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Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009
Promotion Name: Isamu League (The IL)
Established: January 2010
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
History: On 29 October 2001, Rising Sun Wrestling opened it's doors under the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance umbrella. The first few months of it's existence weren't anything too major, but when the Promotership was taken by American-born Joey Clerk, it would become the controversial insane asylum of the SWA.

The promotion gained a hardcore blood-lust following. The fans were hostile, even inciting a riot that would kill a promoter later on in the promotion's history. It was the league in the SWA where “anything went,” and the cult following kept growing. The Japanese ate it up like piranhas on crack.

In 2005, Joey Clerk would go to jail in a storyline that linked him up to killing someone. Out-of-character, he was banned from the SWA for his graphic style and colourful views. His place in the SWA Hall of Fame and his Promoter Award were under fire, but they decided to let him keep his place and his award. Not that Joey cared about having the spot in the hall or the award in the first place.

RSW would go on to become a juggernaut, and was always the one promotion that was consistent thanks to the die-hard fans. The Promotership would change, but the fans were always there to make sure it would stay the premier national league in The Alliance. As the SWA struggled in tough economic times, RSW had a tough time holding onto a Promoter. When the spot was open to a vote, nobody would put their name in. All the Promoters after Clerk failed miserably despite RSW always turning a profit. The fans wanted Clerk's hardcore vision to be upheld and would riot if it wasn't, making the RSW Promoter job too dangerous for any man to take. Nobody dared to try and fill in the big shoes Clerk left behind any more, and RSW folded in September 2008.

As Joey watched the wrestling world tick by between 2005 and 2010, he saw the SWA put bans on former World Heavyweight Champion Riddick and former United States Champion Nate Narwin, the two most twisted characters around who weren't afraid to speak their minds. He watched overly-serious men sitting behind their computers in their underwear ruin what use to be fun.

The blood-thirsty fans of Japan didn't have RSW any more. To them, to the wrestlers, and many of the people who were close to RSW, it was more than a wrestling promotion. It was a middle finger up at the world, it was a way of life, it was us vs. them, the working class seeing how far they could piss the man off with vulgarity and gruesome displays of violence. It was the most successful promotion in the SWA, and the only thing it ever did wrong was go against the family friendly values that The Alliance became more strict on.

Joey had enough. He was sick of watching and he wanted to do something. Rising Sun Wrestling may be dead, but it is only a name. He pulled his resources together to bring his vision back to Japan. Looking for a financial backer, he sold his idea to Japanese billionaire Goro Yamashi, and the wheels were set. Joey was going to bring brutality back to Japan with... ISAMU LEAGUE. “Isamu” is Japanese for “warrior,” and it felt fitting for this new chapter in the world of fictional rasslin'...

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