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Finish him!


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
“No more fear, or waiting. This will be the end of it.”

(The most pixelated of NFW backgrounds to date – you’d swear it was created in 1992. Leyenda de Ocho wears a Raiden-style conical hat on top of an all-black mask, with blue and white robes over white trunks and black boots. The Triple Crown Championship rests over his shoulder, gently playing the Mortal Kombat theme song while displaying a spinning Triforce. His head is lowered just enough so the brim of his cap covers his eyes.)

LDO: “You’ve brought something elemental out of me, Teddy. The spine-rattling attack at the Random Rumble was the start…the spine-rattling hits that nearly ended my career, the blood-boiling lines of filth that comes out of Greg Herpin’s mouth. This experience has changed me, probably forever. Not sure if it’s change for the better yet. Part of me thinks all changes have to be for the better in some way – because clearly, the old me wasn’t capable of defeating you.

And since that time, you’ve unlocked something that I realize now was dormant inside me this whole time. Your absurd physical power and the menacing way you’ve stalked me for the last several months have chipped away at the stony exterior that was Innocent Cartridge Cruiser Leyenda de Ocho. And now…now, the Shining Wizard that cracked your jaw and spilled your blood in Houston removed the final layer. The Final Boss is here, Teddy. The final boss is ROARING.”

(Ocho raises his head. There’s something weirdly piercing about his emerald-colored eyes – new contact lenses? Adobe After Effects by the NFW crew? Something else? It probably depends who you ask.)

LDO: “You won’t find any Rook Black head games. You won’t find muscles that match your own. What you’ve unlocked in me is the TRUE strength – for strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Is your will to defeat me strong enough? Will Greg Herpin’s words, which HE never has to back up himself, come true? I think the real question you need to ask yourself is this – what happens when your best shot can’t take me out on a stretcher anymore? What happens when your best shot can’t keep me DOWN FOR THREE anymore?

The Triple Crown Championship is quickly becoming the most hotly contested title in NFW. You have helped make it this way, Teddy, and I thank you for that. And even if, heaven forbid, you find a greasy conniving way to take this championship away from the Tamer of the Triforce, the New Frontier’s White Hat, the 8-Bit Legend…

…the Final Boss will still stand. And the Final Boss will make his impact known.”

(Fade to black)


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
(FADE IN: on a New Frontier Wrestling REVOLUTION Star backdrop. Slow panning backward to include to men standing before it. One man wears a beige button-up dress shirt with a red t-shirt with white bold text reading “#LegitEFFingBeastMode”, one word sitting on top of the other, with dress slacks and common sense black lace-up shoes. He is GREG HERPIN, and he stands with his hands behind his back and a grin on his face like he’s the only man in the know. Beside him stands TEDDY ALEXANDER, wearing a Leyenda De Ocho “1UP” t-shirt that has the sleeves crudely cut off, a pair of black Adidas three-stripe track pants and Reebok pumps. He’s snarling up a storm, always angry about something. He caresses the knuckles on his right hand in his left as HERPIN steps forward to address the camera.)

“Leyenda... All this time. Oh – so – long!... You've carried the New Frontier Wrestling Triple Crown Championship on your waist and have never had to defend it against an opponent WORTHY of carrying it.” (holds up a finger) “Not once. Disregarding the fact you've barely had to put it on the line… Disregarding the fact you're Eddie Mayfield's poster boy for the Worlds of Warcraft and Nintendo fanboys… Disregarding the fact that you've been ducking your duties as a Champion in this company…

“You finally have an opponent worthy of wearing the belt.”

(HERPIN looks to his left, sizing ALEXANDER up as if imagining the Championship belt already draped over his shoulder.)


“And without further ado, after ALLLLLL this time... The Kaiju, he speaks!

“Having taken a vow of silence in protest against the unfair dues you've been allowed in this company, he finally relinquishes the veil of silence he's enshrouded himself within.

“Ladies and gentlemen…

“Leyenda de Ocho…

“From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...”

(HERPIN has become more animated, his face bulging with pride.)


“He weighs IN – EXCESS of TWO hundred and EIGHTY pounds...

“He is the Philadelphian Nightmare...

“The Spinal Smash Monger...

“The NEXT New Frontier Wrestling Triple Crown Champion!



(HERPIN presents him, stepping back to allow the monster to come forth. Which he does. Slowly. Eyeballing the camera. The machine inside his head ticking through his thoughts, placing one before the other. He speaks in hushed uninviting tones.)



“I've been waitin’ to get my hands on you and dat title for over six months. When I walked back into these halls, without any contract and only a chip on my shoulder, I came for you. I came for you out of respect to dat Championship. Out of respect for everythin’ Rook Black made it to be. A Championship which borns WORLD Champions. A Championship wit’ a history SO RICH it gives you indigestion merely mentionin’ its name.”

