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Feedback on Battlefield Brittain


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
I just wanted to say to Dave and the GXW for a awesome (but wholly monkey long card) but it was very very worth it.

I do want to extend a hearty heads up to the write of the X-treme title match between Black, Clapper and Douglas. (I am guessing that it was writing it does seem to have his fingerprints all over it)

I think all three competitors looked really good from what they were provided.

Again I want to extend my apologizes to not only the GXW but also to Ryan and Troy for leaving you hanging during the rp session. I know that I dropped the ball and I am sorry for doing so. I hope that you all will give me another chance to prove myself later on and I do look forward to working with both of you again. I hope that I can make it up to all of you. Please forgive me again.

I do like the way the match was written and Black did get written very well. He looked like a b**** in the end, but I guess it was poetic justic and shows that I GOT OUT WHAT I PUT IN. (Reaping and sowing sort of thing) In fact I can honestly say that I got out more than I deserved. I hope that all of you will forgive me for my transgressions and give me a chance to carry the ball later on again.

On another note, I have heard the jeering once again and I get the sense that I have to change my theme music again. I guess nobody liked the theme song that I picked for David Black so I guess that it's back to the drawing board.

Normally I do not like using songs by Korn, but I heard that song, listened to the lyrics, and saw the video and I thought that the song fit David Black to the letter. But I can see now that everybody uses a Korn song for their theme, and I always try to use songs that nobody will use.

So in the interest of origionality and creativity I will change David Black's theme song. Thank you all for pointing that out.

Again great card and I hope that I can deliver for you all again.

IF you have any questions or concerns you know how to find me. I must be going but I will talk to you again later.



Jan 1, 2000
Patrick, there's nothing wrong with your song...

We just don't like the long lyric postings.

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