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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern stands in front of a CSWA backdrop looking as fresh as we've seen him in a while. He's freshly clean shaven with no bruises or cuts on his face and his brown hair is pulled into a tight pony tail behind his head. The CSWA US title is slung over his left shirtless shoulder...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Kay...it's been...ahhh, a few months since I've been inna' wrestlin' ring n' I cain't say I didn't need tha' time off. Spenta' few weeks in tha' Carib'yan, gotta' good tan, n' healed up. N' now, well {{...smiles...}} it's time ta' get back ta' work. "

" When tha' SEA 'ES DUBBYA' AYE was last on TV, you saw me, tha' All American, southern boy, joining forces with tha' Boy Troy, tha' KING of tha' CSWA, Troy Windam. Some say it's a match made in heaven...some say it'll be over before it starts. Some say watch ya' back Shane, some say there's nobody better ta' watch it for ya' than Troy Windam. I'll put it to ya' like this CSWA...Shane Southern needed a little help, n' regardless of Troy's past, there is NOBODY I'd rather have fightin' along side me. He's one of the best tha' CSWA has ever seen, n' right now, that's tha' kinda' guy I want on MY team. That beein' said...Troy n' I ain't buddies, we ain't partyin' ta'gether at night, we ain't callin' each other on tha' phone. We simply gotta' common goal...we're fightin' tha' SAME fight. So insteada' gettin' in each other's WAY, we're gonna' roll over some people ta'gether. "

" That includes tha' INTRUDERS...it's includes what's left of tha' PLR, it includes tha' GXW invasion...and it even includes tha' CSWA front office. We're sendin' a message that tha' CSWA is OUR home, it's OUR party grounds, n' if anybody wants ta' come in here n' PISS all over that...they're gonna' have ta' deal with US. I don't care if it's Hornet, Eli Flair, Guns, or the World Champ himself, we won't put up with guys tryin' ta' DESTROY our place. Understand? "

" So, that brings me ta' mah' opponent fer On Time...tha' CAREER Killer. Chris mah' man...I'm not sure WHY yer choosin' ta' align yerself with guys like Plett. N' ya' know what...I don't care. At ON TIME, yer steppin' inta' tha' ring witha' guy that ain't gotta' whole helluva' lot ta' loose. You want this? {{...holds up tha' CSWA US Title, then laughs...}} I've been beaten fer titles before. TITLES come n' go...what doesn't is a man's RESPECT. N' no matter what ya' THINK you can do ta' me in that ring, you can't take that away from me. YOU on tha' other hand...RAN like a scalded dog when Troy n' I decided it was time ta' stop playin' GAMES. You n' Plett...you're nuthin' but pretenders who like ta' live only in tha' LIGHT. When it gets a little cloudy, you start runnin' fer cover. So I look at you Chris, and I can't help but believe things won't be different THIS time 'round. You'll getta' few moves in, prob'ly a coupla' pin attempts, but in tha' end one of two things are gonna' happen. You'll get yer ass knocked inta' next week by mah' left boot, OR you'll run n' hide behind Plett's momma. Either way, you loose again, I win again...n' tha' whole world see ya' for tha' man you TRULY are. "

" I look forward ta' ON TIME Chris. If fer nuthin' else...ta' prove to tha' WORLD that this little GXW invasion ain't worth tha' CRAP on mah' daddies farm back home. "

" Party's OVER. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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