(Slow nod of the head. HERPIN nods as if testifying TEDDY’s words.)


“I came back to start from da bottom and work my way to da top. Beginnin’ wit’ da Triple Crown and onto da TV then onto da World. And all dis time I've chased you.

(twirls a finger in circles)
“Chasin’ - chasin’ - chasin’. I've CHASED you, Leyenda, all over dis company from Brawl to Reloaded to da Random Rumble. I've chased you.”



“And now? Now I’ve caught you.

“Da hunter tells you it's ALL about da thrill of da chase. Dat it's all about stalkin’ your prey. Takin’ da time to follow their scent, map out their habits and spot their rituals.”

(TEDDY, snarling, shakes his head slowly.)



“Da thrill I will get when da LIGHT disappears from your eyes... Da joys I will feel when your spine SNAPS within my grasp... Da elation I will experience when I pluck da Frontier's Triple Crown from your COLD, DEAD BODY...”

(A wicked grin spreads across ALEXANDER’s face. HERPIN nods his head, grinning a sharky grin in the background.)


“It's surreal to think dat dis moment has FINALLY arrived. After all dis time and after all these months you will finally be trapped wit’ me inside four corners and a bell toll. You'll be standin’ across from da greatest nightmare da human mind could ever conceive.

(fingers himself in the chest)
“Da Philadelphian Nightmare.

“Believe da hype, Leyenda. You've experienced it for yourself. You've seen it before. You've endured just a TASTE layin’ in your hospital bed starin’ at da ceilin’ just thinkin’ WHAT on EARTH could tear a man apart like dat.

(waggles a finger Dikembe style)
“I'm not OF dis Earth, Leyenda. I'm from da core of it. From da bowels of Hell. I'm a demon. A monster.

“Da Kaiju.

“And when da monster comes for you, and you dance wit’ da devil, you'll know one thing's for sure...


“And everythin’ we've said, everythin’ we've done, all becomes completely irrelevant da moment dat bell tolls its final ring. Because one of us will be da Frontier Triple Crown Champion.

“And da other?

“Will be a corpse.”

(HERPIN rubs his hands together, like a fly, as TEDDY rolls his shoulders as if ready for physical altercation.)


“I’m glad I’ve brought somethin’ primal out of you, Ocho. Last week, when you drove your knee into my mouth and gave me da bitter taste of my own blood? When we brawled and threw fists and they dragged us apart from each other like two wild dogs fightin’ in da street? It made me realize somethin’.

(nodding his head)
“It made me realize dat I’m goin’ to get da fight I want. See, you think you’ve taken yourself to another place. And you’re right. You have gone to another place. But not da place you want, Leyenda. Not da place you want to be.

“You’ve brought yourself to MY level. See, your actions at BRAWL gave me JUST – FUCKIN’ – CAUSE to make dis what I want it to be.

“A fight. A pure, unadulterated fight. Fists. Bones. Blood. FIGHT!”

(HERPIN snickered behind TEDDY’s back. The KAIJU, eyes wild, grinned the same grin you’d imagine a tiger might have when he sees the antelope with the broken leg.)


“See, you keep makin’ da mistake of assumin’ what I did to you at da Random Rumble was my best shot. You keep forgettin’, I was just warmin’ up. Eddie saved you then, Ocho. Will he save you again? Will he save you at Reloaded? Will he send his little Secret Service down wit’ jumper cables and a truck battery dis time? HOW – OH – HOW will Eddie save you from my clutches dis time, Leyenda? How will he save you?


“Because you’re frontin’ dis time. One on one. Man to man. Beast versus boy. Contender versus Champion.

“Teddy Alexander versus Leyenda de Ocho.

“Triple Crown Championship.

“There’s no distractions. There’s no interference on my end. Greg doesn’t have to. And frankly, he doesn’t NEED to. I want dis one on one. You and me. Nobody else. And if Eddie Mayfield’s Secret Service come down to save you do you understand what dat’ll do?”

(TEDDY’s eye boggle wildly.)


“It’ll piss me off. Dat’s what it’ll do. It’ll piss me off and make me angrier. And in da immortal words of another monster…

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

(HERPIN chuckles and wraps an arm over TEDDY’s shoulders as ALEXANDER leans in to the camera. TEDDY stops and turns to HERPIN, giving him a look. HERPIN cartoonishly double takes and removes his arm, grinning sheepishly.)


“There’s only one way dis ends, Leyenda. One – way.

“One of us laid out on da canvas strugglin’ for breath while da other has his wrist held and da Championship wrapped ‘round their waists. So you know what they say…

“Let da bodies... HIT! ...da FLOOOORRRRRR!”


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