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Farewell to FW...


Jan 1, 2000
Selden USA
To the NWL...

I Emailed Andrew on this a couple of days ago but the one the only DarkReign is retiring from E-Fedding. Or at least for now I am taking a great deal of time off. There are things in real life too important to me to focus upon and maybe one day I shall return. I should say I will return when I have 100% focus on Fantasy Wrestling. I learned a great deal from all of the vets on FW and I was very entertained by those I Rp'd against and those I read in the leagues I've been in.

Fantasy Wrestling helps me get away from the real world of things and I think it's a good thing. The NWL has alot of potential to becoming a big organization. I hope many of you succeed in the NWL. Andrew has ran bigger leagues in the past and trust me if you stick around and have patience it will be a great turn out.

I want to mention a few people who have been good friends in the E-Fedding world on FW before I leave. The very first person I want to thank is Andrew Medina. If it wasn't for him I would've never gotten into FW. The next guy is Dave Brunk. A friend who has given me alot of advice over the time I have been in FW. Scott Strout who has also helped me with my own leagues that I had started out in. Chad Dupree, Erik Zieba, Jeff Pena, Ryan, Kim, Scott Williams, Lindsay Troy, Chad Merritt, Ernie ( AKA Pat Gordon ) Alan Thompson, Sean Edmunds, Xandor, and anyone else who I might have forgotten to mention.

Who knows, I might come back with a vengeance, and come back with my own league again someday. I did have fun being here...
Thanks for the good memories.

Sincerely Yours
Matt Haas
Rp'er of>
Reuben Fasco, Damien Priest, Derek Graham, Johnny Starr, The Stalker


Matt..... I'm sorry to hear that you've decided to leave FW, but I fully understand the reasons and support ya. Best of luck to ya and I hope to see ya return sometime soon....


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