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Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: "Elite Enigma" Fanatic
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 222 lbs
APPEARANCE: Fanatic is completely covered by a black bodysuit, gloves, and boots. Embedded on the face of the mask, top of the gloves, and sides of the boots is a gold "infinity" insignia.
PERSONALITY: Fanatic is filled with passion for whatever piques his interest at the time. He is also somewhat of a spiritual person, although seems to mix different rituals and beliefs together to form his own set. In the past, he has gone by a code of honor and respect for the traditions of wrestling, while maintaining a high paced, frenetic style. However, some aspects of him appear to have changed while he was gone.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Nobody knew much regarding Fanatic's origins, but there have been rumors over the years. The Land is said to be some sort of obscure secret society, although no one has been able to verify as much. Regardless, Fanatic had always gathered a cult following wherever he appeared, and was considered the closest thing to a real life superhero.

In the ring, he had always put on performances that included taking high risks. Though the risks don't always reap rewards at times, Fanatic was fearless in his search for the thrill, and the fans who knew of him loved him for it. His attitude is one of a dying breed in wrestling: he believed there is still value in honor, respect, and fair play. This earned him the label of, "a hero in every sense of the word" by his fans, and even a few peers.

It was revealed that Fanatic was actually an 'elite enigma' member of his home, the Land, prior to his appearing in wrestling. However, when dealt an ultimatum to return to his home, Fanatic accepted an ultimate risk: choosing to remain, even at the price of exile from the Land.

As time went on, we discovered that Larry Tact had a little brother back before turning pro. Due to some incident involving rivals, the kid was injured and then disappeared without a trace.

No one knew until a couple of years ago, when a masked wrestler named Fanatic surfaced, quickly rising in the ranks. His past was unknown, but the truth eventually came out, in part thanks to revolt in the Land. The two left the wrestling industry not long after finding the connection and reuniting.
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Torn" by Creed
RING ENTRANCE: As the beats sound throughout the arena, the lights dim and mist fills the entryway. In the midst of the mist, Fanatic glides out onto the stage, but reaches his arms up and outwards. The mist gathers around him, leaving only a misty outline of his figure, before the lights flash brightly then black out entirely.

When they dim on again, the mist shape of Fanatic surveys the crowd from one end of the stage before the lights flash brightly again and black out. Once again dimming on, the mist-covered Fanatic is on the opposite end of the stage, repeating his observance, before another blackout. The lights continuously flicker and we see Fanatic down the ramp, coming to a pause at ringside. Extending his arms again, the mist gusts off of him before the lights are sucked to blackness one more time.

Moments later, they flash brightly to life, with Fanatic looking down upon the crowd from his perch atop a turnbuckle. He then acrobatically bounces off the top rope, landing in the ring at a defensive crouch.
New ERA CHAMPIONSHIPS: New ERA Championship (x2)
WRESTLING STYLE: Fanatic is primarily a high flier, relishing in the concept of high risk = high rewards. He is also versed in varying martial arts strikes, and has enough technical knowledge to mix it in if he feels the need.

1. Spinning Crescent Kick
2. Jumping Back Kick
3. Enziguri
4. Roundhouse Kick
5. Palm Strike
6. Cross Body Block
7. Springboard Back Kick
8. Springboard Plancha
9. Floatover Suplex
10. Snap Suplex
11. T-bone Suplex
12. Fujiwara Armbar
13. Spinning Toe Hold
14. Indian Leglock
15. Side Leglock

16. "Slice"- Jumping Spinning Uppercut
17. "Flash"- Backflip Kick

SETUP MANEUVER: "Blur"- interchangeably used to describe a top rope Jumping Spinning Hurricanrana or Springboard Bulldog
PRIMARY FINISHER: 1) Craze; 2) Meteor Shot
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: 1) Corkscrew Moonsault; 2) Sunset Flip Powerbomb

MANAGER: Larry Tact

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