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Aug 26, 2008
Event Name
LocationMain Event
June 9th, 2012Fly Me to the MoonSpecial Events Center (East Wing)
Greensboro, North Carolina (5,100 capacity)
Hornet vs. Vizier ta Seti
for IGC title shot @ later date
July 3rd, 2012Organised ChaosLandmark Theater
Richmond, Virginia (3,565)
Leyenda de Ocho vs. Eddie Whisky vs. Steve "Axion" Jackson
October 3rd, 2012ULTRATITLE: SurvivalismMerritt Auditorium, Greenboro, North Carolina (5,000)
Sabre vs. Phil Atken vs. Leyenda de Ocho vs. "The Jersey Devil" Troy Matthews
first Intergalactic Championship match held at the ULTRATITLE finale
December 18th, 2012Sorry You're Not a WinnerOcean City Convention Center
Ocean City, Maryland (5,000)
Phil Atken vs. Magnus Destructo
TBCV for VictoraliciousPalumbo Center (Duquesne University)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5,358)
TBCSynchronise Your WatchesStabler Arena
Allentown, Pennsylvania (5,600)
TBCOpporknockity Tunes - Royal Rumble MatchSt. John Arena
Steubenville, Ohio
TBCPride your PrejudiceFrankfort Convention Center
Frankfort, Kentucky (5,365)
TBCThe JerksThe Big E Colisseum
West Springfield, Massachusetts (5,900)
TBCAll That GlittersBroome County Veterans Memorial Arena
Binghamton, New York (6,800)
TBCAn Eye for an Eye will Leave This Whole World BlindTBC
TBCSheep in Wolf's ClothingTBC
TBCKill it with FireTBC
TBCOf WinterfisticuffsTBC
TBCTaste the Rainbow FistTBC
TBCLook it in the Face and Hold Your VomitTBC
TBCBeggars Can't be Choosen OnesTBC

More events and dates to be decided upon.

The Intergalactic Championship Commission reserves the right to change dates, venues and cards at their own review.
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