, Kev... I'm a married man, married to the greatest female rockstar since Janis. I've got a beautiful daughter just shy of one year old. And I'm even more deadly in the ring than I was when we last met."

"Ain't nothing I've been thinkin' about more in the past month, Kev... so I've got just two words for ya."

"Bring it."


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