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Expectations of hWo?

Jesse Jamester

League Member
Jan 19, 2005
The Styx of Pennsylvania
What do you expect from hWo?

Except having fun, and a good OOC community (as I see we have that already), I just expect to see a lot of good competition, many crazy match stipulations, and to meet some new people.


It's already evident that we have one helluva animated community (and, Joel) - DEIFY ME!

I want hWo to become the no-holds-barred, seedy muh-****a of a wrestling organisation that Trev had always envisioned and always been short of (with each incarnation of the hWo). Having spent a long period of my eW 'career' in hWo, I KNOW, that Trev deserves nothing more than a consistent Fed. Not to put any weight on your shoulders, of course. =Þ

I hope hWo can be the roleplay Fed that, within realism, takes things to the limit, and steps over that orthodox boundary. I hope that the handlers here can do what they initially hoped for with their characters, and do so with an utmost satisfaction. I hope Trev treats you guys with some of his sexy posers... that I'm sure have gotten much more sexier since I last saw. And, ultimately, I hope EVERY ONE here (even Joel) has a fantastic time.

Original Ego

League Member
Aug 28, 2004
From the looks of it, hWo has a good group. I remember the last rp fed I was in, Vintage, and looking at these forums brings back those memories. That's why I sent in an app today and maybe Trev likes what he sees.

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